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MST3K -- Crow and Servo
Uploaded: 4 December 2007
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-falls on the floor and dies-

Omigosh. This took me FOREVER. My hands hurt, I'm tired, I took no breaks and was
working on this for hours. Ugh. I can't believe it's already 5AM.

Anyway... this is Crow and Servo from my favorite show MST3K, in human form. Servo
(the redhead) loves candy so he's eating candy. Yay. They're prisoners for an
experiment and they are forced to watch cheesy movies, so they make fun of them to
get through it.

THEY ARE *BOYS*, okay? Not girls. BOYS.

Drawn with a mouse (as always).
I have no tablet.

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‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   4 December 2007   361563  
Cute! :D
‹[[MaxEatBabies]]› says:   4 December 2007   797577  
OMG!!!! cute!
DoOp says:   4 December 2007   766291  
pwaahh you're so much bettter then me and I hab a tablet >> I'm
unable to make cute things. TT+TT////

my hands are dirty with peanut butter so i can't type much. o.o
ToxicDuck says:   4 December 2007   482574  
That's so awesome. ;D
 I want Servo's lollipop. xD
haku12 says:   4 December 2007   357837  
awww ^^ i always love the way you draw faces and eyes ^^ 

why does doOp have peanut butter on her fingers..unless she was eating
a banana? hmm... *ponders*
DoOp says:   4 December 2007   425411  
I was eating my breakfast when I typed that ^___^+ hehe
Kari8899 says:   4 December 2007   627473  
Its aweshum!!!!!!!!!
Ciel_Kitty says:   4 December 2007   686361  
-drools and dies-
sugartastic says:   4 December 2007   332366  
Hehe thanks everyone! ^o^

Haha Ciel XDDD Servo is MYYYY MAN -foams- X3
No wait... I like Crow more! :D Yey Crow! :3

We are so awesome. XDD ♥
sugartastic says:   6 December 2007   991558  
Ooh, peanut butter! 8D
‹underage› says:   6 December 2007   223789  
I've never heard of them (I'm so clueless), but, that's very kawaii
This Christmas I ish hoping you gets a tablet. ^^
Then your oekakis will be so good, peoples will esplode. >w<
sugartastic says:   6 December 2007   769965  
Hehe, they're from a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000. ^^
It's from the 90's, where the make fun of bad movies. 8D You should
see it~!

And thank you for the compliment, Berry-chan! =^_^= ♥
Hehe, that's very unlikely to happen though. XD We really don't have
much money...
Taku_Kudo says:   7 December 2007   329544  
awww cute! oh look a lolly pop! *takes lolly pop* haha suckers!
sugartastic says:   7 December 2007   144259  
Nuuu! D: Servo's candy! T_T

And thank you! =^_^=
Penny789 says:   7 December 2007   634112  
sugartastic says:   7 December 2007   822259  
Thanks. =^^=
‹??????› says:   7 December 2007   797567  
That's so cute ^______________________________________^

O_o U know my mouth isn't really that wide >3  

Iv'e always loved how u draw the eyes, face, hair, everything!!
cindyMEW says:   7 December 2007   382251  
This is soooo good and CUTE, that Im ganna kidnap it!!!
WOW!Its A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!<3<3<3<3
sugartastic says:   7 December 2007   822473  
Aw, thanks so much! =^_^= ♥♥
Yes, I take pride in drawing eyes and faces. XDD Thank you for the
compliments~ <3

myblooderunsblack says:   8 December 2007   182571  
that so cute!
raynrayn says:   8 December 2007   649622  
*gasp* lolly!!! *steals* They're both adorable!!!

Tired? *shares citrus tea* DRAW MORE!

I mean...when you aren't tired anymore. :3 'Cause you draw teh
awesomeness!!! XD (Citrus tea makes me HYPER)
sugartastic says:   8 December 2007   379424  
Thanks so much! X3 ♥♥
Yes, thanks, I'm glad you think I captured their cuteness. X3 ~

Mmm, citrus tea? :O
I must try that! O_O I just recently bought some green tea~ ^-^
CITRUS TEA :O yumyum~ <3

And I will! :D I just need more time. X_X -dies of exhaustion-
Toni_20 says:   10 December 2007   219629  
OMG That is awsome >.< 

I wish i could draw like you >3
sugartastic says:   13 December 2007   767969  
Aww, thanks. =^_^=
ed_elric_is_mine says:   16 December 2007   243237  
good one sugar
sugartastic says:   4 January 2008   958669  
Thank you~ =^^= -hug- ♥♥
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   1 February 2008   181749  
lurv them!!nice one sugar!
Scrubs_fan1 says:   7 April 2008   725891  
with a friggin MOUSE?!?!?! i cant draw this good freehand, better yet
a mouse! wow u r awesome 8O
Kataangrl says:   25 May 2008   587113  
NU! Crow's mine! > *throws Tom into the crowd* HA! *huggles Crow*
sugartastic says:   7 June 2008   681943  
NO CROW'S MINE. D: -foams at the mouth-
Haha. ^^ I love both of them actually. :3 They so awesome~

Ahaha, thank you very much everyone, glad you like it. <333 -hugs-
natsuki_sorana says:   5 July 2008   825865  
ohh, very cute!!
‹thatswhathesaid› says:   5 July 2008   588678  
You don't know how awesome your drawings are!
Grace_Zeigler says:   1 August 2008   118251  
O.O me want green lollipop... rofl! X]
MyShineyTeeth says:   8 September 2008   551923  
They look like mello and matt from deathnote 8,D

cuuutee <3
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says :   19 November 2010   371230  
Lick My Black Face
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