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In My Little Hands
Uploaded: 8 December 2009
Have you ever held a baby bird before C: ?
They're very fuzzy and soft and nice <3

Not to mention adorable ~>u<~

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‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   8 December 2009   824116  
Aw. >w<
I want oneee.
Get me one for my birthday! o:

Lovely coloring as always. C:
Neriko says:   8 December 2009   174502  
When is your birthday again? 
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   8 December 2009   111454  
November the eleventh.
You can send it to "the little house on the corner".
The mailmen all know who I am. ;D 
Neriko says:   8 December 2009   790282  
lol That's a very long time away.
How 'bout as a Christmas gift xD ? 
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   8 December 2009   481787  
Christmas works. c:
It's much closer. 
But what if the poor birdy gets stuck in a blizzard? D: ;_; 
‹SoraKudo.♥› says:   8 December 2009   520273  
Ahh. I have. :]

They were abandoned by their mother, and so we took them in and fixed
them up, but they tipped over in the night and a lot of them died.
Only one survived out of 5 D:
Neriko says:   8 December 2009   774312  
Birds are hand delivered during Christmas |D

NUOOOOO 11!!1!!!!!
Poor birdies T____T 
mienaiTsubasa says:   9 December 2009   568698  
This is soo cute~ I love little birds, but I find it really hard to
hold anything that moves without dropping it XP
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   9 December 2009   205202  
i wants one now. D:>
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   9 December 2009   146888  
By my mailmen? 
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   9 December 2009   421844  
I've held a baby duck, chick, and bird before. :D
Neriko says:   9 December 2009   661141  
No silly, by Santa 8D 
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   9 December 2009   698013  
I think Santa is a creeper.
He plops on people's chimneys.
But I don't have a chimney, see.
So I'm safe. 
Neriko says:   9 December 2009   568714  
Santa is magical *u*
He can do anything |D
Even enter a chimney-less home through its chimney.
That's now magical Chuck Norris ... er ... Santa is 8D 
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   9 December 2009   938200  
Can he enter cottages?
Because what if I lived in one, in the middle of the woods?
Then he wouldn't be able to find me. :B
‹((♥Hors♥d'œuvres♥))› says:   10 December 2009   532288  
‹[ex's&oh's]♥› says:   11 December 2009   452701  
I have held a chick, gosling, and a duckling. (: 
They were all so adorable. <3
But still this oekaki is very good and cute. :3
The boy in the picture reminds me of Near, from DeathNote.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   12 December 2009   332807  
gah, i am soo kidnapping this, yes ive held a baby bbird before,
they're so soft and fuzzy and warm.. you can hear their little heart
beats against your fingers and u know your holding a tiny life force
in your grasp and its just magical.....the drawing is brilliant
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 December 2009   271429  
ive never held a baby bird before. ._. but i took care of one when i
was five... but i dont like birds very much. although this is very
cute.. ^-^;;
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says:   12 December 2009   910829  
o thats so cool
‹xxxlet_me_bleedxxx› says:   13 December 2009   339904  
thats really really really cute nd amazing
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   28 January 2010   196056  
I came close to doing that....(kind of)
except....he was dying, we saved him from my friend's dog Bruce.

This oekaki is really cute.
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