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Stop Me From Thinking Guys.
Uploaded: 6 June 2010
how to draw
Guys I've been thinking since people have been reading there reasons for leaving, they've got very good points ...............

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‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 June 2010   319185  
NUUUUUU. Your my pokemon buddeh! D:
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   6 June 2010   263610  
hey hey im just say'n kupika anit what it used to be <:T 
candyalice121 says:   6 June 2010   511280  
same here..........
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 June 2010   202921  
True. This place used to be much better. >.> 
Piplupluv says:   6 June 2010   541326  
Please don't go 

I dun want you to leaveTT_TT
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   6 June 2010   847195  
Dude, dun leave me. ;~;
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   6 June 2010   466422  
OH, and I've actually been thinking about it lately, too. 
But, I can't, cause, it's the only place that I can talk to Marmite.
Gantai writes:   6 June 2010   161067  
Like alot of people said, I've also gave thoughts about
it...For a looonngg time.(Back in 2007) It's kind of boring here in my
opinion. But I always come back here though. =] If you were to leave,
you could always come visit kupika sometime. >_< It's your choice
soooo, yeah. =/

Cool drawing by the way! =D

Sorry for long the rant.(I guess you could call it that.) o_oll
Jaune says:   6 June 2010   999582  
I kinda agree. I don't play kupika that long, but it's invested with
cyber weirdo's and pedo's >.>
Kirti says:   6 June 2010   703691  
I miss Kupika 07, it's true. When Kupika was a small tight knit
community of weirdos. When a diary that included the word "help" in
the title was gaurenteed eight comments, from friends and strangers

But if people who remember the old Kupika all leave, it's doomed!
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   6 June 2010   710764  
that is true 

and the rest of you >_>

if i find a better drawing site im out though :D 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   7 June 2010   384115  


my god, really. Everyone's leaving; what good will that do?
This place will run to the gutters if this would keep up. It's really
You guys can't adapt or even try to bring back the times of '07, all
you do is complain and walk away from the issue.
The more people like you all leave, the more the trolls and cyber
weirdos and ect come. 
Leaving won't do jack. I agree with everything even, I've also
found another oekaki site- but I'm not leaving, Behind all those
people are still the good and kind kupikans of the olden days.
But leave if you wish, it's just not going to help anything. I kind of
see it... cowardly, to no offense though. 
:l But whatever. I still think it is sad. If those great people of
that time would've stayed, nothing like this would've happened. The
more the good people leave, the less chance others will stay.
//shrug. Do as plz'd though. 
But I'd leave when the entire thing gets turned upside down and
there's no chance of bringing what was loved back. :l
Kirti says:   7 June 2010   997174  
I would like to propose the Kupikan Revival Act of 2010.

A law which states that troll feding is illegal, all chain letters and
quizes must be placed in friends only diaries so as not to spam the
diary section, and hate accounts should receive organized spam until
they are discontinued.
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   7 June 2010   755289  
What drawing site have you found?

and im not leaveing you should read comment sometime >:C
before you make a jerk outta yourslef 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   7 June 2010   957298  
It's just another Oekaki with a forum. Very few people, but very kind.

Child, I have, quite fondly too.
"if i find a better drawing site im out though :D " - that is
leaving. Once you do, you're not coming back, you said it yourself.
I'm not acting like a jerk, I'm just being honest about the whole
idea. :I 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   7 June 2010   502591  
whats it called?

dont rant to me, youll get other drawers on here. 
Gantai writes:   7 June 2010   170092  
You could go on:
There's much much more, but I didn't wanna list 'em all out....
Gee, this is going to be a very very veeerryyy popular
oekaki. o_o
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   7 June 2010   861666  
i hate oekakicental there are so many rules. D: 
Kitri says:   9 June 2010   714889  
lolz you are awesome
jess897 says:   4 July 2010   644056  
was it more fun a while back? did it have like... more games or
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says :   13 July 2010   488772  
Edgar Is My Mom :D
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