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Uploaded: 9 November 2008
how to draw
Wah... This took forever. x___x
I was getting kind of tired of drawing a bunch of big-eyed character, so I tried to
draw something a bit more realistic. 'u'
The background drove me nuts! At first, I was just going to do a sky background, then
I wanted to do a scene from a German town, and then I decided the sky background was
fine, but it looked kind of empty. I realized was using too much room and just threw
a few sparkles in there... I wish I could've done something better. >_>
But those people are my original characters. Haven't come up with a name for 'em yet,
but I was thinking the blond one could be named something like Sophie... But I like
the name Vivian. >w<
Yeah, I gotta clean the kitchen, bye~! Hope you all like it. n_n

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dan_09 says:   9 November 2008   127386  

first comment ♥
khero says:   9 November 2008   544819  
so many details<33
‹o^.^o iRandom o^.^o› says:   9 November 2008   636533  
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   9 November 2008   684682  
♥___♥  Awesome! *kidnaps*
haku12 says:   9 November 2008   338258  
:D SO PRETTY!!! i love all the clothing details ^^ especially the
umbrella lol ^^ if you want german names, i'd go with heidi for the
blonde one and annika (even tho i think thats austrian) for the
brunette. cuz i like those names lol. 
i love being an artist cause you can design any kind of clothes and no
matter how over the top you can make them look beautiful, and your so
good at that :D
GabbyRidonculous says:   9 November 2008   149768  
This is utterly amazing (:
cloud_nine says:   9 November 2008   414419  
i frigging love it. 
the way their dressed reminds me of the extra characters in howls
moving castle when they're in the royal city : 3
dan_09 says:   9 November 2008   929287  
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   9 November 2008   524336  
Jeez, if I got to wear an outfit like this WILLY-NILLY, then I love
Germany 8'D
sin_script says:   9 November 2008   399285  
All of this is beautiful. The detail is really what got me. The time
put into this really came out as a great result; coloring, designs,
outlines, everything, I wish I could think of something better to say,
so I just know that I think it's a very well done and lovely pic
Kirti says:   9 November 2008   279756  
I loved the origanal background with the houses! Why'd you change

and the people look professional! It'd amazing! (I'm guessing you used
a tablet not mouse.)
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   9 November 2008   547253  
this is marvelous! I love the clothes, they look so professional, and
can I have your tablet?
Mewmewkitten says:   9 November 2008   412846  
No, she used a mouse.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   9 November 2008   781614  
Thank you all for commenting. ♥ I love reading all your comments
and hearing what you think of my work. n_n It really makes my day~!

~dan_09: Congrats! X3
~haku12: Annika? That's an odd name, but I like it. :D It is great to
design crazy clothes that you'd never see anywhere else. :3  Wouldn't
it be cool if we could actually wear what we designed? :DDD Thank you
very much for commenting. <3
~cloud_nine: "Howls Moving Castle"? That movie made by the same
who created "Spirited Away"? :D Their animation style is pretty~! <3
~[[RAINBOW CRACK]]: Don't you wish you could find ruffly outfits in
America? ;o; I'd love to dress like this everyday too! >w<
~sin_script: Thank you very much. n_n I'm glad you can appreciate the
detail and time put into this drawing. Thank you~!
~Kirti: Really? You liked that background? '3' I dunno, cobblestone
roads and brick buildings are waaay too complicated for me to draw.
n_n Thank you very much for leaving me a comment. It's good to hear
your opinion. And I used a mouse. >w< I really wish I could have a
~Seong-chan: Thank you. :D You could have my tablet, but I dun have
one. X3
Zorah says:   12 November 2008   948244  
ah, thats very beautiful!
nice job =D
Ciel_Kitty says:   12 November 2008   644543  
Vivian is cute for the pink one O:

What About.. Janeth? :D 
i like that name n_n

Btw, they are very cute characters <3
‹Kiwily<3› says:   12 November 2008   955893  
you should be a designer!!
it's so cute.
I love how you comment back.
makes meh feel special.
long time no see...
‹Do as Infinity› says:   12 November 2008   998452  
i may be a boy but ur drawing skills are wounderful :3
‹Do as Infinity› says:   12 November 2008   237969  
i may be a boy but ur drawing skills are wounderful :3
‹Do as Infinity› says:   12 November 2008   168252  
oops sry bout that XD
sakura_o_light says:   12 November 2008   684273  
I like them his dresses are u.u
very ancient certain estan so cool.
They are very nice... ^^
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   12 November 2008   892174  
Ooo~! I didn't think I'd get anymore comments on this. :D Thank you
all so much for commenting. I really appreciate it. <3

~Ciel_Kitty: Vivian and Janeth? Janeth is a pretty name too. :D Thank
~xoxoKiwily*~***: If I was a designer, I'd bring chicken hats into the
fashion world. ^_^ It'd be pretty big~! Hehe, I love making everyone
feel special. Because everyone IS special. ♥ ~combusts into
rainbows~ It's good to hear from you again. n_n
~LongSleeves: Thank you very much. :DDD Don't worry about the spam.
~sakura_o_light: Thank you very much. n_n I love designing dresses.
Dinosaur_rawr says:   12 November 2008   874686  
woah! This is really good!!
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   12 November 2008   565852  
Thank you. :D ♥
‹IcePath› says:   13 November 2008   447487  
that's awesome!
so beautiful!
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   13 November 2008   695927  
Thank you very much. n.n
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› says:   14 November 2008   291532  
looks nice
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   14 November 2008   569618  
Thanks. :3
bumbumcat says:   13 March 2009   734752  
Pretty :3
ILuvBunnis says:   14 April 2009   315635  
I can't draw like that
or make clothes designs like that.

Whadda ya mean the backround is bad?!? It's really pretty! 'specially
the edges
Trainer_Kumo says:   4 July 2009   286653  
I love the background~!
‹♥•·×εmøℊυммyвεαя×·•♥◕w◕› says:   1 September 2009   272784  
-.- ONCE AGAIN amazing.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   4 September 2009   119453  
Oh, thank you all so much for the nice comments. <3

~ILuvBunnis: Ahhh, I dunno. It just doesn't seem to match and seems a
bit random. X3 But thank you very much! :D I'm glad you like it. :3
Snakeysnake says:   11 January 2010   316712  
So I pretty much just stalked your oekaki's.
And I have declared this one as my favorite!
It's win. EPIC WIN, I SAY.
Love your style. x3

Just...Had to get that out there...
Snakeysnake says:   11 January 2010   201728  
Oh and I'm kidnapping it and keeping it with me forever.<3
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   19 November 2012   514761  
this is awesome ;-;
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