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...a girl!!??? @_@
Uploaded: 23 July 2007
how to draw
this is crap i know!! 
the hair looks awful!! v__v
i was bored so....
i really hate it! T__T sorry!

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i_love_kitties says:   23 July 2007   284357  
Woah! It looks like those antique portraits. OMG. It's awesome.
meema says:   23 July 2007   279449  
LOL!!!!!!!!  thanks!! XD
famachan says:   23 July 2007   338961  
Holy pig! (i ment cow) Sooo good! It rocks!1 Really good! Looks sooo
meema says:   23 July 2007   217557  
thank u!! ^_________^
ShikaRules says:   23 July 2007   698587  
It looks good
kiselli says:   23 July 2007   391677  
so awesome!
i love it!
meema says:   23 July 2007   475265  
thank u!! XD
Irosha_Sisuken says:   23 July 2007   215329  
My dear, this is most certainly NOT crap. It's quite intriguing,
actually. It stopped me for a second, and I gotta say it reminded me
of a glamour shot from the 80s.
Jahannam says:   23 July 2007   996579  
That looks amazing. It's interesting; really nice.
meema says:   23 July 2007   817726  
really??!! LOL!!! thanks!! XD
DUDETMARIAH says:   23 July 2007   411113  
meema says:   23 July 2007   615434  
@_____________@!! its not that good!!
thank u so much!!!!!!!!! XD 
cornelia_101 says:   24 July 2007   447559  
wow! i think its really cool!it rox!
the hair looks fine by the way
Bizzahra says:   24 July 2007   547266  
Is that the lady off that hair spray product? :P
*claps* That's really good :D!
meema says:   24 July 2007   621578  
OMG!! LOL!!!!!! u got me!! XP
yaa it is!! ...thank u!! XD
kiwily says:   24 July 2007   586572  
lulz, it's still pretty good!!!!!!

the horror of boredome!!
meema says:   24 July 2007   411126  
LOLZZZZZ thanks !!!! XD
DamaliDesdemona says:   26 July 2007   992923  
i think it's really awesome. i cant draw to save my life. i'd be
happy- no, ecstatic! to be able to draw like that. and you call it
crap? man, you have no faith.
I_wonder_Y says:   26 July 2007   731677  
it is certainly different.

i like it.
KOTORgamegirl says:   26 July 2007   835866  
nice hair...lol
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   26 July 2007   871127  
great hair
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   26 July 2007   811837  
the hairs kool! hair=not crap
Bernie shouts:   26 July 2007   468591  
It's amazing!
meema says:   26 July 2007   711341  
LOL!!!!!!!!! thank u everybody!!!!!!!!! XD
1kathleen says:   26 July 2007   592734  
that look like a girl frome a movie
meema says:   26 July 2007   767769  
@_@ really??!! i don't well!! LOL!!
TriedToBeKissed shouts:   26 July 2007   892245  
Thats great!!
meema says:   26 July 2007   254148  
thank u!! XD
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   26 July 2007   238277  
wow it looks like one of those portraites they had to draw before
meema says:   26 July 2007   186649  
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› shouts:   27 July 2007   865781  
it doesn't look bad at all i mean she looks like she's a famous model
or something
meema says:   27 July 2007   525218  
lovely_may_001 says:   27 July 2007   916823  
well yal comment my oekaki its called goth girl/red but also i like
ur pic it isnt bad its better than mine !
phalangees says:   27 July 2007   314941  
wow!!! ^___^ good job!!! i love it!
meema says:   27 July 2007   119782  
i really like urs!! XD
thank u!! XDDDDD
Tam says:   29 June 2008   286446  
WOW! 0.0 
is that from a hair srap bottle its sooooo pritty!!!!
Tam says :   29 June 2008   782258  
lolz soz*spay dont know why I put srap LOLZ!
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