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This public Oekaki was created by Jaune   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Jaune
Uploaded: 10 September 2010
how to draw
My avi, but I kinda added some stuff.
I wonder why there aren't any long hair styles on kupika . . .

Tried making some lace in the background and failed horribly OTL

I actually should be drawing the commissions on DA, but I'm so lazy and I don't wanna
= w =

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‹burblegurm› says:   10 September 2010   834143  
Short hair's so much fun for me to do =3= Flappers got me hooked.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   10 September 2010   312382  
So key-ute!
JunoSarah says:   10 September 2010   347337  
i love it! The shirt is so cute~
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   10 September 2010   520140  
Lol Your Lace Is Better Than Mine Will Ever Be!

I Ask Myself That Sometimes Too, Cuz I Like Long Hair XD
solitarybird says:   11 September 2010   314426  
Your art is always so cute~ <3

Beautiful folds and wrinkles in the clothes.
‹·٠●•Heroos•●٠·› says:   11 September 2010   180737  
d'aawwww..... thats amazing cute!!!
‹<robotgirl>› says:   11 September 2010   948010  
She's so cute! I love it!
‹bella¥› says:   11 September 2010   850772  
There are a lot of small stuff like that for the avi's. I
doubt that Hina expected the site to get this many people when he
first made it, and it probably hasn't been updated since he first made
‹bella¥› says:   11 September 2010   556433  
Oh, and I love your oekaki (:
baby_lynx says:   12 September 2010   715200  
dont put yourself down1 you did a great job on everything!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   12 September 2010   630490  
‹Chelsi› says:   13 September 2010   389315  
Wow, the clothing is exquisitely drawn! As well as everything else,
of course. I adore your drawing style!
‹ʟεт's.jυsт.sтαч› says:   13 September 2010   751682  
This is yummy :3
‹ღĐąяҝ☣Ąηgәŀღ› says:   14 September 2010   971421  

do you take requests? I'll give you any kp you want if you do my avi I
have 65kp right now
Jaune says:   15 September 2010   421167  
Thank you guys above

Sorry, no requests 
‹ღĐąяҝ☣Ąηgәŀღ› says:   15 September 2010   474195  
Oh, okay. It's still really wicked what brush did you use it looks
like pen? 
Dexy says:   15 September 2010   798921  
Dammmnn. HGNGHN , this style reminds me of my friend, FC's Style. <3

So cute. Bawh you are very talented! I would love to do an art trade
with you on Kupika. <3
Jaune says:   16 September 2010   741793  
It is pen :p

Thank you <33
Are you saying that you want to art trade with me? :o Because I love
your style. 
Dexy says:   16 September 2010   799596  

 I would love to. Your style is very adorable! I would be delighted to
art trade with you anytime, as many times you wished! <3

Also thank you. <3 
Jaune says:   16 September 2010   835854  
jagdkahsfkaf How about we art trade now? o 3o

Your welcome. 
Dexy says:   16 September 2010   941807  
Sure sure. <3 What would you like?
Jaune says:   17 September 2010   290990  
Could you draw my new OC:
She's very cute and a bit chubby. I'll give you total freedom on the
If you don't wanna draw her, I also have 2 other OCs

What would you want me to draw for you? ^^ 
Dexy says:   17 September 2010   774204  
Awh she's cute! I would love to draw her.

Awh I would love it if you drew my Oc, Kim. He's a cannibal, but I
don't have many references of him on kupika or my DA. So iunno if you
want to draw him I could scan a reference of him and link it to you or
you can pick anything from my DA gallery to draw for me. I'm not too
picky. xD <333
Jaune says:   17 September 2010   393188  
Ah, great!

Oh wow a cannibal? That's gonna be interesting xD I don't draw a lot
of cannibals . . . I never actually drew a cannibal before o.o
It would be great if you could scan a reference. But I have to tell
you that I'm not that well with drawing boys, so he might come out
looking a bit girl-ish ^^'' 
Dexy says:   17 September 2010   905506  
Lol, it's okay. He is not the manliest guy either. He's rather
scrawny and yeah. He just cuts up the bodies and serves and eats them
with the guy he lives and works for. XD

I will scan one, I have one half drawn in my notebook but I'll finish
it and post the link to you here again.
Jaune says:   19 September 2010   583562  
Lol xDD

Okay then. 
Dexy says:   19 September 2010   534943  
OH GOSH I'M SUCH A LAZY HOE. It's still not done OTL I can draw a
chibi of him right quick. Kim is really simple. OTL
Dexy says:   20 September 2010   457724

Awh if you need a better ref, please tell me and I will draw him out
again for you. <:3c
Jaune says:   20 September 2010   548516  
This ref is good enough, but I still have some questions:
What is his hair color?
What is his skin color?
What is his eye color?
Do I need to draw him with the same shirt/necklaces? 
Dexy says :   20 September 2010   178855  
Black hair, brown eyes, pale skin with dark bag around his eyes from
lack of sleep. You can dress him as you please, he usually wears
converse and high socks, and just simple boy clothes. Nothing super
fancy or anything. Iunno just a t-shirt and capri pants. Lmao but you
can do as you wish. xD
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