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This public Oekaki was created by Naive   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Naive
this oekaki is based on Naive's
Unfinished... LOLZ
Day and Night
Uploaded: 26 March 2007
Lolz, I didn't even realized I got this lineart saved in Private for future use...
It had been sitting on my account for centuries lolz. 
I decided to color it for random reasons, too tired to draw, might as well just color

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sashiki says:   26 March 2007   921735  
Thats awesome
Bootheghost says:   26 March 2007   285376  
amazing as usual!!!
Bootheghost says:   26 March 2007   197731  
y r they so depressed? do they think i am gonna kill them wif my
Naive says:   26 March 2007   767888  
They got the depressed-over-everything virus XD
sango says:   26 March 2007   187998  
COOL!(why are three people in the row wearing orange,its COOL!)
‹Push the Button› says:   26 March 2007   963565  
clouds12 says:   26 March 2007   699789  
lolz i like this......
‹GatorBoots› says:   26 March 2007   329156  
Aaaawshome! :P
‹GatorBoots› says:   26 March 2007   375663  
sashikineko says:   26 March 2007   991511  
Yuri says:   26 March 2007   642832  
_dancewithdeath_ says:   26 March 2007   566222  
Ish sho pretteh~!
Btw, 'tis darkoekaki here.
camille_con97 says:   27 March 2007   789241  
Soo pretty!!!
momo09 says:   27 March 2007   336497  
Amazing! I love the one on the right's outfit!
Sister_Princess says:   27 March 2007   188681  
can u draw me???
Heavenly_Angle09 says:   28 March 2007   243217  
omgawshh. thats veryy good drawinggg. n nice captain too =]] u draw
Mistress_Crystal says:   28 March 2007   145519  
AWSOME! and may i use your unfinished one as a template
‹555_wazzed_› says:   28 March 2007   961728  
Kiraii says:   28 March 2007   199591  
Awww, i really like their outfits!
I have like two linearts on private right now.
I'm too lazy to color.
The coloring is awesome too!
 <3Excellent shading as usual!
‹XxKelliexChaosxX› wonders:   28 March 2007   111945  
i cant tell which is day and which one is night
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   28 March 2007   413275  
that's cute but I gots ta agree with inkylady person ^____^
Naive says:   29 March 2007   638188  
of course the day person is the yellow one and the night person is
the blue. ^___^ Hehehehe I'm weird yah

Thanks for the love everyone ^3^
sashikineko2 says:   30 March 2007   787322  
I like the day person the best! Shes
pretty........................................ Oh yah, me kidnap it!
xhealingxheartsx says:   30 March 2007   188657  
omg! they the look pissed at each other... XD!! jk, i love it!
‹XxKelliexChaosxX› says:   30 March 2007   719656  
ohhhhh now i get it
sry i am blonde 
BustaRage says:   30 March 2007   245448  
that's tite
ispeakdreams asks:   30 March 2007   327329  
see omg u r sooooooo great huh can we be friends
Darknight says:   30 March 2007   587881  
lol that's cool
Darkside_Of_Faerieclubkim says:   30 March 2007   847457  
they looked -_-" at someone......
xlovexcanxhurtsx says:   31 March 2007   648893  
that is cool
Abdalla says:   31 March 2007   689692  
Ooh dauy is my favorite
navygirl says:   31 March 2007   519635  
omg...thats very nicly down!!!
kkatxx says:   31 March 2007   873914  
you copied that
Naive says:   1 April 2007   546965  
yup I copied the original, cos the original was uncolored, I sort of
forgot ^^
zepher1 says:   2 April 2007   551956  
i like i love the night one .......... it is the one on
the right ..... right?!?!?!?!
sexybitch says:   5 April 2007   999636  
i think it looks pretty and cool
Moriko_chan asks:   6 April 2007   469858 long did it take u to do the background?
scrubs_fan says:   25 June 2007   554279  
good good good i have kidnapped it!
ratburn says:   26 December 2007   376149  
really good its nice is it for gaia online or runescape wow its jest
really nice
Smallzsuarez says :   18 December 2010   671671  
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