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i hate twilight. :^D
Uploaded: 22 October 2008
seriously guys tell me why the hell you would like/BE TOTALLY OBSESSED with that

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MassDestruction says:   22 October 2008   343355  
Everyone has different opionions of the book.
You know this is just going to start convroversy.
But whatever.
I like your writing. (:
Mewmewkitten says:   22 October 2008   338386  
Finally! :DDD I thought I was the only one who opened the book and
after a page or so..
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   22 October 2008   365592  
Hehe, I think Twilight is like some horrible fan fiction that got
published. XDDD I couldn't read through a chapter without laughing at
all the horrible little cliches. :0
But everyone has different taste and a lot of people I know actually
really like it. I just can't see why. ^_^;;
Your style is very neat. :D It's good to see a style other than anime.
ZeClaudiaDoomThing says:   22 October 2008   381976  
I hate Twilight too.
StrangeLover says:   22 October 2008   628726  
haha, u so dumb :D
StarDust says:   22 October 2008   983844  
Ok first of all, I know people have different opinions. But I think you may be hating it because you can. Because everyone else likes it so you want to hate it. Have you read the book all the way through? If you haven't then you are obviously being too crude about it, otherwise your view is immature or not critical and not thought through properly. Stephanie Meyer's books are perfectly suited to my liking and original (in it's own manner). They are timeless and I'll say that they beat Harry Potter for me. Personally I like it and I think you should consider reading it properly. I don't know about you, but I thought it was good (except the ending of the last book was a leetle crazy if ya ask me).
saralyn247 says:   22 October 2008   111315  
Most people who say they hate it haven't even read it. :/

I haven't, but I plan to because my friend is forcing me to. xD
Dinosaur_rawr says:   22 October 2008   336871  
WHAT?!?!?!?! Well,...I hate you!!! jkjkjk but how do you hate it?~
Catharsis says:   22 October 2008   871126  
I agree! 

I've read the first book. Didn't like it at all. |D;
sugartastic says:   22 October 2008   739274  
Y'know, I don't think will spark some fights, I think this will get
applause all around! <3 It'll be heard from miles and miles away. ♥

I agree though! It sucks. A lot. More than anything that has ever
sucked in the history of sucking. XD And comparing it to Harry Potter?
SINFUL. Also, a blasphemy! ;O

Twilight is a mockery to literature. It's like... FANFICTION. XD

(And I know this, I've read Twilight AND fanfiction. Terrible.)

Also, the picture is cute -- I like how it's drawn. Simple, cartoonish
and to the point! n_n ♥
‹krista ♥› says:   22 October 2008   571333  
i hate twilight too :D <3
but my friend jacquie is obbsseeesseed with it !
and i dont know why D:
 nice oekaki by the way :D
‹whtevr› says:   22 October 2008   533364  
yall need to keep ur opinins to ur self
shoot yall rude!!!!
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   22 October 2008   384557  
Twilight is  not bad at all. 
You may not like it but you might not want to post it on here saying
that or a lot of people are gonna harass you about it.
Have you even read it?
PSYCHOTICSeth says:   22 October 2008   265664  
Most people only hate it because of the obsession. Some of 'their'
friends try to get them to read it, but it doesn't work because
thet're being forced. Opinions=Opinions.

Fanfiction? Some of you guys/gals actually read that stuff. And like
it. I don't know why 'you' are hating on Twilight. And it's not a
fanfiction, basicly. It's not.  It's like it, sort of, but of how
exactly? Bella and Edward are just characters, and it's just a book.
Honestly, why make such a fuss over it? It's no big deal, if you think
about. It's popular, so try to ignore it. Plain and Simple. why go on
making "hate" things? It's just an object.
So why?
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   22 October 2008   822589  
Oh I forgot to say.

Yeah being obsessed over a book is bad, but being obsessed over hating
a book is just a bad.
sugartastic says:   22 October 2008   391112  

Keep opinions to yourself? I think everyone has a right to express
their opinion. Just as you can say "I LOVE TWILIGHT!" and nobody
should be able to tell you that you can't. Freedom of speech! ;D

And everyone keeps saying "Have you even read it?". Yes. Yes I have.
I'm going on to the third book now, I love reading, I have a huge
collection of books -- and I have read Twilight. More than once. No
matter what you say or how many times I read it, it still sucks. It
reads like a bad fanfiction -- I'm dead serious. People can hate stuff
if they want to. They have freedom to express themselves. There's
nothing wrong with disliking something, guys.

Maybe, as you get older and read better books, maybe get into more
advanced reading, you'll see. Or maybe you'll still like it. Who
knows? As for others, some hate it and they always will. So that's

Oh, and Bella? Biggest Mary Sue ever. Seriously.
alkali says:   22 October 2008   693211  
i've read them. if i hadn't, how could i hate it? :V 

but yaaay i started drama. (i'm an awful person.)
alkali says:   22 October 2008   961726  
'i' like 'your' overuse of 'these' marks, 'seth' 

aharharhar sorry i'm just in a bitchy mood today 
(and i agree with you, sugartastic)
PSYCHOTICSeth says:   22 October 2008   769823  
The quote marks are reffering to a single person, Miss.
And I also agree with Miss sugertastic. (Freedom of speech)
alkali says:   23 October 2008   693358  
you don't need quotes, you simply say who you're talking to. :V
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   23 October 2008   362921  
This is such a cute drawing!!!!  X3  I Love your drawing style!!!  

