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This public Oekaki was created by ‹DasAtem›   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by ‹DasAtem›
Uploaded: 26 November 2009
how to draw
I'm sick of being alone, when are you coming home?
Just a glimpse of your face
I can remember smelling your hair, I'll meet you anywhere
Somewhere that no one can retrace
Somewhere where no one will know our faces

I used to love Simple Plan. <3

Don't ask about the picture.
Im not sure about it either.
It was supposed to be some 50's chick.
Now its some.. 50's alien chick. xD

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‹The~Labryinth› says:   26 November 2009   658305  
thats like totally pimp!
glowing 50 chick looks so radical . lol 
im talking in the wrong time zone for her but oh well. 
‹DasAtem› says:   26 November 2009   494865  
Thankyouuuu ♥ 
KonaChan says:   26 November 2009   459407  

(er, uh, 'sweet')
andy_pandy says:   26 November 2009   292210  
yo theres a dog on her skirt xDD
u did a nice job drawing the skirt aswell :p
and the blue eyes look very nice aswell
and the like glowing affect looks like impossibel to make xD
like i couldn't do that xD

great oekaki 
‹DasAtem› says:   26 November 2009   406722  
Poodle skirts ftw.
Annd the glowing effect isn't hard actually. ;]

Thankyou. (: 
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   26 November 2009   202747  
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   26 November 2009   467086  
=] yay
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   26 November 2009   225215  
‹ERASED› says:   27 November 2009   971127  
I love how you color! POODLE SKIRTS. 8D
‹AoiKatori› says:   27 November 2009   382846  
i love the outfit!

i think they are the 50's style.
old fashion. 
its really cute ^o^
‹twinkletwinklelittlestar♥.› writes:   27 November 2009   781239  
wow this is amazing (: !
love it<3.
EpicFaith says:   27 November 2009   327509  
omfg i like the glow around her and how her hair flows nicely down :3
‹DasAtem› says:   27 November 2009   440277  
-Btw I adore how you colour. xD

Thankyouuuu. :DDD 
SnakebiteHEARTwithaBUBBLEGUMsmile says:   27 November 2009   572766  
shes pretty
‹DasAtem› says:   27 November 2009   811267  
TokioHotelIsAmazing says:   28 November 2009   595095  
this is ADORABLE (:
I love this soo much.
She's so cutee and pretty.
I love your art it's amazing
I'm jealous xD
‹DasAtem› says:   28 November 2009   286915  
Thankyouuu! :D 
Ralphieboy says:   29 November 2009   752022  
I'm not sure if anyone saw she is standing on something bc the ground
near her feet is yea
Ralphieboy says:   29 November 2009   224502  
I love it I stole it ok
Srry I forgot to add in last MSG 
‹PrettyGlitterSparkles&OtherThingsXD› says:   29 November 2009   210541  
This is soo nice! Looks like Sandra from Grease!
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says:   29 November 2009   699105  
that is so cool! You've got serious talent I don't get how people can
do good oekakis mine are so hilariously bad!
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   29 November 2009   826028  
alien..50's meh' either way its awesome..GOLD STAR 4 YOU!! lol
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 November 2009   241309  
beautiful. I love her vintage looking dress.
‹DasAtem› says:   29 November 2009   393437  
I put it there as shadow.
But thankyou.
lololool really?
thanks. xD
I dont' think yours are that bad.
Practice more, you'll improve.
Thankyousirrr. :D
Poodle skirts ftw. 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 November 2009   155740  
I could never figure out what "ftw" stands for... explain? 
‹DasAtem› says:   29 November 2009   742430  
For the win. xD 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 November 2009   863430  
OH. what do you mean by that? 
‹DasAtem› says:   29 November 2009   642888  
I was just saying poodle skirts win? xD 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 November 2009   363955  
OH. okay then. (: 
‹Tama_♦› says:   29 November 2009   576974  
Your oekakis always have beautiful sparkly eyes! Do you always have a
song for your drawings?
‹DasAtem› says:   29 November 2009   868335  
Most times, yea. 
Songs give me ideas and inspiration. (: 
GreenStar says:   29 November 2009   960013  
Fifties poodle skirts are my life.
AshyLuvsAnime says:   30 November 2009   239791  
Adorable - kipdnap- :D muahaha mine  nicely done, so neat and
perfect XD
‹DasAtem› says:   1 December 2009   324478  
Thankyouuuuu very much. :D 
Izzylovesthebeatles says:   1 December 2009   585765  
‹DasAtem› says:   2 December 2009   703939  
Izzylovesthebeatles says:   2 December 2009   970441  
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   3 December 2009   734598  
Just the loveliest, complete with 50's-style clothes!
‹DasAtem› says:   3 December 2009   261444  
Oh well thankyouu. 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   3 December 2009   597933  
I also love the icy shine in the hair and the unearthly yet beautiful
glow surrounding her. 
‹DasAtem› says:   3 December 2009   324550  

‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   3 December 2009   235096  
You're quite welcome. 
‹Hot Mess› says:   3 December 2009   764092  
This is amazing!
It truly is!
I'm in love with it!
stillina says:   3 December 2009   824326  
Awww soo cute!!Is too cut eto bean aliein.
‹✖Starrella✖› says:   4 December 2009   913176  
I love the glow effect and the background! ^_^
‹DasAtem› says:   4 December 2009   459771  
Thankyouuu. :D
Aliens can be cute too. xDD
candyalice121 says:   4 December 2009   414246  
she is so cute i love how shes glowing!
‹DasAtem› says:   4 December 2009   901665  
Well thankyou. (: 
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   9 December 2009   296282  
shes rlly pertty
‹DasAtem› says:   9 December 2009   861464  
‹i love my boyfriend› says :   9 December 2009   191560  
ur welcome
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