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Air freshener
Uploaded: 4 July 2009
how to draw
It took me three hours to draw this!!! I hope you Enjoy this!!! I would like to
dedicate this to Lil_Miss_Tink. Always remember Sissa, A dot is not alot, but a
unsignifacant amount of glue!!


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Starr says:   4 July 2009   522316  
First comment!
omg like, the best air freshner EVER!
im_wii says:   4 July 2009   789217  
Did you really kidnap it!! Give it back!! This is my child we are
talking about!!! NO!! jUST KIDDING!! THANX!!! Want to bve friends?
Starr says:   4 July 2009   126963  
Um... sure. :D
Message me and we can be best buddys!!
im_wii says:   4 July 2009   748921  
no!! I changed my mind!! Just kidding again!! I like to joke around!!
Starr says:   4 July 2009   857128  
oh gosh. that hurt. D:
im_wii says:   4 July 2009   518853  
Starr says:   4 July 2009   637686  
im_wii says:   4 July 2009   211819  
‹PLUR› says:   4 July 2009   584475  
that is amazingly awesome
im_wii says:   4 July 2009   169965  
‹EscapeFromAtrocity› says:   4 July 2009   793622  
lmao, more like 8 miliseconds.
Insaniity says:   4 July 2009   197546  
Why would you waste 3 kupipoints for this? :/
Insaniity says:   4 July 2009   114753  
probably for teh lulz ;D
‹VaginaDust› says:   4 July 2009   433565  
~eats~ X3
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   7 July 2009   613176  
i luffff that!!!
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   7 July 2009   798225  
This is the most epic thing on the face of the Earth. :B
Ancient_Locket says:   7 July 2009   641456  
Seriously,I'm stealing it!
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   7 July 2009   227958  
What? This is so ignorant it isn't even funny. This shouldn't be
popular. Many people spend HOURS on real oekaki's and it doesn't
become popular. *tear*
Photo says:   7 July 2009   837231  
Beautiful! But three hours??
emmapupster says:   7 July 2009   264113  
what the heck?
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   7 July 2009   145777  
That is like...astounding. The most significant picture I've seen.
And on Shi-painter? You amaze me.
charlie_the_unicorn says:   7 July 2009   312679  
im_wii says:   7 July 2009   981119  
Three hours as in I live in my own world whre 1 hour = about 12
seconds!!! LOL!!! Thank you to those of you who like it!! hee hee!!
xxxsilversteinxxx says:   7 July 2009   139288  
its gorgeous
im_wii says:   7 July 2009   864518  
Thank you very much!!
mego says:   8 July 2009   384511  
this is flippin' amazing.
im srsly kidnapping this.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   8 July 2009   246965  
I don't get it.
Photo says:   8 July 2009   294977  
How did this become popular?
‹kiba;thatonekittenthatsleepsalot› says:   8 July 2009   655226  
wow what a dumb but cool idea!
‹零Drewsun零› says:   8 July 2009   628544  
lol, pokes it *YAY*
im_wii says:   8 July 2009   678935  
Trainer May it is just an inside joke between me and my Sister
And It became popular because it is a natural mind creation!! Lol Just
kidding~ I don't know how!! 
Different_note15 says:   8 July 2009   538398  
it took you 3 hours to draw a blue dot?
am I the only 1 who only sees
a blue dot?
I'm confused,
cuz it doesn't look like air freshener
it look likes a dot!
Starr says:   6 August 2009   365441  

‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   6 August 2009   677476  
*inhales and gets high* hhhii d..d.udesssssssss!!!!!!!! *crashes into
tree* s.orri m...m.iss!
im_wii says :   12 August 2009   687976  
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