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Uploaded: 24 September 2007
how to draw
I know for a fact, that most of you are going to answer to your self, "What is he
talking about? I'm not a bully... " Well, I bet about 40% of you people who say you
arent ARE. So.. just... give it up. Stop being a bully. Stop being mean. Stop making
other people feel bad. Stop being "Unique". Just stop.

We are all part of a Clique. And I garentee that if you say you arent, then you are
probably on of the "unique" people. And the "unique" people are the bullies. 

If there are no cliques in your school... then imagine there are. What clique would
you be in.

My school is FULL of them. 

Just because you dont hang out with people in your clique, doesnt mean you arent part
of one. Personally, I am a Geek.

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‹duckie› says:   24 September 2007   128638  
Colton says:   24 September 2007   243427  
‹duckie› says:   24 September 2007   961671  
‹duckie› says:   24 September 2007   786962  
‹DasAtem› says:   24 September 2007   378734  
wow, that is true, i'm a mix of cliques really, my friends and i
aren't really "popular" but, we're in the "cool" groups......i think
Jakeriin says:   24 September 2007   929294  
Hell yes, taywoor!! >:O
we are cooler than ice.
Merleawe says:   24 September 2007   818917  
hmm i hate groupings. -_-

im probably a combination.
I hate when people at my school call me these, but ive been called:
skater,goth,and tomboy -_- i think tomboys one of the cliques..
Merleawe says:   24 September 2007   871469  
as well as geek .. but im 99% sure its just because i wear glasses >>
people at my school dont know me. grr.
Usanny says:   24 September 2007   127321  
Whee, a fellow geek ^w^
People usually dub you as a geek when you coded your first website
when you were 10 TT^TT

At my school, you're excluded if you don't wear stuff from hollister,
abercrombie, etc. =_= so, so messed up.
bunniNANGEL says:   24 September 2007   271977  
???? well its good?
thunda35757 says:   24 September 2007   377412  
very interesting i like this
oreo_channy says:   24 September 2007   819345  
*sneaks in quietly and steals* it is mine finallllyyy sorry im hyper
but nice oekaki
vamp_queen says:   24 September 2007   739169  
wow that is so true
coolest_loser_ever says:   24 September 2007   521766  
wow your deep
Colton says:   25 September 2007   141892  
kattany2 says:   27 September 2007   153128  
nope i only butt in when someone is being bullied then do i have
rights to stand up and in an ocasonal case kick the bullies figertiv
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   27 September 2007   218747  
very nice I think you knoqw the meeting of "cliques"
sugartastic says:   27 September 2007   461677  
Nice. :D I agree with you. I hate seeing people who think if they're
mean to others, that makes them cool or unique or whatever. It takes
no talent to be mean. None at all. Kupika has plenty of mean people.
They think they're above others, and if I ever met them... well, let's
just hope we DON'T meet for the sake of their well-being. :| I'm not
going to name anyone, but yes, Kupika has their bullies, and I can't
stand them and their snotty attitudes.

Nice picture, anyhow. :D -thumbs up- :3
SurfingL1me says:   27 September 2007   476637  
Hahaha. Dood this rocks. Free speech. Thought-provoking, and so very
true. ^^; Man, I wish more people could be so "outspoken" like that.
:D Freaking awesome.
yuyu_art says:   27 September 2007   728523  
:D I agree.

I think I'm a bully though. I keep talking about lindaxorochimaru
pairing to linda....>_< but I can't help it...ish too cute!!!
Curiosity says:   27 September 2007   518943  
Wow. I'm glad someone isn't afraid to face the truth.

I dunno what Group I'd be in... My school is kind of small... 20 kids
in the whole school... So I guess if I went to a different school, I
don't think I'd want to be part of a group, but if I was in one... I
might be in the bully group. TT.TT I do like violence. Or maybe I'd
just be an Outcast? I has no idea.
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   27 September 2007   452636  
I thi8nk that you're right. im not a bullie but some people actually
LIKE being bullies
‹Saurfang› says:   27 September 2007   885195  
hmm... i dont pick on people... im never mean unless provoked... i do
like violence, i just only do violence when provoked...

i dont fit with any "clique"


i am "unique"

am i a bully?
‹Moustache› says:   27 September 2007   887824  
you misspelled violence
Bootheghost says:   27 September 2007   956451  
this is cool, and it spreads a good message. i guess i fit into the
misfits section. i'm totally weird =P
StarriSkye says:   27 September 2007   775593  
I'm a loner...It's great to be unique but sometimes I get lonely...
So I don't think I'm a bully or in a clique...
‹Puppeh.› says:   27 September 2007   979378  
I am in the loner,weird,funny,nice people group XDDD
But I like the message.
It is good!
Demonic_angel says:   27 September 2007   135794  
im in the random peeples group!XD
the message in this is good!
sand_ninja says:   27 September 2007   357246  
hmm...i might be a bully *thinks* just a little bit. but itsh because
i stick up for my friends we THERE getting bullied. I care alot for my
friends and would do anything for them. 
Katie_xox_Cupcake says:   27 September 2007   928998  
I'm in my own group, I have one friend and her name is jamie, When
she is hanging with her other friends or in detention, I mingle
I'm part of no group, I just talk to EVERYONE.
I like it that way... But sometimes I wish I had friends.

