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& Im so close to what I've dreamed of;
Uploaded: 9 July 2010
how to draw
Bahaaa I've finished a request
this is the first one I've done all summer I believe

This is Momiju Sohma
this is for
‹mischief managed. ♥›

I KNOW I have another request
that I have no idea if I can do
becaues I need the person to remessage me.
Go for it and make a request.
Wait times vary, but it'll get done. (:
Preferrably do it in a letter
so i don't lose the message. </3

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yuyupuu says:   9 July 2010   597878  
;o; it loks amazing! nice job!!
‹p̊ͪͨͮͬ̑1̾ͣ̅̚kͫͫͮ̃͊ͨáͣ̃̌cͭ͋› says:   10 July 2010   356544  
momiji ^w^
Everything about this is awesome
‹PalletTown› says:   10 July 2010   523733  
Momji my fave wahh
so cuteeee!
Electronica says:   10 July 2010   783111  
ohh this is is cool.

i love the background. ^.^
‹??????› says:   10 July 2010   276269  
Yay, you oekaki'd again!<3
I love Momiji, especially this ooonne.
You made him even more adorable, and I like the way you colored his
eyes. : )
‹kabocha› says:   10 July 2010   473175  
THIS IS TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. i'm having a heart attack. okay. thank
you very very much, i love it! ♥
Biihtei says:   10 July 2010   983509  
OHH! I havn't read Fruits basket in forever :>
this is so amazing and cute at the same time :D
he was one of meh fave characters xD <333
‹Ello Mello› says:   10 July 2010   303426  
 I love your oekaki work ♥
‹DasAtem› says:   10 July 2010   476575  
Aha, I see he's rather popular.
Thankyouuu to all. :D
Very great to oekaki again ahah.

I am very glad you like it! :DDD
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   13 July 2010   298786  
wow!!! it loks just like him! great job!
‹DasAtem› says:   13 July 2010   655687  
Thankyou., :D 
psychoprincess15 says:   13 July 2010   917902  
i haven't read Fruits Basket in forever. it's sad i never got to
finish it.
‹windofdusk› says:   13 July 2010   473892  
Ohhhhcute. <3
‹▓ƒå╚╚ïⁿg_äpâr┼_á┬_╬hë_§ëα› says:   14 July 2010   426584  
awww, momiji!! he's always sooo adorable!
and I just have to say this, silly rabbit...
Yotsubato says:   14 July 2010   869282  
‹DasAtem› says:   14 July 2010   621841  
Never seen the anime, or read the manga so.. yea. xD
Thankyoooou. :D 
shina94 says:   17 July 2010   491046  
its momiji from fruits basket!he's soooo kawaii.you should put bunny
ears on him!
‹☆Veda☆› says:   17 July 2010   745965  
omigosh soooooooooo cuuuuute!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD
‹DasAtem› says:   17 July 2010   369887  
Bahaha thankyou. :D
Bunny ears?
Aha, naaah. (; 
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   26 July 2010   190442  

I love the background. Its different from most of your backgrounds.
‹AoiKatori› says:   26 July 2010   109497  
wooow this is really cuute! <3
i luv fruits basket!
i miss watching it
‹tealeaaf™› says:   26 July 2010   377950  
Crazy Good ^^
‹DasAtem› says:   27 July 2010   959553  
Well thankyou. :D 
Smallzsuarez says:   21 December 2010   529299  
‹Ikiru♥› says:   21 December 2010   364244  
‹DasAtem› says:   24 December 2010   976912  
Bahaa thanks
t'was a fun request.  
rawr_salsa says:   12 February 2011   412988  
it bes the bunny rabbit!! XD
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   13 February 2011   846329  
‹DasAtem› says:   15 February 2011   601008  
Ah this is an old oekaki.
Thanks for the comments (: 
‹·Đәмәтяіџs·› says:   10 May 2011   419473  
this is sooooo cute
Savvy_Bubbles says:   10 May 2011   774792  
Sooo cute. I love your style!
Foxblaze says:   10 May 2011   153519  
Reminds me of Sealand from Hetalia
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   11 May 2011   303835  
Momoji :D
‹DasAtem› says:   11 May 2011   195363  
Yes! Thank you all. (: 
‹blue_emo› says:   15 June 2011   310129  
i know heres a pic of sealand

Foxblaze says:   15 June 2011   385487  
lol he's so cute! X3 
‹blue_emo› says:   15 June 2011   182537  
I KNOW!!!!!! <3
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   16 June 2011   438040  
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   16 June 2011   103988  
I knew who he was, even before I clicked on it!

He's SO cute!
ClinicalBreasts says:   16 June 2011   888797  
Momijiiii~! <3
‹DasAtem› says:   8 July 2011   590555  
It was a request so I went by what I was told aha I've never
personally seen the show. (: 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says :   24 April 2012   237432  
MOMIJI! my favorite after kyo
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