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This public Oekaki was created by ‹p̊ͪͨͮͬ̑1̾ͣ̅̚kͫͫͮ̃͊ͨáͣ̃̌cͭ͋›   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by ‹p̊ͪͨͮͬ̑1̾ͣ̅̚kͫͫͮ̃͊ͨáͣ̃̌cͭ͋›
Happy Birthday to me..... happy birthday... to me...
Uploaded: 24 June 2010
Hi, mum. 
I'm 17 now.
Can you believe it?
I wonder how you're doing. I wish I was where you are. 
I know you never cared much about me, but I really miss you a lot. 
I think I'm ready to die, too. I don't like it here at all. 
The world doesn't like me, either. 
People aren't nice. There is no kindness in the world.
I don't want to be here anymore. 
I can't take it here.
I'm ready to join you. 
I hope you will accept me this time.

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‹kiba;thatonekittenthatsleepsalot› says:   24 June 2010   600163  
awwwwwwh thts so cyute! 1st comment >:]
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   24 June 2010   578518  
btw do kill yourself, you draw waaaay to go to think about that.
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   24 June 2010   121483  
‹AoiKatori› says:   24 June 2010   770316  
teehee this is really cute! <3
‹RushingStars★› says:   24 June 2010   610566  
That's really sweet.
And the little boy is very cute too.
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says:   25 June 2010   784813  
Its really cute,
and I like the caption, it relates to the picture, and to me♥
PuddingCakes says:   25 June 2010   751572  
It's so cute!
But sad too...
Must be lonely to spend a birthday alone T~T
‹p̊ͪͨͮͬ̑1̾ͣ̅̚kͫͫͮ̃͊ͨáͣ̃̌cͭ͋› says:   25 June 2010   462883  
The caption is sincere to my life. I am not too sure of anything more
honest I could have said to express my thoughts and feelings on that
day. Or any doodle to better represent the day I had.

Thank you, everyone ;v; 
‹[♥Nerdasaurus♥]› says:   26 June 2010   641465  

Same really. I just doodle in my sketchpads to release my retarded

YuiitsuSakka says:   26 June 2010   167028  
Aww... :'( -hug-
‹Naff the Raff› says:   27 June 2010   429998  
Horrific_Hayley says:   27 June 2010   721406  
-looks down-
‹Punky› says:   27 June 2010   167747  
Happy belated birthday.

About your artists comment.
You're right.
People aren't nice, but you'll have to stop worrying about what others
Who cares what they say? People are arrogant and cruel.
Also, about your mother, I, myself have problems with my family as
the only way I get over the want to leave this world is to think about
all those people who do care about me
My friends, they're the most important people in my life
and I'm positive your friends would miss you if anything happened to
even if they're online friends
because they care about you.
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   27 June 2010   988385  
Happy birthday. I felt the exact same on my 17th
‹CosmosxGlitterxLegs› says:   27 June 2010   704011  
Nice drawing. And like SourApples said almost no one is nice. But
it's the people that care that make life worth living. Don't give life
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   28 June 2010   283043  
awwww so sad *tears up*  braaavo! happy birthday(even though it's
probably not your birthday today) It looks really cute. And i wish
more people would bother to show their kind soft side to you instead
of their cold harsh side Pika-kun. I hope you continue living.
‹RoarItsAlly› says:   28 June 2010   970296  
if it helps i feel that way and i am 12 :/ 
we accept you up here *hug*
PEAR_DROPS says:   28 June 2010   528196  
This really touched me~!
For kindness you have to look for it.
Life isn't easy but its worth it 
Happy Birthday~!
‹TomMarvoloRiddle› says:   28 June 2010   949712  
This is cutee.
I'm 17 too. 
But I get what your saying,
my parents died when I was 6.
So, I never really got to know them, well, I did, I guess, but it's
not quite the same.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   9 August 2010   237033  
Awww So Cutee!
‹TheLittleCrazyHider› says:   9 August 2010   458856  
THis is a good oekaki
‹Naff the Raff› says :   26 September 2010   588671  
its cute when i saw it 
i wanted to cry :D
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