And I like your point about the BULLYING.
But not only 40% of you are.
Every teased someone?
Form of bullying.
Ever gave someone a nickname you THOUGHT they liked?
Form of bullying.
Ever gave someone a dirty look?
Form of bullying.
Ever excluded someone from your 'clique'?

Think about it, Noone is as UNIQUE as they want to be.
metallica_luver123 says:   27 September 2007   419637  
no im no bully. but get bullied alot. anyways......... i luv this
Sorukaofthesand says:   27 September 2007   195682  
WOW thats very interesting you must be very talented thats great your
Colton says:   27 September 2007   455174  
Thanks to everyone who commented. I really think I am getting my
opinion out there.

And to everyone who has there own opinion towards bullies, and
cliques, good for you. Even if you didnt agree with me. I still
appreciate the thought. (katie_xox_cupcake)
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   27 September 2007   211893  
in my school it weird the bandgeeks are the popular ones well the one
in honor band anyway i'm kinda classified as nerdy weirdo average
person they can call me watever i don't really care
Colton says:   27 September 2007   621564  
Woah. Thats weird band people are popular =o
LingLing says:   27 September 2007   545962  
whats a jock?
anushkik says:   27 September 2007   773548  
the only confusing thing is that u say its confusing
hhallh13 says:   27 September 2007   267566  
ok, i love what your getting at, there really shouldnt be lables put
on people because of what they do. people would call me a prep because
i go to a prep school and i have to dress the way i do or i get into
trouble. but did you know the meaning of a privite school doesnt mean
that it is full of preps, it means the school pays for itself and isnt
government funded. its not cool that people judge prep school kids and
make "prep" sound like we are all stuck up and bitchy and pains in the
asses. but we arent! personally, im not in a clique, i love meeting
new people, so i do, i go to all different kinds of people and be
friends with them. 
so i agree with you on that, but about you saying "if you say you are
not in a clique, then you must be unique, and if your unique, your a
bully"? thats not true. being unique has absolutly nothing with being
a bully. bullies do not bully to be unique, trust me. they bully to
feel power, to be feared, to have control over their life. being
unique and being feared are two completley different things. just
trying to get my point across that i understand your rights to free
speech. i love that your getting this out, and i agree with most of
it, but the fact that you think you cannot be unique without being a
bully really got to me.
i hope you wont think that i am bashing you, or criticizing your right
to free speech. you are entitled to believe this but im also entitled
to make my own argument. 
sorry if this was a little over the top. if there is ever a
political/any matter you would like to debate, im a pretty formitable
opponant. ^_^
‹goodfornothing› says:   27 September 2007   442333  
hate me y'all i bet i am a bully....... but that doesn't mean that
i'm mean to people, becuase i'm NOT. i'm nice to everyone. what i talk
about with my friends is vital to the survivement of our class
so i think you're stereotyping bullies. 
or maybe i'm a fatass bully? watevs...
Hikati says:   27 September 2007   966863  
i am a geek kind of but am really popular in my own group which i am
not sure which it falls under. wait i guess all the kids say we r the 
'merits" which we r but do they have to lable us!?
sauce says:   27 September 2007   167123  
are you havin problems with a bully or somethin?

i think you fit under the emo clique rather than the geek one.

bul·ly1      /ˈbʊli/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled
1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually
badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.  

you kno, i would be inclined to think that cliques are the bullies and
not the unique ones. ya kno why?

–noun 1. a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set.  

