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Uploaded: 29 September 2008
how to draw

okay, to those of you who obviously don't read between the lines, this is an inside
joke, I have nothing against cheerleaders! I have 2 VERY CLOSE friends who are
cheerleaders...I KNOW that cheerleading isn't all about bring it on and all that


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karolinacake says:   29 September 2008   564335  
shattered_glass says:   29 September 2008   223843  
haha, what's wrong?
karolinacake says:   29 September 2008   496338  
so stereotypical, hopefully you'll grow out of it soon
shattered_glass says:   29 September 2008   262117  
dude...I KNOW. I have friends who are cheerleaders...this is an
inside joke...jeeze.
Innocent_Butterfly says:   29 September 2008   487127  
well done but maybe because of excess use of blood this should be on
the mature section, you know, because of kids on here who are like 8
might get scared and their parents will tell them to get off. but
enough of my ranting.

this is really well drawn, i wonder what the inside joke is. :3
shattered_glass says:   29 September 2008   399723  
haha, my friend Pee-wee (one of my 2 friends who are cheerleaders)
was joking around about how I'm the most un-preppy person she's ever
met, and ranting on about how I'm a geek and stuff just because I'm in
color guard...lol, so then we started having pillow wars, and yelling
at eachother (and I was all I'M GONNA KILL ALL THE CHEERLEADERS!!! and
she was saying she was going to kill all of us flagers) lol...it was
really fun...so I made this to piss her off...>_<

and thankyou for saying it was well drawn, I personally thing it was
crap and the best thing in this picture is my splattered blood. >_<
Artbby says:   29 September 2008   964944  
‹♥♡♪♫ the product of your fears ♥♡♪› says:   29 September 2008   391664  
i like gore
well done
stickyrice says:   29 September 2008   593566  
LOL. Down with cheerleaders. D:
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   29 September 2008   381944  
dude...awesome! I'mma steel it. <3
‹Little_Ninja› says:   29 September 2008   266531  
kwl man
Darlingkiller says:   29 September 2008   671113  
haha, great one.
CrumpetChan says:   29 September 2008   475641  
thats just plain creepy.
Emo_Princess22 says:   29 September 2008   431699  
beatlesrok says:   29 September 2008   169128  
beatlesrok says:   29 September 2008   475174  
MyShineyTeeth says:   2 October 2008   379691  
Im deathly tired of seeing shit drawings like this :|
deathnoteFANATIC says:   2 October 2008   376337  
creepy picture. buti ts cool.
punk_kid_oooo says:   2 October 2008   654526  
haha thats cool!! XP

and its not shit cuz you specifyed that you're just kidding and not
meaning to offend anyone.
‹whtevr› says:   2 October 2008   982643  
so do i!!!!i hate dem
shawnman says:   2 October 2008   531417  
yayayayaya lol just kidding lol but thats still assome
‹XxSadisticMuffinxX› says:   2 October 2008   963615  
i ish a cheerleader

Do you make exceptions for very nice, not preppy ones? cuz yeah i'm
not a stuck up, preppy slut like most
‹Lindsay; Music. Is. Life. <3› says:   2 October 2008   467821  
MyShineyTeeth says:   2 October 2008   616147  
Ahem. That wasnt even close to what i meant. People need to grow up
and stop PRETENDING that they 'kill' and just OWN everything. Its sick
and childish. :|
shattered_glass says:   2 October 2008   517462  
Artbby: thanx!   	

aussie_girl_08: kool. lol, I love gore 2! >_< 

stickyrice: dude, totally rad name! (looove sticky rice!!) 

InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl: niiice name, man. thanx! >_< 

Chloecatgirl: haha, nice name! cats rock! 

Darlingkiller: thanx, and seriously, I LOVE YOUR NAME!

CrumpetChan: thankyou, if it weren't then I'd be worried.   	

Emo_Princess22: thankyou.

beatlesrok: THE BEATLES ROCK!!!  	

MyShineyTeeth: yes, and I'M deathly tired of seeing shit like

deathnoteFANATIC: thankyou, I LOVE creepy...and DEATHNOTE is
one of my favorites!

punk_kid_oooo: thankyou, and you totally understand...at least
YOU of all people don't start leaving hate comments on something
before even reading what I wrote.

ha_ha_uh_YOU_WANT_ME_TO_DO_WHAT_: why? I don't hate
cheerleaders. IF you just automatically decide to HATE cheerleaders,
then you are loosing a chance to possibly make a great friend, not all
cheerleaders follow the stereotype of a cheerleader. 

shawnman: lol....nice name. 

Shade00: haha, you're funny, I LOVE YOUR AVITAR! and yes, yes I

_Vampire_Kisses_: haha, thanx. 

MyShineyTeeth: "ahem" I DON'T OWN EVERYTHING! I never stated
that I did. don't make false acusationsabout me, based on a stupid
picture. Sure, my art may be subjective, but by judging me, and
clearly not reading what I wrote about my picture, then you are the
ignorant, judgemental one...not me.
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   2 October 2008   762685  
lol....man, this myshinyteeth chick even bothers ME...and she hasn't
even talked to me before...what a bitch.
‹XxSadisticMuffinxX› says:   2 October 2008   385852  
yeeey! i got an exception! take that sluts! xD
and thank you ^w^
shattered_glass says:   2 October 2008   356445  
invadersoftheearthgirl:once again, sweet name, and yes, she
totally bothers me too.

Shade00: haha, yes. you did get an exception! lol. ^_^
MyShineyTeeth says:   3 October 2008   774772  
I never said you were doing any of those things. i simply implied it
as such, Learn to ask what things mean. Im just tired of seeing things
like this. ITS CHILDISH, Annoying and got old ast.
Layouts_by_Wishar says:   3 October 2008   187278  
Luckycat_Shauna says:   3 October 2008   219567  
shattered_glass says:   4 October 2008   258798  
MyShineyTeeth: well, if you had taken time to read what I
wrote about my picture before leaving detestable comments such as "Im
deathly tired of seeing shit drawings like this :|" then you would
realize, that I never drew this picture to follow the stereotype of
"cheerleader hate"...It was all in inside joke...I was not in any way
trying to be mean to cheerleaders. I was being facetious to  a good
friend of mine, who coincidentally happens to be a cheerleader.  So,
you may want to read things before making rash decisions such as
leaving hurtful comments.

Layouts_by_Wishar: haha, thankyou. unless of course, you were
being sarcastic. 

Luckycat_Shauna: lol...why??? >_<
trainer_kohaku says:   6 October 2008   222263  
awsome!blood!!!yay!!!bye-bye cheerleaders muwahahahahaaaaaaaa!
shattered_glass says:   6 October 2008   929427  
I enjoy eating chocolate suryup.
torq says:   23 October 2008   188853  
I always wanted to join color guard... because I like spinning

Weehee (spins pencil)
shattered_glass says :   24 October 2008   733614  
hahaha.  YOU'RE BAACK!!!!!!!!! YAYA!
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