Oh, and I couldn't get past the first page in Twilight.  XD
alkali says:   23 October 2008   879599  
ahaha thanks. (: <3 

ff i forced myself to read the whole thing.
RoxRox says:   23 October 2008   132242  
I hate Twilight too! D|<

People only like it because of Edward.
"omgg11! I luv dis book becuzz Edward iz hot.."
So it's pretty much a book for fangirls!
T_T; A 'hot' person is no reason to like something!
Now I'm not saying all people like it just because of Edward, but all
the girls I know who've read it, like it because of Edward it seems.

I haven't read the WHOLE book but, 28597235 parts of it. And parts of
the other books, and I had my friends tell me what happened
I tried reading it, but it just wouldn't.. CLICK. I hate this
character, Bella. 
She turns into a slut later on, I READ IT. 

Err.... Then end.
sugartastic says:   23 October 2008   343864  
Let's not forget Bella's blatant Mary Sue... ness. (See: Mary
Sue if you don't know what that is.)

She's all like:

Bella: *emo*
All boys: *swoon* SHE IS SO HAWT.
Edward: *relationship with Bella*
All boys: *jealous*
Bella: *too good for them, apparently*
All boys: *jealous, wishing they could go out with Bella*
Edward: *loves Bella for some reason*
All boys: *obsess over going out with Bella*

It's like... GEEZ. Does every male she ever meets ask her out? It's
like everyone's in love with her and the girls are all jealous. ROFL.
And all the fangirls of the book just love Edward. Because he's
"hawt". Even though the book has no pictures of him.
sugartastic says:   23 October 2008   294768  
Also ROFL I forgot to mention. Yeah I have an oekaki of Edward that I
drew. 8D Even though I hate the book. I thought it'd be fun to try and
figure out what he really looked like. There's not much explanation
aside from "beautiful like a god".

Then I got all the fangirls going "Omg U got his hair rong!" and
saying that he looks godlier and more beautiful than the way I drew
him. ROFL that's why I hate Twilight and its fandom. They're mostly
retarded. I'm never drawing a Twilight oekaki again. 
Tatsu_Uchiha says:   23 October 2008   783516  
I've read all the books, but I'm not one of those obsessed fangirls.
I enjoy books for whats in them, and I don't obsess over the
characters. I understand your view, and even though I like the books,
I actually understand.   (though the last book did kinda suck...)
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   23 October 2008   954615  
I've read them. They aren't all that good. I don't understand
why Vampires would sparkle. But, a while ago, I read a diary entry
reading something along the lines of, "What ever happened to the scary
vampire books?" I can quite relate. There aren't any good scary
vampire books anymore. Maybe I'll pressure my friend Jamie into
writing a vampire horror novel xD
crawling_on says:   23 October 2008   155156  
I'm not obsessed, but I do love them. everyone DOES have a right to
their own opinion, though. some people like that sort of thing, others
punk_kid_oooo says:   23 October 2008   396292  
ME TOO!!! Twilight is fucking stupid!! and most of the readers are
just shallow people.. i mean if vampires didnt have to be sexy to be
vampires in that booko.. like if edward were ugly or somthing nobody
would read it!! X)
alkali says:   24 October 2008   412519  
thanks for the entertaining comments. :^D 

i love you
‹IcePath› says:   24 October 2008   859427  
twilight haters unite!!! :D

Edward Cullen is just some fantasy dude that corrupts the minds of
anyone who reads the trash! teenage girls need to stop living in la la
land and that love is not like what they see in movies!!!!  
plus mostly its for kid that have nothing better to do than read
depressing shit like that!
your awesome!!
i actually give my respect to people who hate twilight!!!
thank you god i needed to rant. XD
but i would like say that the only good character in the book is the
werewolf dude
Mayu says:   24 October 2008   328929  
yeah, its not really my thing :3
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   24 October 2008   436998  
Meh it does sound like a huge horrible fanfiction and yes, I have
read the first book. 
Bella is indeed a Mary-Sue. 
Edward is awesome though but HAVE SOME MANHOOD, JEEZ e_e
‹KATIEParade› says:   24 October 2008   487517  
I was bored from about the first page of book one, so I stopped.
 But my friend loves them. 
 I think they're kinda stupid.
  Also, Meyer butchered vampires.
 Glowing, hard like stone, run really fast, or whatever.
 Her veiw, I guess.
‹Still wanna talk? Add KrissieKaboom :]› says:   24 October 2008   155187  
I've not read any of the books, but from all of my friends (who are
pretty much into the same genre of books as me) say it's not that
great, but who knows, maybe I'd like it.
but from my point of view, the Twighlight books are kinda stupid. I
mean, to me it's just a series of some people playing vampire fan
fiction, just in different persona.
sorry to say, but even though I haven't read them yet, they seem
pretty overexaggerated by the people who've read it. :/
sorry, but that's just my view of the whole situation. :]
well done. :D
‹Kiwily<3› says:   24 October 2008   127246  
you probably hate it because of this:
and then you're like: OKAY :D
and then you read it and you're like: WTF that wasn't THAT good, in
fact, it SUCKED.

and the first book was good, but then it gets worse "/

but I liked the series.
although it isn't much to talk about,
all you can do is crack edward cullen jokes...
‹ikaeros› says:   24 October 2008   383129  
Of course, the fact that it 'sucks' is all a matter of opinion :]
I quite enjoyed the series.
But I must agree - it is very cliched and over-rated.

