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Uploaded: 16 July 2010
how to draw
felt like drawing something fluffy and cute
i found this surprisingly difficult to draw--surprising because when I was eleven or
twelve, I used to draw in this style all the time. 

Looking back upon my previous drawings in this style, I was disgusted that I even
considered this art.  The extraneously fluffy colors, overly bright and happy themes,
all made me sick.  They were all meaningless to me.
So now, out of disgust, I tried to redraw these stupid pictures so I could laugh at
how ridiculously easy it was to replicate--how each picture was almost an exact copy
of the last, like barbie dolls except with different hair styles and eye color.  
Only, it wasn't so easy to replicate.  After broadening the horizons of my
repertoire of arts, the chibi-anime style became a dot in the sea of new concepts and
ideals that I've picked up, swimming back to that island in the enlarged mass of
water became much harder than I anticipated.  
Then, somewhere in the middle of this ocean, out of confusion I asked, "why?"  Why is
it so hard to mimic the lighthearted paint strokes and innocent color schemes?  
It was because I lost the passion I had for such drawings when I was younger.  
Each stroke, each line, was hollow.  No longer filled with the passion I once had for
such drawings when I was younger, just empty.  Nothing.

It takes a certain naivete to produce such blinding explosions of neon fluff--the
naivete of which, I no longer possess.  

They say that it's easier to grow up than it is to grow down.  
This innocence is all too precious, and before we even realize that it's gone, it has
slipped through our fingers like sand.

I suppose this is why these drawings are considered art--the innocence captured
within will never slip back into our hands.

Innocence--cherish it while you can.  Time allows no one to return back to this state
once it has passed.

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BokuDesuYo says:   16 July 2010   758358  
Oh mai lawd, look at those big shiney eyes ♥ u ♥
‹The~Labryinth› says:   16 July 2010   702222  
its amazing. o:
‹▓ƒå╚╚ïⁿg_äpâr┼_á┬_╬hë_§ëα› says:   16 July 2010   116259  
oh Roxas, always cute!
yuyupuu says:   16 July 2010   535651  

And that's a really pensive reflection you wrote there...  Innocence
and naivete are wonderful things that are taken away by a world like
sin_script_2 says:   16 July 2010   771289  
*clapclapclap* hahaha that was a fine read! And I learned a new word

Innocence?? Noooo, people enjoy it cuz it's so KAWAII LOLOMGROFL
*sarcasm* I guess in a sense that IS innocence.
Manderlinaa says:   16 July 2010   860998  
THE EYES , SO CUTE . sorry , easily distracted . i like what you wrote , yer deep (:
solvoamor says:   16 July 2010   153468  
Ahhhhhh, your little narrative there reminds me of an essay I wrote
about my own adventures in art! I think all artists that stick to
drawing for a long time feel this way. It's like an artist's right of
passage or something. I always thought that if someone was not the
tiniest bit hard on their own work wasn't really much of an artists.
In moderation, of course.

Isn't it amusing to know that years from now we will all be thinking
the same thing of our art now? xD

But, ah, I clicked this to say I really like the way you color. It's
very aesthetic.
canthaveitall says:   16 July 2010   506392  
‹H.T.T.M.G.› writes:   16 July 2010   407725  
I could really use one right now too.
the ice cream
rikus_gurl says:   19 July 2010   183233  
aw its cute
Van_Wilder says:   20 July 2010   909463  
‹Key Blade Master› says:   20 July 2010   403874  
‹アレックスは雨が大好き› says:   20 July 2010   382079  
pidgey says:   20 July 2010   240596  
Smallzsuarez says:   13 December 2010   582683  
‹·Đәмәтяіџs·› says :   31 August 2011   771630  
i reminds me of Momiji from Fruits Basket

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