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This public Oekaki was created by Kyun_yo   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Kyun_yo
Uploaded: 24 July 2009
...dammit.. I thought I lost this picture since Kupika logged me out when I was
about to send it in. xP Good thing it didn't... 

Oh wells... 

I like Black Rock Shooter... she has an excellent design and is really awesome. :D 

And people, this isn't Miku. BRS is an original character, but because she has heavy
resemblance to Miku, people assume that she is a blackened version of her. xD 

Oh wells... 

Her anatomy sucks. :| excuse it please.

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‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   24 July 2009   356742  
so pretty!
beautiful style, and nicely coloured!
i give it 5 stars out of 5, and 2 thumbs up. :D
meaning i approve.
exquisite says:   24 July 2009   735669  
This is so abstract, yet you can tell what it is.

Beautiful. :]
lollylovex3 says:   24 July 2009   657259  
I LOVE BRS. It's cool how her skin color stands out. 

Actually, the creator of BRS designed her without Miku in mind. But a
VOCALOID user came across the creator and they decided to collab, and
thus Miku became the original singer, but isn't BRS herself.
Jay_wtfridge says:   24 July 2009   865867  
D: Good GAD woman. /falcon punches.


..It looks so swishy. Btw, have I ever mentioned that hamsters can
wink? -poofs back to kill my fingers with oekaki and neglect the SLEEP

(Ftr, you're an unlucky victim of my love and lack of sleep. Baibai.)
‹яоѕэѕ aяє вluэ™› says:   24 July 2009   426584  

And, I LOVE BRS. She's awesome.
I like how you drew her.
DoOp says:   24 July 2009   867558  
the green/blue color= awesome =] and I'm liking how BRS is written in
the background~!
‹ERASED› says:   24 July 2009   744816  
Awesinebess! :D
‹ERASED› says:   24 July 2009   154476  
EDIT: Awesomeness!
‹☣Lokii☣› says:   24 July 2009   173687  
ooooo nice
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   24 July 2009   423338  
I love the strong teal blend you put in the picture, it really gives
some sort of glow that makes you want to stare at it. xD

Excellent drawing. :]
‹♥LoseYourself~♥› says:   24 July 2009   635642  
That's awesome!
nomnomg says:   24 July 2009   867892  
wow verry amazing D=
Kyun_yo says:   24 July 2009   872914  
@ Everyone: Thanks. ^^

@ Rae

Yes...I knew that. xD But thanks for the additional info. ˆ˚ˆ

@ Jay

o__O? Er... okay? xD; Uhm... why aren't you sleeping yet?

@ DoOp're alive. o__o You commented...D: I feelᅙ_ᅙll|

@ Axel
Ah...a glow? o.O; I never noticed it... 
Thanks. :D 
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   25 July 2009   741397  
SFSDf. I love that song about her. xD its so cute yet annoying.
asploding eye~ "D classic.
babygurllol says:   25 July 2009   789219  
i like it...its good
‹[~ ♥Kanashimi♥ ~]› says:   26 July 2009   634511  
lunasan says:   26 July 2009   427818  
excused. i love that eye you drew.
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2009   915573  
so amazing i have to kidnap... *kidnapps*
mynameissecret says:   27 July 2009   124539  
i love this!!!
you're amazing!!
Bobbysgirl says:   27 July 2009   635798  
kidnaps amazing
CourtneyInWonderland says:   28 July 2009   244244  
zomg! I love it hunny ! (:
(thumbs up)
Phenomenal_April says:   28 July 2009   885239  
Please go =)

Btw, the drawing is amazing! Truely lovely 
Starr says:   1 August 2009   473558  
omg My friend nekokamii is kind of obssesed with BRS right now! xDD
Anyway, I love this!
Yurichan123 says:   6 August 2009   294327  
Black Rock Shooter!!!!!!!!!  I like this drawing, good thing I don't
have to kidnap it, I has subscribed~  I love how you drew her spirit
‹krisnah ♥› says:   26 September 2009   915259  
it's cool...
i like the colors...
Eriom says :   15 October 2009   399662  
I think the anatomy's ok. It's kind of like Disgaea! XD
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