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Eh...he....he...he... >D
Uploaded: 4 December 2010
how to draw
Sorry if anyone has a scarred mind from this... ;P
So... You can tell that I suck at drawing, yes. But now you can also tell that I love
drawing creepy things! (And blood)
This is pretty bloody, lol.
HOPE YOU GET NIGHTMARES! Eheheheh~ no, seriously though. I don't. That'd suck.
Nightmares freak me out...
And yes, that's a doll with blood being smeared on it's face... 
-->ps: (Should this be in the mature content section? I don't really find bloody
oekakis to be that 'mature', but just in case, I'm leaving it here for now. :P

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‹xXAsking AlexandriaXx› says:   4 December 2010   505132  
*_* Forgive me for what im about to say (or not), but this is like
totally UBER-BALLZ!!! Also, its kinda creepy since the person (which i
presume is a guy) is saying "See? You look just like her!", implying
that the dude supposedly went out & maybe raped then killed a young
girl in a bloody my opinion *_*
‹Bonbon Horror› says:   5 December 2010   688193  
its a cool drawing! hahah i say GOOD JOB :D
egirlpower says:   5 December 2010   290198  
That was an awesome comment <3
And what you said is pretty much what I intended it to be, so I love
your opinion!! XD
Thanks so much~
Thanks~ : D 
‹Bonbon Horror› says:   6 December 2010   674251  
ohmigoshers i think ima subscribe to your oekakis because you seam
like a wonderful artist :D
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   6 December 2010   244783  
egirlpower says:   6 December 2010   102911  
CX Omigosh thanks~
But you'll probably regret it after I draw more stuff.. I'm not that
good at art, I just have a great imagination ;P
OwO Really??
Thank youuu~ 
GlitterKelly writes:   9 December 2010   335179  
WOE!! Very nicely done!!! ^^ Although I don't get why the guy said
"You look just like her!"
egirlpower says:   10 December 2010   121178  
Thanks so much!!
Oh and the thing he says is open to interpretation ;P
ie: It can basically mean anything creepy, but I didn't exactly
decide why I wrote it.
I usually write stuff that doesn't have a set or exact explanation,
that way it can relate to more people?...  Except I doubt this can
relate to too many people... At least, I hope it doesn't.. O_o 
GlitterKelly writes:   10 December 2010   954888  
LMBO!!!! That makes sense! I see what you mean  I guess i thought
the doll was a person at first, but then the comments kept saying she
was a doll, so I was like okay than.... But I guess it could mean he
did somthing horrible to a little girl, and he's insane, so he did it
to the doll to and ended up saying to the girl "you look just like
her!" Thatz mine I guess 
GlitterKelly writes:   10 December 2010   249965  
Oh! And YW!!! 
egirlpower says:   10 December 2010   878749  
I'm glad it makes sense now :P
And your guess is a good guess then c: 
GlitterKelly writes:   11 December 2010   639583  
JunoSarah says:   11 December 2010   997946  
Awesome! It is a bit creepy but i still like it!
egirlpower says:   12 December 2010   650227  
ice_princess45 says:   19 December 2010   686607  
I have to say, this is beautiful in its own creepy little way. :D
egirlpower says:   20 December 2010   810034  
Haha! Thanks!! ^^ 
Smallzsuarez says:   21 December 2010   390311  
egirlpower says:   21 December 2010   614660  
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says:   28 December 2010   553759  
Guuuuuurl! Hellz Yeah! :D
Keep Drawing Bloody Drawings :]
egirlpower says :   28 December 2010   976903  
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