Lovely oekaki <3
The style is cute.
HeyLookIGoRawrx3 says:   24 October 2008   817496  
Omfg :D
I hate Twilight to! ._.
I mean my friend is forcing me to and all my friends LOVE Twilight.
I personaly hate it. I like other books like Egypt and stuff =/. Or
‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   25 October 2008   684539  
Here's my opinion:
It's not bad, not amazing.
 The plot is pretty predictable at times, and Bella's personality
bothers me a lot. Breaking Dawn is written like fan fiction, and the
whole series has too much obsessed fan girls who want Edward to
sparkle beside them.
   However, I've read the books, and I don't hate it.
‹KATIEParade› says:   25 October 2008   669152  
I also think it's REALLY annoying when people are like, "OMGOMG I
 He's a fictional character.
‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   25 October 2008   699268  
'ella: *emo*
All boys: *swoon* SHE IS SO HAWT.
Edward: *relationship with Bella*
All boys: *jealous*
Bella: *too good for them, apparently*
All boys: *jealous, wishing they could go out with Bella*
Edward: *loves Bella for some reason*
All boys: *obsess over going out with Bella*'

 That is exactly why I dislike it. XD
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   25 October 2008   699793  
I love Twilight-Breaking Dawn but I thing the middle of the series
killed it.
‹kitty _glomper!kyaa› says:   25 October 2008   915378  
‹♥♡♪♫ the product of your fears ♥♡♪› says:   25 October 2008   663634  
i hate twilight
i mean, sparkly vampires? cmon
steph myer can't write
‹Lisa;You Make My Heart Melt› says:   25 October 2008   752397  
i think Jasper ad Alice are cute together ,but i dont ecaxtly like
the book
Dixe10 says:   25 October 2008   774685  
I don't hate the book because I haven't read it but akk my friends
and I mean ALL of them are like "OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK" and I
just listing to the same crap over and over everyday IT GETS ANNOYING!
‹Charlotte;;WishingOnStars› says:   25 October 2008   189358  
I really dislike it too!What's with all the vampire junk!!
Sanyu says:   25 October 2008   132935  
I like it, but I'm not sure I'd praise it at all. I like what I put
into the characterisation: what I want to see. Everyone who likes it
likes what they see, because the descriptions given are hardly set in
stone and vivid. People dislike it either because they don't want to
be lumped with the batshit insane fans (I wouldn't want to be), or
because they like a book to illustrate their character for them and,
though they probably do have their own imagination, more vivid than
that if the fans who conjure up their own image; they discredit the
literature itself their attention because of the author's failure at
characterisation, which is an important fundamental of storywriting.

If you like cheesy vampire love stories and can overlook poor writing
it's not bad though :P
‹Samantha;;ShushYourLips♥› says:   25 October 2008   253621  
May I. . Love you? D:
I really don't understand how people think 'Edward' is hot though. 
Maybe the actor, but he has a real name. .___.
I can stand it but I don't obsess, THANK GOD.
I like Vampire Stories but. . 
The Realistic ones. Dl<
Like Cirque Du Freak and Stuff like that.
AHAHA. Shiny Vampire Who Don't Sleep.
And go into the Sun.
alkali says:   25 October 2008   252426  
i love you too samantha :3 
and yeah you make sense!

thanks for all the fun comments guys
Kirti says:   25 October 2008   217663  
Let's face it- Bella is stupid, Edward is annoying, Alice is a
shopaholic, and Jacob needs to get a life.

now that we've gotten that outof the way, the plot for the most part
is almost decent. About at the level of a twelve year olds short story
only longer or fanfiction.
Kirti says:   25 October 2008   482428  
btw, I'm half way through the third book. I don't just dislike the
charactors for kicks.
‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   25 October 2008   847268  
'Let's face it- Bella is stupid, Edward is annoying, Alice is a
shopaholic, and Jacob needs to get a life.'
  HA. This conversation is more interesting than the book! XD
Mitsu_ says:   25 October 2008   166686  
ok im getting that alot of people hate it
but why did you force yourself to read it

