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Uploaded: 25 April 2007
Damn allergies... SKIN ALLERGIES!! Kyaaa!! Itchy!!! XOX

And I forgot to bring my medicine, damn. *scratches self* 

Ah Been rare to see me online, right?

My selfish sibling is taking over the damn Pc by himself. So of course, as the
oldest... Must.... SeLf... control.......

Argh, the itchyness~!!! XO

I don't even remember what triggered my allergy.... I eat a lot... And I mean a lot
so I dunno...

AHA!! I remember, it might be that suspicious looking fish meat deep fried with Bread
crumbs and bought in 7 eleven or Lwason or whatever convenience store nearby... >.< I
knew it, it smells fishy... It's fish from the start anyway.

So currently, I'm watching all detective Conan Movies cos I love that series... XD
Anyone else had watched or read it? I think I'll but the manga XD

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‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   25 April 2007   713221  
nice oekaki...
poor you feel better!
i made an oekaki too...
bored as you might tell
Kiraii says:   25 April 2007   197532  
Allergies suck.
I hope you feel better soon!
Pretteh oekaki!
Detective Conan?
Well, my friends watch it...
I've never gotten the time to..
camille_con97 says:   25 April 2007   675796  

I had a skin allergy once..
I got like A LOT of rashes on my foot!!

I couldn't stop itching..
But now its all gone..^^

iamkari says:   25 April 2007   182957  
I love Conan! It rox...... Oh, and sorry bout your allergies.
‹goodfornothing› says:   25 April 2007   127112  
awwwwwwww poor you but at least you can still draw AMAZING oekakis
little_black_peach says:   25 April 2007   278222  
thats pretty
Vaporeon says:   25 April 2007   686559  
thats so pretty
eragon_gal14 says:   25 April 2007   182118  
i HATE allergies!! but nice pic!
Foxleopard says:   25 April 2007   314957  
Nice Picture!!!
xcottonxcandyx says:   25 April 2007   683976  
even with skin allergies you still draw awesome
Mistress_Crystal says:   25 April 2007   318658  
cool that is how my friend is now. this actulally looks like her
‹BOOMSHAKALAKA› says:   25 April 2007   739863  
wow wowowowwowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow
koroko says:   25 April 2007   755759  
hehehehehehehehehe that ish a purty picture!!!
‹Push the Button› says:   25 April 2007   671838  
Oh dear X3 maybe that was the stuff I eated!
cyberchick14 says:   26 April 2007   615225  
omg !! its so pretty =D
dan_09 says:   28 April 2007   372783  
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 April 2007   842679  
you have very sensitive skin............. LIKE ME ha ha cx
well it happened to me when I went to another country?
i dunno hope ya get better though. even though my rashiness 
is still there ha ha XD oh well I love this  ^__.^
brieona says:   28 April 2007   818921  
I love the drawing nice job
SurfingL1me says:   28 April 2007   338434  
It's so pretty!!!
kristino says:   28 April 2007   461557  
awhh so pretteh.
pickledeggs says:   28 April 2007   546983  
urs look like crap compared to mine
donteatglue says:   28 April 2007   317341  
wow thats good
SoftballHoney writes:   28 April 2007   519433  
Looks like she has been in the sun working or planting crops, but I
love your oeokias, there so good and im hosting  a  art show and
whoever wins gets 24,000 credits, and a stuffed bear would u like to
XX_beachbabe_XX says:   28 April 2007   795883  
cute, feel bettr thgh!
‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   29 April 2007   768252  
im itchy too but i have poisen ivy owwwww rite on my sun burn
hotbabe0702 says:   29 April 2007   698634  
i like it poor thing hope u feel better!
jessieangel10 says:   29 April 2007   517538  
nice drawing
BuddhaKyle says:   29 April 2007   194273  
excellent work.
fujiwara says:   29 April 2007   272864  
the skin allergies!
they itch!
nice drawing though.
‹tea-anna› says:   30 April 2007   929425  
*-* She is sooo preetyyy!
Brady_LVR says:   30 April 2007   977713  
WOW! that's really good!
featherlightdreamz says:   3 May 2007   482238  
i really hate allergies.... i'm alergic to almost every thing out
iluvrsu says:   4 May 2007   976273  
OOOOOOOHHH,pretty!!!  btw,sorry about the whole sibling and allergies
and the must......have....self........control.....thing,hope things
brighten up!!
angelicdevil says:   4 May 2007   245377  
awesomeness!!! you use tablet?
HowToSmile says:   6 May 2007   863787  
dreamflame says:   19 May 2007   831681  
i watched some of the detective conan stuff (in chinese though)
i'm thinking about reading it
Fizzy says:   21 May 2007   411196  
lol loves it!
manda_panda says:   28 May 2007   788517  
your art is always so cute
Bootheghost says:   29 September 2007   472141  
omg- i just realized this was drawn on meh bday- lol XD

awesome colours!
Yurichan123 says:   9 September 2008   877899  
This is so awesome! Somehow it reminds me of cake. YAY CAKE!!!!!!!
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   22 February 2009   244126  
For some reason this reminds me of Honda Tohru (Furuba) O.o
Scene_Star says :   22 February 2009   176621  
It's a cute picture that is so simple. Cute in a simple way I like
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