aren't cliques the ones who are too intimidating for unique people?
instead of vice versa?
XxXSilencedXxXNightXxX says:   27 September 2007   411487  
I guess you could say I'm a geek or a nerd... See... I'm really smart
so i get put into college classes and I'm only in 11th grade....
people are always picking on me... I don't dress like everyone else,
cause i like my own style and I don't want to be like everyone
else.... I wear my hair like I want, not the way others think I
should.... but I am friends with everyone even if my friends hate my
other friends.... and yet, alot of people hate me.... I don't
understand why.... I also get called emo, which I guess in a way I
am... but.... why should we let others bring us down when in the
future, we may never see them again....
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   27 September 2007   718238  
im a bully when people are mean to me... does that make me a bad
Angel_forbidden says:   27 September 2007   526363  
‹ravieve› says:   28 September 2007   655243  
I think i fit in the weird, hyper, random, anime-maniac, and a tiny
bit of emo group which consists of only me.......
anyway, nice message and oekaki!
horsemad111 says:   28 September 2007   795853  
i think what u are sayin is true . there is sooo many cliques  and it
seems if u arnt in the right one u can get picked on. i go to a school
were there isnt a lot of bullyig but beacuse i hae bullied in my other
schools for being smart i cant really llower my gaurd. i think pepole
who bully are felling so bad about them selves that they pick on
others. and we should all stand up to bullies beacuse if we dont then
they can reck lives just beacuse the person the are bulling are
falling_up says:   28 September 2007   858783  
nice oekaki *thinks*.................... me and my friends have our
own group. the crazy/psycho/artist/random//tomboy/emo(just a little)
Vlkgal says:   28 September 2007   345242  
wow all my life i have wanted 2 fit in and be 1 of the mean populars
but reading this makes me change my mind,thnks u have made me a better
person. please write more inspiring things that i could read 2 change
me or just chat w/me on my pro. or chk me web peace out
‹FMLYHM› says:   28 September 2007   772921  
notta bully
phalangees says:   28 September 2007   253789  
:O -haleluya song comes on [if thats even how u spell it..]- finally!
someone who knows what ive been talking about!...well
somewhat...."cliques" as u call them, are pretty annoying because the
friends that i want are the ones i cant fit in group is
really just me im not a bulley ima straight A's student and
part of the NJHS....i do have a couple of friends but its not what i
was realy looking for....i want more of a funny part of
the "girls laugh/fun/funny gruop i the one i had in
elementary ....i dont fit with the gangsters nor the emo nor the
geeks nor the hollisters nor the rockers nor the who am i
left with? the ordi.'s as i call them [ordinaries i guess] cause
they're considered a nobody in my school like me :{ although i like
vans and pac sun and aeropostale and stuff but it still doent make me
one of them [im not saying that i dress up for them though, i think
thats stupid..]so yea... ._. cant wait til high school! hopefully the
ppl there are better especially since im going to an art-sy school!
yay!^__^ only about 9 months away! [ im starting in the
korey_bo_borey says:   28 September 2007   447524  
i totally agree.

but honestly almost everyone is a bully. i middle and high school
there is gossip everywhere. 

i'm in a bunch of different "cliques", but i'm not fully any of them.
from this i can really understand lots of people, and i don't need to
deal with drama. i like having a variety of friends, but then 2 or 3
really good ones. 

i have friends that are in emo, preppy, arty, tomboy, skater (sort
of), goth, nerdy, and hpyer/random groups. sometimes, it's very

korey ♫
LonelyLookingEmoGurl says:   28 September 2007   675643  
Nice.I like it a lot.I mean it sounds like you reallt have a passion
for making this cayodic crazy world.So I like it..i am so kidnapping
Colton says:   30 September 2007   962923  
Thanks  And of course you can kidnap
yari_pink12 says:   1 October 2007   467941  
wow ur soo true i cant stand that we have to be in clique why cant we
ALL Be friends  but yea i agree im in a geek one too =[ but im always
ahavin fun wit them so i dont care
Angel_Babe says:   1 October 2007   131728  
but you've got one thing wrong...
those "unique" people aren't all bullies. im not quite so sure there's
a "clique" for and im not violent when i can help
it *im like a modern day hippie xDDD *
so...dont assume all people are bullies just because they're not a
part of a clique. people IN cliques are bullies too.
jackjack789 says:   1 October 2007   166389  
Youre So Right !!! Unique is a good thing , but not in this way !!!
Bullys are stupid. And there are lots of types of them. Cyber , Phone
, Verbal , Social ,and  Physical just to name a few.
Scotti says:   2 October 2007   711837  
Your totally right. I was never really in a "clique" I just hung out
with me friends.
peppermint_002 says:   2 October 2007   831468  
I am in like 4 cliques(going on 5) But @ lunch i sit with my bf
maranda at a table with girls who are 'sueing' my bff.I am unique and
i am not a bully. I am in cliques and i am not a bully. Clques are in
the real world too. THere are Bessness people,celebrates,and bullys
who hurt everyone. So leave clques alone you can say every thing you
want but  it won't change. 
‹super secret smore club member #2› says:   13 November 2007   363571  
i hate cliques..........there annoying .....most of the time the
other cliques try to make you feel bad if your not just like them and
i hate it........i thought everyone was suppose to be equal
purplesocks says:   31 December 2007   599837  
hahaha i'm homeschooled so there's no cliques.
gabsiexomonsterr says:   12 January 2008   927476  
Im confused on what your saying, Are you stating unique people as in
"werid,crazy,outgoing" are bullies?
jackjack789 says:   29 May 2008   621735  
I love it, the truth is that all cliques are bullys , because they
bully each other.
‹HANNER› says:   29 May 2008   519448  
Demetrius_Blackheart says :   7 January 2012   444337  
My high school doesnt have cliques Q_Q
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