this is really stupid
look at all of you, its a book.
If you dont like it who cares? and people who do like it dont force
everyone to like it! its not fanfiction, its a real book. I do like
it, i know people think edward is hot. He has a mystery that makes
girls want him to be real. And if they have the right face for him, he
would be perfect.
So if you dont like a book, you dont need to tell everyone
Honestly i didnt care if people hate twilight
maybe its a big fuss to all the obssesers.
But the way i see it, was this was made to get the obsessers angry.
We dont care if you hate it or like it.
And if your being forced to read it, say no. Its not cause you hate
it, its just out of your intrest. Maybe you do like vampires, just not
this spacific story. Its not hatred. Maybe you dislike that people
obssess over it.
You cant help that by making this oekaki
It is a wonderful drawing
But i dont see why let this out when you know we'll see it.
All i have to say
i wont argue, cause its stupid
You all are just wasting your time, as i am know
calm down people, its just a book.
electraELECTRIC says:   25 October 2008   633768  
ok seriously people !
if you don't like it, don't read it.
nobody like haterrs annd you knew
that by posting this was just gonna 'cause trouble.
you are soo dumb.
i swearr.
i believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion,
but jeez.
i mean when you KNOW that something is gonna 
'cause trouble, don't do it.
annd besides, if you like harrypotter.
pssh j.k.rowling ain't got nothing on 
and btw twilight is not just some book.
it's more popular than any other.
annd the movie is gonna make a hell of a 
comeback !
cyberbitch2012 says:   25 October 2008   287336  
how do you hate twilight! it's one of teh few books thats unhateable!
cindyMEW says:   25 October 2008   663617  
I like twilight.
Everyone has different opinions.

Like,Harry Potter.
I like the Harry Potter books but hes gets mad easily.
I don't like some of the he acts.

And like Twilight,I sometimes I think Bella is weird and stupid.
But I still like the book.
But its YOUR choice to like it or not.
And some are into different things like Drama,killing and so on.
alkali says:   25 October 2008   963895  
just because it's popular doesn't mean it's good. 

and you're making the drama greater by adding to it. :0
alkali says:   25 October 2008   453846  
and guys
i said a hated a book 

the comments are the only things creating drama
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 October 2008   726429  
I havn't even opened the book, it just didnt look interesting!
‹TheSidKid› says:   25 October 2008   955938  
I'm saying this to all the people who "hate" it and haven't even read
all of it,
alkali says:   25 October 2008   285239  
i have read it, and so has sugartastic. 
jacqueliine says:   25 October 2008   378154  
Well first off, this oekaki looks like there was absolutely no
effort put into it, so this is kind of a waste. A diary entry would
have been more logical, but then again, I doubt it would attract so
much attention.

Everybody has their own views on the book. Personaly, I think it's
amazing. But, this is a bit immature of you, to call a book
"shit", knowing that it will attract attention. Mostly negative.  

For those who are making a huge deal out of it being "fanfiction"..
There are TONS of fanfiction books out there, and honestly, there's
nothing wrong with them. 

But I think everybody forgot that this is an Oekaki Tag. So, don't
make such a huge deal out of it. :]
Kirti says:   25 October 2008   391254  
not everyone has differnt opinions. there are four opinions.

1) I LOVE IT!!
2) it's good.
3) Who  cares?
4) It sucks!!
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   25 October 2008   235727  

I agree with punk_kid_oooo...

I read the whole series...
and the part where Bella stopped at a gas station with the new car
that wasnt even avalible in Europe or the U.S. and the policemen asked
her about it...
All the Shallow Girls are readying it at my school...
I also hate it because its popular...
Mitsu_ says:   26 October 2008   155162  
look people it is just a book
you may like it or not
dont make a big deal
and the movie isnt a real big deal either
just a movie just a book
who cares??
Melly_Girl says:   26 October 2008   591488  
I actually enjoyed the book. The way Bella looks at Edward was how i
looked at my boyfriend. Perfect and like he deserved Bella. While I
read that book, it went from Bella and Edward, to Melanie and Alex. It
is the perfect love story.
And no, i am not the typical stuck up Twilight Fan girl. Those girls
are brainless preps (no offence) I like to rock out like any sensible
person in this world, and am on the edge of social outcast.
A real person.
Melly_Girl says:   26 October 2008   934131  
whoops, typo. like Bella didn't deserve him
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   26 October 2008   462746  
Omg :|
Someone has an opinion on something
And suddenly everyone's all 'GTFO D:<'
I mean, gosh, it's just a book
Which I like btw
But I don't obsess over ;]

And lol at people who get mad that she hates Twilight
So try and bash her art
Don't take it personally dudes
She hates the book, not you (:

Pointless comment (:
‹♥Screamo♥Emo♥whore♥› says:   26 October 2008   677477  
okay, yeah i love it, but i do admit sometimes its kind of annoying
how obsessed we are with it. i remember three months before the fourth
book came out i started counting down the days and i bugged everyone
about it and then when i got it and i finished it in like two days and
my parents were all like "was it worth the wait?" and i was all "yeah,
i guess. it was awesome, though" but now that i think about it, i must
have been really annoying. so yeah, i guess we do take it too far
sometimes but it is a good book, you have to admit that much at least.
alkali says:   26 October 2008   938371  
haha jacqueline stfu, there's pictures with JUST words on them, be
grateful i even drew a picture.

