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Uploaded: 25 January 2010
Another Hetalia fanart OuO

Prussia is annoying but for some reason ... I think he's adorable =/////= ♥  ...
maybe it's his birdy ... yes, it must be his birdy =u= 

lulz  That's Hungary with her frying pan  of pain  in the BG trying to hunt
him down |D

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Jaune says:   25 January 2010   163075  
Lol this looks so epic xD
Regal says:   25 January 2010   148725  
Wow wo the colering is so amazing and i love the use of textures
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   25 January 2010   269072  

LUULZ, I liek his face 8'D So dark and fearful~ lol xD *A* You draws
teh creases in the clothing so well 8] 

Hide~ xD
Neriko says:   25 January 2010   816250  
Thank you >. < !

 A-actually ... I kinda thought my shading skills regressed a
on this piece ... TT~TT;; 

But I thank you m(_ _)m 
MarkusX says:   25 January 2010   856702  
Wow this is amazing, I love it, great job! :]
‹DasAtem› says:   25 January 2010   236390  
I still adore how you shade clothes. <3 :D
CaptnQ says:   25 January 2010   966125  
LOL, someone is going to get owned sooner or later. Gilbird knows~
‹H.T.T.M.G.› writes:   25 January 2010   533769  
so awesome.
shadows says:   25 January 2010   938037  
WOW!!! *kidnapped* this is mine.....  dont touch
‹♥Strange Old Haven♥› says:   25 January 2010   596220  
This is so amazing i wish I had half the talent you had.
‹Funn_size› says:   25 January 2010   482384  
amazing XD
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   25 January 2010   953220  
LOLOL. I love Hungary and how violent she is. xD
But I'm mad at her too, for hating Romanians.
don't tell me he tried touching Austria. >>;
sagebff says:   25 January 2010   118803  
Your so detailed. O.o
and I loovveee your colouringg! : ).
xxxdevoided_skywaysxxx says:   25 January 2010   433813  
that is sooo epic XD
poltergeist says:   26 January 2010   125528  
I love his expression. It is hilarious. x]
digitalpunk says:   26 January 2010   787020  
HAHA! Its soo cute! great detailing. Kidnapping!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   27 January 2010   603842  
Wow...this is amazing!!!
AThousandMiles says:   28 January 2010   244623  
‹edsactly_3_personalitys› says:   28 January 2010   496553  
lol thats me and the girls i break up with lol jk jk jk
moonblood says:   28 January 2010   638074  
lol I love the expression on his face XD
hannahboo says:   29 January 2010   922208  
lolz i love the face 
‹ikaeros› says:   29 January 2010   138448  
Lovely work as always. <3
wolfiewheeee says:   2 February 2010   374517  
SWEET! Those who aspire to be Hungarianesque someday, UNITE!
‹~Carrie~(Im bi bitchis)› says:   3 February 2010   551017  
haha she looks pissed like shes ganna kill him cuz he didnt let her
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   14 February 2010   428349  
That girl looks mad!
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   31 March 2010   406224  
Just love this so much. Gilbert, you better hide better or she will
get you. c: You have talent my friend. <3 -Kidnaps-
Suu_girl12 says:   24 May 2010   359504  
soo cool *3*<333
poor girlbert lol, but i bet he trashed Austria's piano. your Gilbird
is absolute kawaii-ness~ :D
‹lottecookies› says:   21 October 2010   681090  
Ahh wow wow wow wow <3 I love this so much! Poor Prussia :'(
EmoLolita says:   22 October 2010   926655  
Prussia! Prussia! And Gilbird!!!
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   28 October 2010   313661  
Poor Prussia. He is going to get wacked by Hungry! XD
‹✨ Ki ✨› says :   30 October 2010   496418  
Awww this is good. I feel like that sometimes haha
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