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Pucca -- Run Garu! O.O
Uploaded: 10 September 2007
how to draw
OMG I OVERDID IT SOOO BAD ON THE DODGE HERE O_o; I shouldn't have done that... I
also messed up the hair and Pucca's face pretty badly. v_v I am ashamed! :O -hides in
emo corner- I got distracted by the TV again! Plus I didn't try my hardest. ;3;


Okay so liek. This is unrelated completely but liek. So there I was playing Parappa
this morning rite. :O I did the first couple OK, I was pretty bad at the game which
is sad cos I love it so much, but I got to this chicken lady making me bake a cake
and liek. v_v I couldn't get past it! It was in the freaking beginning and I couldn't
even get past it. ;_; It took me like 100 tries. Now I'm stuck on the part where you
have to rap to use the bathroom rofl. XD omg I love this game. o_o <3

Garu is nervous 

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Glamgurl says:   10 September 2007   455874  
Run Garu! She will go all fan girl on you xD

So Good =3

Chipmunk face xD

Pucca is pretty .O.
‹Puppeh.› says:   10 September 2007   615517  
Good job Miss Ren o.o;;
I agree with Glamgurl she is pretteh
DemonNeko shouts:   10 September 2007   329482  
aww how cute!!! Please comment on my latest oekaki!!! ^^
Glamgurl says:   10 September 2007   475196  
Zomg...I was actually first xD

Oh now I am spamming *gets hit on the head with a mallet by a

Serves me right xD
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   10 September 2007   267949  

ur have the best talent i could wish for  but thats i have to get on
my own lol
sugartastic says:   10 September 2007   573216  
Thank you guys! ;w;
And yes Pucca is a scary fangirl! XD Yeah she's pretty though. ^^
SPAM IS GOOD! :D Feel free to spam me whenever. <33 I like it. :D

And thank you Anime Girl! :3 That's very sweet of you. ^^ ♥
Glamgurl says:   10 September 2007   762884  
Spam is good? 

*rubs head* 

Now I shall kill that Penguin ^_^

*grabs a spork* 

seal3 says:   10 September 2007   713173  
i really like it
x_dopeshow says:   10 September 2007   532186  
Insanly cute.
‹envyismyyname› says:   10 September 2007   216121  
omg cute!!!!!!!
Himeka says:   10 September 2007   314889  
Aww so kawaii!! ^^  I like where you did the dodge. =0
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   10 September 2007   493837  
I LUV IT!!!!! IT"S AWESOME!!!!!!
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   10 September 2007   939761  
OMG!!!!!!!! KAWAII!!! *tackles Garu*
yuyu_art says:   10 September 2007   643928  
Anime_Boy_lover says:   10 September 2007   677651  
hehe cute >p<
Pucca1 says:   10 September 2007   997181  
-hugs Garu-
Moogie says:   10 September 2007   714616  
this is AWESOME!  great job!
‹underage› says:   10 September 2007   889154  
The latest oekaki by Ren-chan! ^w^
Pucca's expression is so passionate..
When you use dodge it ACTUALLY looks nice. ^^
Nunc says:   10 September 2007   294979  
As cute as always. :3 <3
danielle1010225_2nd says:   10 September 2007   418399  
Garu's and Pucca's face

are priceless >W<

ish so cute to =D
sugartastic says:   10 September 2007   615119  
Thanks everyone~! =^_^= ♥ Hehehe~
@Chibi: Yeah, hehe, I tried to make her be smiling but then I just
made her look happily surprised... or something. XDDD Thanks for the
compliment! ^^ <333 
Milady says:   10 September 2007   883149  
garu's so cute here ♥
Milady says:   10 September 2007   584563  
i think i'll kidnap it (^_^)
kiwily says:   11 September 2007   546788  
but it still is cute.
and anyways,
the dodge tool makes it extremely shineh.. XD
Chou says:   12 September 2007   453911  
AWHNESS!!1 >_>
kattany2 says:   13 September 2007   483573  
its rely good lol
‹ikaeros› says:   13 September 2007   286452  
Absolutely amazing...Again XD Woohoo! Go DODGE TOOL!! XDD You have to
be one of my favourite artists.
BFF5 says:   13 September 2007   734112  
that is soooo aweosme ur good at making oekakis
‹Saurfang› says:   13 September 2007   389564  

one of the best things i've seen on here!

