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well ha! my back kills!!
Uploaded: 19 August 2010
how to draw
im charging 3 kupi points :< all these free requests have led me to having 5 kupi
points left XD
depending on the style each request will probably take 2-3 days, if its one person
that is.
XD im not used to requests so im a bit slow

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SilentSoul says:   19 August 2010   501436  
ooooh, I LIKE IT

especially the hair!
and the eye looks really good too, I'm jealous >_>

and that poor dinosaur?...dragon? he wants requests!

I'll take one :D can you draw me something?
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   19 August 2010   671893  
^.^ sure! wow you found this fast..
the eyes are my fave too, tho i spent the most time on the hair
sure! :D 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   19 August 2010   552679  
Very colorful!
And its very easy to make everything out! ^^
Ur dino is so cute! <:D
And ur bunny is adorable.
I don't have any kp for a request but do u wanna art trade?
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   19 August 2010   650387  
sure! during the next 24 hours ill be experiencing parental delay, but
message me and ill get on it once i can 
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   19 August 2010   397696  
oh! and thanks for the compliments! 
‹๑۩۞ Dírtч Líttlє Frєαk ۞۩๑› says:   19 August 2010   270588  
Hey, I'll take one. C:
Can you draw two people in the same picture easily or no?
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   19 August 2010   910499  
thatll have to be 3 kupi points, and yes im fully capeable of that,
tho the zoom in qualitie will be a bit less obviously. 
sinset says:   19 August 2010   800729  
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   20 August 2010   261952  
^___^' ya 
Emily_is_strange_YAY says:   21 August 2010   368186  
OH hey I used to do requests too XP I really sucked at drawing back
then but people took them LOL If I had enough to donate I would ask
for one but.. I don't X( Unless the donating system has changed, it
has been a while.
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   21 August 2010   138816  
heh..it hasnt changed, but once im done with these requests, maybe we
can do an art trade 
Emily_is_strange_YAY says:   21 August 2010   670173  
It has changed, it used to be 35, now it's 25 :D but I have 9 XD 
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   21 August 2010   777460  
Emily_is_strange_YAY says:   21 August 2010   180072  
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   21 August 2010   333203  
‹Love Like Woe› says:   21 August 2010   310597  
Can i have my Avi please?
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   21 August 2010   822280  
indeed you can!! :D 
‹Love Like Woe› says:   21 August 2010   741462  
How long will it take?
Ill try one of your Avi for you
:D itll be bad but ill try.
‹ʟεт's.jυsт.sтαч› says:   22 August 2010   439495  
But , seriously , dude , this is AHMAZINGGGG[:
‹Tama_♦› says:   22 August 2010   737268  
This is really pretty though that bunny is damn creepy...
I love your style~!
Do you know Death Note? Would you be able to draw my avi (with longer
hair, and teh cat ears optional^^) with L from Death Note?
I would give you more than three KP if you wanted. =)
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   23 August 2010   633598  
thanks hun!!! 
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   23 August 2010   396104  
XD the creepy bunny is funny
yes, i can do that, do you want a "hanging out" theme or a "loooove"
theme? oh, and ill need your eye colour 
‹Tama_♦› says:   23 August 2010   228274  
Hm... this might sound weird but, somewhere inbetween the two?
Eyes... dark grey would be good thankya^^
Shall I pay before or after? 
‹ImaginarySoul› says:   25 August 2010   211359  
you can pay after if you like it, now..ill be gone for a few days, fan
expos coming up..not to mention i haz so many requessttssss DX 
so, :D it may take a bit, but i will lovingly draw it :3 
‹Tama_♦› says:   25 August 2010   544800  
Thanking you kindly^^
have fun at the expos! 
‹ImaginarySoul› says :   25 August 2010   977387  
^^ thank youuuz 
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