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Uploaded: 6 February 2008
Jimpling wanted her avatar! :D i tried to make it look like it was from a manga page
but evidently failed. D: PEN PRESSURE ROCKS!!! >8D 

P.S. you guys i really dont appreciate that you are accusing me of being someone
else. IM NOT OK?!?!?? its very insulting to me and probably the other artist youre
referring to because its almost like you're implying that neither of us have very
unique styles. thank you and goodnight. :/

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ai_chan says:   6 February 2008   811959  
its very nice, I think it looks like a manga page
‹Kiwily<3› says:   6 February 2008   451786  
it is beautiful.. especially the clouds..

this looks like phear's work...
Jimpling says:   6 February 2008   447676  
I, too, think it looks like a manga page :D
You succeeded!! Woooo!
+throws confetti+

It's marvelous x]
I'll pay... now!
+runs off to Jim-chan's account+

I love the hands ;o;
They look so natural D:
cheekhun says:   6 February 2008   728516  
ai_chan: thank you!!! m(_ _)m
Kiwilie: at this point i think i received at least four comments
telling me that i had the same art work as someone named phearteare or
guesswho or something. i'm very tired of hearing that because then i
feel like i dont have an original art style. or that i;m biting off
someone elses art works. so please dont say that. :
cheekhun says:   6 February 2008   867733  
JIMPLING: OMFG!! thank you so much! i was starting to run out of kps
anime_is_my_life says:   6 February 2008   823998  
very nice :D
i like the pose and background~!
dylaneats says:   6 February 2008   271299  

how the fuck did u make it that good
cheekhun says:   6 February 2008   724463  
anime_is_my_life; thank you very much. :] i normally have lots of
trouble w/ bgs and poses. >_>
cheekhun says:   6 February 2008   551891  
dylaneats: you practice a lot :]

uhhh i just remembered that i was supposed to go do my homework about
two hours ago XD bye guys.
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   6 February 2008   338263  
<33333 lufffllyyyyy
cloud_nine says:   6 February 2008   481969  
cute i love all the patterns in it! 8D
thinktwink12 says:   6 February 2008   558795  
thinktwink12 says:   6 February 2008   885886  
wolfgirl2_0 says:   6 February 2008   837772  
I think it looks like a manga page! ^^

People are too good for me on here! Dx
‹goodfornothing› says:   6 February 2008   495657  
OMFG That, as many people have said before, is amazing and looks
straight out of a manga.
xDeathGurl63x says:   6 February 2008   449741  
OMFG thats wicked awesome!!!!
DoOp says:   6 February 2008   866141  
pen pressure= love of my life *_*

besides you of course ;D!! -gets shot- xD

haha great job on this : ) <33
CamilleFRANTIC says:   6 February 2008   593787  
godd, i want a tablet.
&& when i get one, i will upload pen pressure :D
animemanga249 says:   7 February 2008   675789  
pheartehme? anyway great oekaki, its gorgeous :D
lilblueangel says:   9 February 2008   572796  
absolutely amazing!
your style is definately unique!
love the black and white effect!
sweetdevil says:   9 February 2008   194247  
wow really pretty
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   9 February 2008   113984  
can we see how it is drawn?
yuna1313 says:   9 February 2008   424475  
that is cool
kiwigirl13 says:   9 February 2008   769838  
wow how in the heck can you draw like thats it totally awesome i mean
ic ould never draw like that on computer
kiwigirl13 says:   9 February 2008   265879  
oh and i love the ditail
cheekhun says:   9 February 2008   329578  
much thanks to all of you guys. ToT sure you can see how its drawn
misa. :D
Kittenluver73 says:   9 February 2008   516151  


Such talent x]
Kittenluver73 says:   9 February 2008   774958  
oh, and may I request?
ed_elric_is_mine says:   9 February 2008   481182  
really good only one critisism the hands are way to tiny 
a hand compared to a face goes up to the eyebrows if u dont believe me
try it
cheekhun says:   9 February 2008   379241  
Kittenluver73: sure i already accepted. :D
ed_elric_is_mine: actually you're wrong. it's just that the head is
big, making everything else look smaller; particularly the hands.
since i bended the fingers a little bit, it looks a bit smaller than
it actually is. but it DOES indeed reach that length.
seal3 says:   9 February 2008   131525  
that is so pretty
Crest_Kairi says:   10 February 2008   784149  
pretty nice... hehehehehe
Nikkismiley14 says:   10 February 2008   732922  
ooh nice
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   10 February 2008   657788  
it looks really good!!
‹CuzImNiceLykeDat<3› says:   10 February 2008   327348  
thats wonderful.........she looks a little too
happeee.................smile is WAY too big.......but thats just my
opinion.............everything else is wonderful!!!!!!
‹brittybritt› says:   10 February 2008   956448  
i hav one word to say....... WOW!!
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   10 February 2008   782183  
That's what I'm doing right now.
Listening to music...
Nice use of textures, great oekaki in over all!
‹duckie› says:   9 March 2008   741243  
thats so aweosme i love it how the fuc* did u do that
Xxcute says:   15 March 2008   155871  
thats pretty
Xxcute says:   16 March 2008   476621  
oops i 4got 2 kidnap

‹whtevr› says :   21 October 2008   752385  
very cools
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