definatly worth kidnapping!

and i never kidnap anything
Schoolrox says:   13 September 2007   135467  
its soooooooo good!!!!!
sugar108 says:   14 September 2007   293572  
awwh! it's shoo cute <3
meema says:   14 September 2007   168183  
soooooo cute!! XD
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   14 September 2007   845452  
Cool. You're really good. I love your drawings a lot! ^^ I was
watching Pucca last night and Garu had a present he caught and it was
a ring. He was wearing a tux and Pucca a wedding dress. When he caught
it flipped open in front of Pucca. XD
iron says:   14 September 2007   559572  
lovers_and_other_strangers says:   14 September 2007   246574  
wow...thatssss sooo pretty
kisa says:   14 September 2007   521178  
wow that really good
Glamgurl says:   16 September 2007   956598  

*runs away*
Sakura_Haruno149 says:   19 September 2007   264333  
Hey! I saw this show once!^_^ It was cute!^_^
Pucca1 says:   28 September 2007   335985  
-kisses Garu-
sugartastic says:   29 September 2007   219692  
Haha X3
Pucca loves Garu ^_^ ♥
@PTfan: Omgosh! :O The day you said you saw that episode of Pucca and
Garu and the ring and wedding dress and stuff, I saw the same episode
the same day! :O Coolness *-* I love that episode, it's so cute! ^^ 
Milknhoney says:   30 September 2007   387127  
i luv pucca
sugartastic says:   12 October 2007   656642  
Me too! ^_^
‹ERASE› says:   8 November 2007   774182  
In this picture, Garu reminds me of Sasuke O.o
sugartastic says:   8 November 2007   172142  
Haha yeah XD
I always thought Garu and Sasuke are a lot alike. ^_^
(They both have stalkers they hate, ahaha. XD)
kool08emokat suggests:   8 November 2007   547341  
kool08emokat says:   8 November 2007   678934  
sugartastic says:   8 November 2007   469913  
‹ERASE› says:   17 November 2007   913187  
Did you use Shi-Painter or the pro one?
sugartastic says:   17 November 2007   244816  
I used Shi-Painter. ^_^ (I'm horrible with pro. XDD)
dark_winged_dragon says:   18 November 2007   686636  
I like it !
nickjr says:   21 November 2007   992746  
That's soooooo cute!
nickjr says:   22 November 2007   238398  
Looks like it's snowing. =]
sugartastic says:   7 December 2007   837178  
Thank you. ^^
Yorie_chan writes:   20 December 2007   825727  
thats funny im going to kidnap it
wolfgirl2_0 says:   2 January 2008   728454  
^^ I love Garu's facial expression! ^^
sugartastic says:   4 January 2008   635461  
Thank you! =^^= ♥♥
Hehe! Garu makes funny faces~ ^^
Ximayo says:   6 January 2008   274935  
OMG! SO CUTE!!! *kidnap* :D
sugartastic says:   6 January 2008   497954  
Thank you! =^-^= -hugs- :D
lil_miss_annie says:   10 January 2008   895656  
it look sfantastic i don't think u used too muc hdodge don't be too
hard on yaself ur a like the best artist i know on kupika =3 *huggles*
sugartastic says:   11 January 2008   449344  
Thank you once again Annie! =^_^=
You're so sweet! :DD <33 -hugs-

^^ ♥
momoko101 sings:   31 May 2008   761284  
supa supa cute
Dinosaur_rawr says:   29 November 2008   345227  
‹PalletTown› says:   18 December 2008   476997  
/It's still beautiful!!!!!!111
Yotsubato says:   23 July 2009   921816  
kawaii~! this is so cute~!
Yotsubato says :   23 July 2009   927284  
Dinosaur_rawr, you copied my outfit!
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