actually, jess, your comment is quite nice to me! you like the book,
yet still say that. ty dear. <3 (:
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   26 October 2008   936161  
havent read it but i hate it and ill tell you why.
A. i tried to read it but i put it down and stoped. 
((it was very good and i see why people do like it but she did it so
obviously it was a bit stupid.)) and because of my putting it down its
all of a sudden an nasional crime.
B. i cant go a day without hearing about it.
C. theres always a debate about whos cuter even with my streightest of
D. the debate lasts for hours of I THINK HES RIGHT FOR HER OR NO BUT
E. ive been told multiple times to read it.
F. everyone gives a unison gasp when i say i havent
G.  ive heard the arguments so many times i get pissed off and start a
random rant about the same argument and get some charecters wrong but
my point is still in the open.
H. EVERYONE HAS READ THE FREAKIN BOOK!  even the people i hate so the
people i hate talk about it constantly and....nooooooo.
I. my posser "freinds" read it and i hate them so much yet they still
try to talk to me about it.
J. people actualy dress up as the chareceters which is stupid because
they dont know what they look like entirly and it will look like hteir
dressing up as themselves....
K. i have too many reasons to hate it.

there you go.
‹SourSkittles› says:   26 October 2008   344538  
I like twilight <3.
Fair enough,if you've read it and hate it.
But if you haven't even read it and you hate it,I think that's stupid
‹~.harry.potter.<3.ginny.weasley.~› says:   26 October 2008   317134  
alkali says:   26 October 2008   913426  
as i've said before
i've read it 

well i think it is, 101. :0
‹andshedreamed;› says:   26 October 2008   774614  
I Hate It Too. I mean come on! Edward and Bella and all the other freaking characters ARE NOT REAL. >:O And it's making vampires look stupid. I mean, SHINY VAMPIRES???? WTF? :P
alkali says:   26 October 2008   838118  
ahaha yes, the shiny vampire thing is... stupid.
‹*sparkles* :D› says:   26 October 2008   718384  
i dont like twilight i think its stupid.
but then again some ppl like vampires and stuff.
but awesome pic!
trainer_kohaku says:   26 October 2008   286753  
never even read the book...whats the thing everyone hates the most
about it?

cool pic
haku12 says:   26 October 2008   242169  
i read it, but i wasnt really my style. too lazy to borrow the 2nd
one. VAMPIRE KNIGHT on the other hand, HOT XD
‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   26 October 2008   776515  
. . . .
This conversation is my entertainment. XD
Lotsa dramallama over heree.
‹Tylerr :D› says:   26 October 2008   435839  
alkali says:   26 October 2008   661729  
hahaa wonderdork AGREED
‹whtevr› says:   26 October 2008   746287  
alkali says:   26 October 2008   183599  
what the hell is wrong with you lol
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   26 October 2008   165167  
I'm guessing this is the tag? XD WTH is wrong with you people?
There's nothing wrong with her hating it. :D

Oh, and this is the most amusing thing EVVAR~ I like the drawing. :D
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   27 October 2008   662888  
I was forced to read it, and found the most boring.

I was bery far into the book before it captrued my intrest. The other
books are most better. I would recommend reading farther into the book
before you say you hate it.

It took me a couple of hundred pages.
alkali says:   27 October 2008   922396  
amusing, indeed. 

what part of "I HAVE READ THEM" don't you understand? 8|''
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   27 October 2008   866532  
I am sorry about that D:

I was referring to a comment earlier saying that she opened it and
read a little and said it sucked.

I was saying on that, but I did not say thay.

Terribly sorry D:
Emo_meat_Puppet says:   27 October 2008   657247  
kudos to yew!
i cant stand that fan-hyped series.
‹SourSkittles› says:   27 October 2008   858659  
What's so bad about it :|?
Allytastic says:   27 October 2008   218884  
I like Twilight. I love it.
But not because of Edward, it's a good storyline and The Host (another
book by Stephenie Meyer) is v. good too.
so NYER.
fatal_minded_me says:   27 October 2008   553999  
I quite like Twilight - but I can totally understand why you don't
like it. Some parts of the book make me want to stop reading but I
keep on going just because I have to finish a book once I start one. I
basically only like it because of the Vampires involved - and its
amazing how many different beliefs of vampires there are... about
their powers, the way they live etc.  I find it rather interesting as
I have an insatiable love for vampires.
alkali says:   27 October 2008   369272  
- it's written like horrible fanfiction 
- the characters are all mary sues/gary stus 
- the vampires sparkle
- it just isn't my taste.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   27 October 2008   215585  
Vampires arent my thing. 

No way would I have read it if not for the fact I had to for Library
Teen Council

The Friends of the Library paid for them, and I couldnt waste it.

It really sucked, at first, and at most parts.

I totally see the hate.
sugartastic says:   27 October 2008   336544  
The amount of stupid here is over 9000. D:
Seriously. It's DEVASTATING. @_@;

I've never seen so much stupid people in one corner of the internet
since Gaia! XD And to those who go -- "omg hav u even read it". YES.

I think stupid people like stupid things. Therefore, the incredible
amount of stupid people on Kupika like the stupid book Twilight. c:

‹gabriella. | don't hold back› says:   27 October 2008   573281  
These people who are like saying they read a chapter/page or
whatever, Need to seriously ACTUALLY read the book before judging.
sugartastic says:   27 October 2008   991356  
Don't encourage 'em! ;_; Once they do, they'll just come back and say
they still hate it anyway. XD

And the comments and drama on this page. EPIC. XDDDDD I must kidnap
this for TRUTH. ♥
MistyMoonDrop says:   27 October 2008   573914  
I've never even read Twilight.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   28 October 2008   392176  
SugarTastic, I think that comment was quite bitchy, to tell the least
amount of truth.

