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This public Oekaki was created by momo09   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by momo09
Uploaded: 28 March 2007
Ye god, i hate this. Masashi Kisimoto's charactors are quite hard to draw, but hand
there easy, but on the pc...i'll skip.
His hair flowing reminds me of a shampoo advert -_-* ...hehe

Everyone! What charactor should i do next?
Oh everyone i drew Sasuke too if your intrested!

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‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   28 March 2007   361766  
this rocks 
momo09 says:   28 March 2007   542544  
Curses, nee san wont even come look,  ijust spent an hour on this for
him T.T
beautifulontheinside says:   28 March 2007   389225  
I know how you feel. I drew hina, meLLow, and Naive, and none of them
have looked. GREAT oekaki!
momo09 says:   28 March 2007   912679  
Aw dont worry, they maybe just havent been online ^__^ i'm sure
they'll love it...think i'll look at yours actually!
LEO47 says:   28 March 2007   232872  
Jassy says:   28 March 2007   518942  
i love it
kekasmai says:   28 March 2007   167888  
That's acctually really good!
Kairi says:   28 March 2007   999846  
YAY! Haku!
_Naruto_ says:   28 March 2007   634594  
Riku_Harada says:   28 March 2007   845311  
I bet Haku would love it!
Haku says:   28 March 2007   487131  
Haku says:   28 March 2007   679584  
Oh and i got my hair cut.
Fire says:   28 March 2007   998452  
Omg!Dude he's by b/f
Fire says:   28 March 2007   372436  
*my is what i meant.
ku_fei says:   28 March 2007   956775  
hey hollie-chan is that jopheses pyro13 and how long as mojo jojo had
kupika anyways
_dancewithdeath_ says:   28 March 2007   837632  
That is awesome.
It will make popular no doubt.
SithWedgie says:   28 March 2007   976168  
>.< poor haku
momo09 says:   29 March 2007   934391  
Omg Haku actually commented! *fangirl squeal*
I always get kicked off the pc after i do these, so it's worth the
wait to see the comments! ^_^ 
Kei chan, Joe's had kupika for about a month...i think 
kiwily says:   29 March 2007   217695  
my god that's so freakin' good!!
Haku says:   29 March 2007   654532  
Yes i commented!
momo09 says:   30 March 2007   461684  
And again Haku comments! Arigato!
watermelon says:   30 March 2007   194253  
momo09 says:   30 March 2007   258664  
Indeed ^__^
Billobong says:   31 March 2007   957839  
It's awesum! THE BEST!
c3cii says:   31 March 2007   477335  
it`s cool
sageforgotten says:   31 March 2007   411453  
haku!! u should draw haku & zabuza in da same oekaki... mabye add a
lil storyline.. I love da oekaki of haku like this alradey!! iz so
momo09 says:   31 March 2007   719845  
Ooh thanks! My oekaki's are always very close up though sadly, so
i'vebeen drawing all these trying not to do that, but they always turn
out like that anyway! :D
kkatxx says:   31 March 2007   782175  
why does he have a bowling ball?
momo09 says:   31 March 2007   633588  
...um you dont watch Naruto much do you hun?
It's his mask.
i_love_parker says:   31 March 2007   155872  
he is from naruto (gay gay gay gay)
i never wach that show
Kiari says:   31 March 2007   496216  
Your mean i_love_parker! NARUTO IS AWESOME!! Nice Haku oekaki!
paige202202 says:   31 March 2007   879817  
wat the hell is nartaro?? well wat ev it it it looks good
Bootheghost says:   1 April 2007   181612  
Shaina says:   1 April 2007   713219  
wow!!! this is a cool!!! this is also creative..I love red which is
the color of the blood...lol
momo09 says:   1 April 2007   824494  
i love parker, why comment if you hate it?
paige202202, Naruto is a popular anime.
kuguma says:   1 April 2007   542651  
i think you should draw sasuke!!!! hes  so cute!!!!!!!!! AND HES NOT
- .-
Hotaru says:   1 April 2007   147475  
Haku!! ^_^ He's really awesome-looking - great job! =3;; And maybe
you should draw Kyuubi or Shukaku. They don't get enough love around
here. -brick'd.-
momo09 says:   1 April 2007   412518  
Hmm Sasuke, sure why not (i dont think he's gay either hun ^.^)
Kyuubi is ADORABLE! in my opinion anywho!
dan_09 says:   1 April 2007   627253  
i love it!!!!!!!!!!! very cool!
momo09 says:   1 April 2007   243563  
Hi danni, hows the holiday going? Say hi to Captain Jack for me :3
Shyla33 says:   1 April 2007   712794  
Rachel_Lubber_Forever_14 says:   1 April 2007   376355  
This is nice!
kiwily says:   1 April 2007   385935  
like UBER good!!!
momo09 says:   2 April 2007   189211  
....getting all these comments makes me think i should draw more
Naruto yeah.
louise_scott says:   2 April 2007   322123  
WOW loreal haku is so worth it tehe 
momo09 says:   2 April 2007   819243  
hahaha, you've got internet!
seedstar says:   5 April 2007   775516  
Draw Shikamaru next!
momo09 says:   5 April 2007   937496  
Shikamaru's a good charactor...sounds good why not? I'm in a ninja
drawing phase now anyway! ^^
louise_scott says:   7 April 2007   831496  
grace says: cool is haku a boy or a girl :p
momo09 says:   7 April 2007   647615  
SAUSKAE says:   8 April 2007   364244  
hi thats cool i watchnaruto alot
famachan says:   10 April 2007   272728  
Tehehe.....I have kidnapped all your naruto arts....i luv naruto big
naruto fan and im in love with gaara and shikamaru i dont support
sasusaku. ugh. i DO support leesakur ^.^ anywayz im a big fan of your
momo09 says:   11 April 2007   677681  
Of my art?! :D really?! You've made my day! X]
Fire_Angel says:   15 April 2007   559916  
‹jess_makes_ur_bedrock› says:   23 April 2007   698655  
BLOODD!!! lol its cool! i dont mind the rednes...*runs away* its
awesome altogether though!
nartofan says:   13 May 2007   929223  
it cool
TheQuietOne says:   21 May 2007   997889  
AWsome Haku oekaki XD
JustACrazyGurl says :   24 August 2007   864126  
omg kool
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