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Bunny Wabbit (must read description!)
Uploaded: 30 December 2006
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I'm gonna tell you a very scary story that goes with this wittle bunny wabbit:
  once upon a time... There was a cute little rabbit with a little pink nose! and his
name was... Piglet. He was jumping around in a flower feild when he was joined by...
another cute little rabbit with a little red nose. His name was.. Wilbur!  he had a
little red nose because... he had a cold. and he went "achoo! achoo!" So they jumped
together in that little feild of flowers.
But that little feild flowers soon turned.. into a grave yard! Piglet said "let's
jump on graves!" So they jumped on graves.
  Then... two little rabbits with little black nose rose out of the grave! Their
names were... Fudgey and Fudgito! These two tried to kill Wilbur and Piglet!
  They picked up a tombstone and Wilbur yelled "stop! Let's play together" So they
all Jumped on the graves and a little cute piggy with a little pink snout named Sir
Oinksalot ate them all up 
                                          THE END!

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Glittz says:   30 December 2006   938429  
says:   30 December 2006   324474  
its such a cute little bunny with cute bunny eyes ^^
‹GatorBoots› says:   30 December 2006   761279  
Angel_Puzz says:   30 December 2006   824511  
RedThorn22 says:   30 December 2006   954611  
Cool... a bunny
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   30 December 2006   349817  
wow... It already got alot of comments...
thanks ppl!
punkpixie_10 says:   30 December 2006   751111  
that is so cool....he is adorable
STARSINGER says:   30 December 2006   956837  
o that is so cute
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   30 December 2006   797666  
did anyone ever read the story?
clouds12 says:   30 December 2006   356818  
lo i read it! it's a cute rabbit, odd story though....but still kool!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   30 December 2006   133819  
yes... That story was made up by a girl named Kelly... She is a
tomboy but loves cute things =3
oh and thankies!
‹tea-anna› says:   30 December 2006   586635  
so adorable!
kittykittenmeo says:   30 December 2006   381888  
that bunny is adorible and the story made me laogh in a good way 

gr8 job
Sashikinoneko says:   30 December 2006   239914  
Omg, such a cute little rabbit facing a horrible fate lolz =D cute
hina wonders:   30 December 2006   755993  
That's a very odd story.....
But cute graphics ^^
Jassy says:   31 December 2006   134197  
hmm the stoy was diferrent
‹Puppeh.› says:   31 December 2006   377495  
Very Cute!
folx_girl says:   1 January 2007   962413  

AnnStar says:   2 January 2007   377538  
Its so cute!!  Story is a bit o_O...
hate_new_year says:   2 January 2007   551873  
meg15 says:   2 January 2007   755886  
daerian says:   2 January 2007   183825  
ah what a sad story
horsey_gal95 says:   2 January 2007   247538  
i love the bunny its adorable
kristin1228 says:   2 January 2007   341958  
i read it,it was qite a mouth full you had to say but......i loved it
kristin1228 says:   2 January 2007   788847  
*quite w/e!!
babygirl3567 says:   2 January 2007   375435  
xo_dangerouseangel_xo says:   2 January 2007   899355  

jessygirl says:   2 January 2007   292936  
So cute!!!
marirocks2233 says:   2 January 2007   258933  
so so so cute!!!!
sweetangelgal says:   2 January 2007   252196  
That story was sooooo scary! I loved it! And the rabbit is sooooooo
chani says:   3 January 2007   364768  
Sweet bunny.
fire_fairy says:   3 January 2007   898794  
story was kinda weird but love the pic sssoooooo cute
beenabratz says:   3 January 2007   948161  
cutie wutie bunny wunny
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   3 January 2007   599292  
how did u draw that? and so cool wanna be friends?
drandy wonders:   3 January 2007   435456  
cool   im kidnapping it!!!
random_rose says:   3 January 2007   559222  
That is such a  cute  bunny
paige202202 says:   3 January 2007   763361  
i soooooo am steling this 1 i love itttttttt
paige202202 says:   3 January 2007   411956  
i mean kidnapping
musica_bee_girl says:   4 January 2007   997937  
I love rabbits... muhahahahaha... hi sister
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   4 January 2007   658657  
yea.. I bet you do. Hi
EMO_LOVER says:   5 January 2007   575432  
awww the buuny is cool and i luv the story wiv it lol
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 January 2007   635879  
thank you
kokokat2324 says:   5 January 2007   821111  
the story and the drawing is so cute!!!!! the ending of the story is
sad though.......     ^-^
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 January 2007   899984  
yea... That was my version, Kelly didn't say that

Thanks =3
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   6 January 2007   174962  
Woo!!! 24 people have captured this so far from this post!!! WOOT
Savannah says:   8 January 2007   768428  
That was soo sad!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   10 January 2007   963755  
I know! But it was an ending that I made up at the top of my head
because I don't remember Kelly's version
rosie_oppie says:   12 January 2007   857454  
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   14 January 2007   268194  
so far: 26 ppls have kidnapped ^_^
Tomboy400 says:   15 January 2007   775371  
i like the story ^_^
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   15 January 2007   467829  
thanks!!!!!!!!! Kelly can make weird stories....
kokokat2324 says:   19 January 2007   427978  
im TOATALLY capturing this!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   24 January 2007   633957  
28 people captured!!! huzah!!
trippin_out98 says:   25 January 2007   229584  
you should enter this in trippinout98 contest my other account
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   26 January 2007   129343  
okay thanks! I might because this oekaki has entered into alot of
contests ^_^
jewlsbunny says:   30 January 2007   131751  
yay bunny!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   31 January 2007   173344  
yup yup ^_^
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   3 February 2007   634252  
yay!! 30 people have kidnapped!!!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   18 February 2007   684525  
now it's 32!!!
koroko says:   13 March 2007   142674  
aww so cute *huggles bunny* nothing to be scared of *strokes bunny*
WHAT?!?! yes im a bit nuts but there ya go!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   13 March 2007   397761  
thanks!!! But I'm sorry, Sir Oinksalot ate them... I'm sorry
dessy07 says:   3 May 2007   363585  
puppylover41195 says:   29 May 2007   111248  
hi ther i kinda thot the story wuz weird,but i loved the picture!!!!
i wuz lookin at all ure oekakis and they r all GrEaT!!!! u CuD b A
aRtIsT sOmEdAy!!!!!
MissBehaved74 says:   29 September 2007   477545  
wow im sooooo scared !
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   29 September 2007   941299  
I was really surprised to see someone comment on this ol' thing xD
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   31 October 2008   757772  
:O omg you drew a bunny?!
It's super cute~!

Nice story~
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   31 October 2008   887321  
Long time ago xD
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   21 April 2009   682447  
Wow.........So cute!!! The story was weird though. I was reading it
then in my mind it was like, blah blah blah, and then suddenly MUNCH!
Rofl!! Umm...Ok...I shall kidnap this little cute bunny!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   25 April 2009   664385  
Thank you. xDD
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