Who the fuck gave you the almighty fucking power to tell me what I can
and cant like?

I dont like your name, SuguarTastic. Therefore, I now declare that
anyone that likes it is stupid.

There are a lot of 'stupid' people out there, and just becuase you say
that dosent mean we will stop liking it.

I think you are a bitch. I dont judge on the opinions, I judge on that
kind of thing.

You dont have to be a low life whore.
alkali says:   28 October 2008   517474  
salty, that comment is hypocritical. :^ D
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   28 October 2008   482182  
How so?

I dont think it is.

I dont think you know what it means.
alkali says:   28 October 2008   258538  
i know what "hypocritical" means. :V 

but "Who the fuck gave you the almighty fucking power to tell me what
I can
and cant like?" doesn't sound like a very... non-bitchy thing to say?
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   28 October 2008   771481  
I never stated I wasent a Bitch, and It was simple fact.
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   28 October 2008   775379  
i like the book... but i hate it at the same time i MEAN... Bella..
is so... FREAKING EMO X___x! i mean! what is up with her! DX! GAWD..
BETCH.. or.. Mary Sue ha. that suits up meh opinion >3>..... and
Awesome Oekaki X3
sugartastic says:   29 October 2008   355195  
It's sugartastic, premiumsaltybiscuit. Not
SuguarTastic. And I don't care if you think my comment was
mean. :D Not in the least. Now please go cry if you don't like it.

Who the fuck gave you the almighty fucking power to tell me what I
and cant like?

I never told you what you can and can't like, retard. Now please read
my comment again before making stupid hypocritical comments and
whining at me like a little five-year-old, thanks. ♥ And guess what?
I can say whatever I want about stupid people or Twilight. ^_^ What
are you going to do about it? YELL at me? ;_; Aww. Me so scared of
Salty Cracker.

I think you are a bitch.

Right back atcha, sweetie! :D ♥ You're the biggest hypocrite here --
"you are quite mean" or however you put it. And you went and swore at
me... hm... how many times was it? Three? Ah, you are the perfect
example of the stupid people on Kupika that I despise so much. YOU are
the reason I consider leaving Kupika at times. Idiotic hypocrites like
you who don't even read comments, let alone type correctly. Please try
spellcheck, sometime, too. And if you don't like me, please, by all
means, find something better to do than insult me -- like playing in
traffic. ^^

And nice comment on my name. As if your name premiumcracker_salty is
the perfect example of an awesome name. LOL. You have one of the worst
names here, lol. :V

You dont have to be a low life whore.

What...? What kind of comment was that? XDDDDD LOL. Oh man. You are
quite amusing when you're angry. 8D How does me calling someone stupid
make me one of those? ROFL. :'D Please don't associate me with your
future occupation, thanks. ^-^

Also: dosent... is that a word? Or were you trying to spell "doesn't"?
I know it's a bit hard for you to use your brain every once in a while
(Twilight fan -- figures), but try it sometime! You might even spell a
word correctly one day! <3
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   29 October 2008   999782  
 Wants to read Twilight 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   29 October 2008   112537  
Hey premiumcracker_salty, may I recommend...

sugartastic says:   29 October 2008   543546  
... Okay maybe I was a little too harsh on the
twelve-year-old. I kinda got out of line. 8D; But I stand by the whole
hypocrite and spellcheck thing.

Also, Twilight still sucks.
‹♥|DeathBySadness|♥› says:   29 October 2008   859221  
i dont like that pic but it's ur opinion
alkali says:   29 October 2008   964128  
doo i love you forever
Die says:   29 October 2008   219362  
You have no right to say that you hate it if you have not read it all
the way through. I know of many books that started out as crap to me
but ended up being great! You are free to your opinion, but please do
not base it on a few pages of the book, stupid fan-girls, and how
popular it is.
Everything is!
Yes, the vampires sparkle, that's pretty freakin' different.
In the end IT IS A BOOK.
You don't like it? Keep it to yourself,you would not like people
saying that something YOU like sucks, would you?
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   30 October 2008   552224  
At least I dont act even bithier and make other people comment on my
profile with stupid things, then it on your profile and think people
actually give a shit about them.
sugartastic says:   30 October 2008   358852  
Are you butthurt, Salty? :c Aww.
Mewmewkitten says:   30 October 2008   221615  
"You have no right to say that you hate it if you have not read it
the way through. I know of many books that started out as crap to me
but ended up being great! You are free to your opinion, but please do
not base it on a few pages of the book, stupid fan-girls, and how
popular it is.
Everything is!
Yes, the vampires sparkle, that's pretty freakin' different.
In the end IT IS A BOOK.
You don't like it? Keep it to yourself,you would not like people
saying that something YOU like sucks, would you?"
Excuse me?
-points out that Alkali lives in the USA-
She has the right to say whatever the heck she wants.
You CAN tell her what she can and can't say,
she doesn't have to listen.
Sorry. <3
alkali says:   30 October 2008   335846  
i have read it wtf
sugartastic says:   30 October 2008   634957  
People just don't get it. ;_; She read it. I read it. LOTS OF US READ
IT. -sobs into desk- WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Zorah says:   30 October 2008   263781  
I havent read it, but I dont think I ever will..
not really my thing, im too much into Warriors,
and im the type of person who usually dislikes things everyone else
is into to.. ;__:
alkali says:   30 October 2008   978884  
and i wouldn't really care if someone said one of the tv shows/books
whatever that i liked "sucked" 

