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Kitty -- Blood and Butterflies
Uploaded: 6 September 2007
how to draw
This took FOREVER. I took like freaking an hour on just the stupid hair (which
clashes the WHOLE picture, let me tell you). I was attempting a new style. O_O And as
you can see I failed lols.

At first I was really  happy with it but then I hated it. ): It hurts to look at it.

Okay so this is Kitty, my old Neopet (kittykat2870) that I used to RP as when I was
much younger and I was so stupid. :O I was the worse RPer evar. o_o; I wanted Kitty
to be a nice Neopet but instead I turned her into a jealous, narcissistic, bratty
stupid Aisha. XDDD; I'm too embarrassed to talk to the people I used to RP with
nowadays, lol. D; So here's Kitty in her true form: %&$#*.

AAAH when I submitted this, it logged me out for some reason and I thought it was
gone. T___T If it was I would've murdered someone.

So yeah.
(As you can see, I tried 34938943 drawings before finally deciding on this, haha. I
need to get to bed. T_T; I have a cold too. ;_

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kiwily says:   6 September 2007   526433  
aww!! that's so cute.
i love the devilish grin.
the lineart is awesome.
how'dya do it?!
‹ikaeros› says:   6 September 2007   216775  
This is so AWESOME!!!! XDD I'm jealous. I wish I could draw that
Hinarata says:   6 September 2007   521944  
so cute
Hinarata says:   6 September 2007   529433  
greendayfankid10 says:   6 September 2007   335664  
scary and cute..... >:D I LIKE IT!
greendayfankid10 says:   6 September 2007   957449  
Kupika_Layouts says:   6 September 2007   761274  
Cute! Could you do one of my avatar please?
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   6 September 2007   949997  
hhallh13 says:   6 September 2007   516286  
thats so good and your how to draw thing makes it look so simple!
hina whispers:   6 September 2007   538391  
that lighting effect is sooo nice ^^
great jobs (also on your other oekakis) !!!
NinjaMewStrike says:   6 September 2007   781746  
awww! i like it! bloody kitty, naughty, naughty *waggles finger at
cat, and gets it bit off* oh, man, i didnt want my kimono MORE
sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   145313  
Aw thanks guys. :DDD
@NinjaMewStrike: Hahah, yeah she's evil! :O But she pretends to be all
nice and stuff around people. SHE'S BAD ): -kicks cat in the face- :O 
JustACrazyGurl says:   6 September 2007   568232  
omg thats so cute!!!!! i love the eyes *kidnaps*
Mewmewkitten says:   6 September 2007   911454  
sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   411316  
-cries in emo corner-
kristino says:   8 September 2007   335677  
pretty ^_^
tabitha408 says:   8 September 2007   871139  
i love it so much
tabitha408 says:   8 September 2007   951557  
so pretty
RikkuMayli says:   9 September 2007   788864  
Oh my!
‹Ðark Fox› says:   9 September 2007   193566  
wow. That's cool!
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   10 September 2007   559922  
sugartastic says:   10 September 2007   223831  
Thank you everyone. <333 ^-^
ZanyZeldaFan says:   17 September 2007   948384  
wow this is good beyond explanation... words fail to describe it's
‹Cora Rose› says:   26 September 2007   434199  
‹Cora Rose› says:   26 September 2007   642845  
kitty isnt a good name for an evil neopet.murderer might be better.A
LOT better.
MitsukiWolf says:   12 October 2007   857539  
pweaty colors!!
sugartastic says:   12 October 2007   553642  
Thanks so much! ^-^
@Silver: Haha totally. :3 
nickjr says:   22 November 2007   768592  
Hehe, she looks like she is in her true form!
sugartastic says:   4 January 2008   864268  
Hehe yeah! XDD
Taisu_Ikamino says:   16 February 2008   998777  
o.o wow. ive NEVER seen a pic THIS good b4!!!! its so kawaii it isnt!
angelofdeath33 says:   19 April 2008   649717  
awesomly awesome!
Dinosaur_rawr says:   9 October 2008   162156  
Girlfriend_22 says:   2 March 2009   258732  


ii LiiKee Thee
Mystic_DarkIllusion says:   2 March 2009   111198  
It's awesome..:D
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says :   11 July 2009   547663  
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