sugartastic, it's okay. come cry on my shoulder.
sugartastic says:   31 October 2008   981837  
Yeah, me neither. XD People say Invader ZIM sucks and I love that
show. But I'm not like "OMG U CAN'T SAY THAT *SUES INTO OBLIVION*".
Lol. <3

And okay. ;________; -sobs into shoulder- WHY ME WHY US WHYYYY
alkali says:   31 October 2008   321736  
i went to the library, and i knocked breaking dawn off the shelf by
accident. the page it went to was where bella was like "WHY AM I
i lol'd
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   31 October 2008   685917  
I probably like it for it's romantic-ness and fluff xD
sugartastic says:   2 November 2008   288644  

ROFL. XDDDD Oh man. :'D Stephenie Meyer should be a comedian, not a
writer. LOL. 8D
Mewmewkitten says:   3 November 2008   375398  
i went to the library, and i knocked breaking dawn off the shelf
accident. the page it went to was where bella was like "WHY AM I
i lol'd
You: lol
Library old lady: SHHH
You: lol more
Library old lady: -walks over to what you are looking at- ...lol

I dunno, I had too much candy. X3
alkali says:   3 November 2008   615238  

oh my god
something like that actually happened, mewmew fjdsf some tutor lady
glared at me 
and it made me laugh even more
aerochik says:   10 November 2008   272656  
u a-hole! how can u not like twilight!! we gonna kill u
Bloody_Nightmare says:   10 November 2008   243216  
Oh please, aerochik! Threatening because we have different opinions.
Now that just sick.

Twilight is absoulutly the most hideous piece of literature I've ever
But, I did enjoy her albino jokes, and the line "WHY AM I COVERED IN
FEATHERS!?" I thought that was great, but still.
But really, I don't see the big fanatic about it. It's just another
book about vampires and werewolves.
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   15 November 2008   392161  

I personally liked twilight.
I don't get how people can be obsessed with a book.
And its getting rather annoying.
Like its starting to get old.
When you first read it, its like "Wow that was a really good book!"
But after a while its just... old. 
New Moon, & Breaking Dawn were really bad. D:
Hated them.
‹♥It'sMaria› says:   27 November 2008   112738  
Aerochik: GTFO it's an opinion. >_>
flying_pigs_rock says:   27 November 2008   385887  
Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
But, to all those people that say "I hate Twilight! It was so stupid!"
And haven't  read some of the book, or even any at all, SHUT THE HELL
UP. I'm not saying you can't state your opinion, but can are you
actually insult something that you don't know? You're pretty much
judging the book by it's cover, or just going along with what other
people are saying to seem 'cool'. Once you've fully read ALL the
books, go on and talk about your opinion of the books.
Also, you can't say "Vampires don't glow! Vampires don't even exist!
Nothing was real!" Twilight is a FANTASY book, not a NON-FICTION book!
There IS something in the world called CREATIVITY. Maybe the author
imagined Vampires to be like that. The world doesn't revolve around
YOU. And if you like gory books, don't insult Twilight because it's
not what you wanted to read.
Just because you don't like a book, it doesn't automatically 'suck'.
You just don't like it. Some people do like it.
Also, everybody should look at everybody else's point of view. See
more than one side of it.
GreenHugglesaur says:   27 November 2008   613419  
Wow, there's a LOT of comments here. >.>;;

Anyways, I loooove that picture ye gots goin' on thar ;D

But then people will start saying, "ur a betch u hevent evn red da
b00k!!11!!one". Whoever says that, well, F U =DDD
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   27 November 2008   928677  
i never read the book or seen the movie. i really don't have an
opinion about it so i guess that's you opinion.
JunoSarah says:   27 November 2008   245572  
me too.=]]
Inane_Nobody says:   28 November 2008   132219  
Actually, the book seems interesting.
Heck, that's why they make such a perfect couple.

Sorry, I'll stop ranting now.
ipodismyname says:   13 March 2009   916964  
Good for you! This means your my bestet buddeh *high five*
Macabres_Blood says:   14 March 2009   515521  
Lol. I am right there. The obsession is TOO overwhelming on the
teen's brains. I've read the books, and saw the movie. My rating.. 1.
I don't like anything with Vampires, or Werewolves. And, it wasn't as
good as everyone said. And for the ones that are hating Alkali;; this
is an opinion, not all of us like Twilight. Sorry. Get over it. :]

-iSupport you Alkali. 
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says:   14 March 2009   728536  
Twilight is a in my nerves. Theres so many twilight fans. when i said
Twilight is a dumb joke and I feel glares go through me and it hurts!
But twilight is getting into a old grandpa. So less people are going
xC4NDiiDR0Px says:   14 March 2009   842922  
How many comments are there on this oekaki?
Well anyway, I read like three fifths of these comments and I just
felt the need to add to this.
I've read the whole series and I like it and all, but I'm not obsessed
like a lot of people in my school.
At first, I didn't want to read it because everybody was like "Oh,
Edward is so hawt."
I didn't want to read a book where everybody only cares about it
because a stupid male character.
But I read it because I was bored on the Winter Break and my friend
gave me the book to read it.
Then after that, I just read the rest of the series.
I don't obsess over it.
I think it's stupid to be overly in love with it, it's just idiotic.
One of my classmates bought the bookmark, the necklace, the posters,
the stickers the FUCKING EVERYTHING xD
It's just retarded.
It's good that you expressed your opinion.
Freedom of speech.
I love the oekaki by the way.
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   23 March 2009   119842  
It's really sad when people like Twilight just because of the "EDWARD
IS HOT!!!!" stuff. It makes me sad.
‹RushingStars★› says:   23 March 2009   662956  
i totally agree with u! sorry Maxiemaxie if ur reading this but u
know its true
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   25 March 2009   473563  
You know, I think the real reason why Twilight sucks is because the
Zovesta says:   12 May 2009   935852  
I agree completely with sugartastic.
divi says:   12 May 2009   232695  
its the twilight haters zone!!!!   
i havent read twilight neither watch it!!!!
so please dont get mad at me!!!!
‹whtevr› says:   23 May 2009   257111  
Like it matters. Everyone is different. *shrug*
mayorga shouts:   3 July 2009   915429  
OMG why!!! WHY WHYYY!!!
Why do u hate it??
maby u dont have a real romance dont u!!!
ur sooo mean!!!
!!!! >
Sabukii says:   3 July 2009   253795  
I somehow stomached reading through all four books and then sat there
wondering what the fuck I had just done.

Twilight hater ahooooy~
Go read some real books kiddos.
‹EscapeFromAtrocity› says:   3 July 2009   775432  
it doesn't have a fucking plot.
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   3 July 2009   532865  
AMEN!!!!!!!!! AY FUDGIN MEN!!!!!!!
THE ONLY REASON ID HAVE to like Twilight is.......
goodlord that boii is fine....as fine as the hair on a baby's
o_o sometimes i just get on my knees and Thank God for creating
such....such a specimen.
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   3 July 2009   999285  
oh and btw. 
i read the first...paragraph of the first book and was like.......
and i threw it back at my friend. i was like uhm..no. im not reading
that crapinabook.
Taco1 says:   4 July 2009   382314  
I agree!!!!!
Zovesta says:   19 November 2009   458802  
I have to say one thing:

I'm reading them all. I have read three. I just don't like the books.
I want to slap the people that keep saying "Well, my goodness, you
don't like it? You must not have read it. It IS God, you know."

I believe in freedom of speech. I don't mind people that love it, and
I don't mind people that hate it. But some idiots think that "omg noes
opininon abut bookiez!? flame flame flame!" Some thing you should keep
quiet about. Books aren't one of them.

Also, nice picture.
stillina says:   19 November 2009   613382  
I don't like the movie too,but it's just that the book is awsome
man!!!And just to let kupika noe about this is that ....I think
Edwardis ugly and Jacob is O.K.Alsio New Moon is opening up today at
midnight, 11/19/109.
‹NewAccount› says:   20 November 2009   433940  
I've read all the books. I don't love or hate the series, tbh.  The
books aren't horribly written, though I must say the first chapter was
a bit boring.

I think girls (Some guys too.) go a bit too crazy over it. Like  when
they go "OMGAH IT'S THE DUDE WHO PLAYS EDWARD ON T.V! *Wets self.* "
Or "Omgoodness they mentioned Twilight!! TWILIGHT IS LOVE" Which makes
me want to hate it.

Yeah, the last book was a bit eh. I used to really like the series.
It's okay to dislike it. 
Espada0 says:   20 November 2009   760979  
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   20 November 2009   405439  
oh kay...

twilight is kk 

but when ppl obsess over it


like omg its a vamp book


its really nothing to obsess over
‹VaginaDust› says:   21 November 2009   195242  
Amen. ^^
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   21 November 2009   146029  
Dude, we all have different opinions.
Nuf' said.
GreenDayLuver97 says:   21 November 2009   428554  
People who keep writing, :keep your opinion to yourself" and then
offend the person who drew this are hypocritical idiots. And I love
you oekaki. I'm kidnapping it =)
MyField says:   22 November 2009   727160  
I. Love. You. c:
Zovesta says:   14 December 2009   473196  
HA-HA! So true. So... they have the right to say that they love it,
but the instant we say we hate it, we need to shut up? Did they ever
think it might be a little unbearable for us to listen to them go on
about how they love it? Honesty, I'm just laughing my ass of because
of their stupid.

Someone, please throw the books at the wall. 
sagebff says:   15 December 2009   438911  
Thanks SO MUCH for doing that. : )
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   16 December 2009   792113  
down with twilight yay harry potter
‹♥Mӗw♥› says :   14 June 2010   604681  
I love how everyone's commenting on this saying how bad it is.
just because you have a diffrent opinion
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