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Pucca -- is a STALKER :O
Uploaded: 4 September 2007
how to draw
Me and my sisters looove Pucca. =^_^= She's so cute~! ^-^ We stayed up 'til midnight
yesterday just to watch it. :D ♥

Ahaha I got distracted while I drew this. ^^; Lilo & Stitch was on and I like that
movie. :O But yey, it's done! SPARKLY BUTTERFLIES :D

Pucca is a stalker! :O Bad bad! I'm surprised she doesn't have a restraining order
yet! XD But she's so cute. :3

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‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   4 September 2007   428852  
AWW!!!!!!! that is adorable >w<
its just so cute!!!
sugartastic says:   4 September 2007   312689  
Hehe thanks! =^_^= <33

LOLOLOL Garu looks so retarded in this. XDD I messed up on him so bad.
XDDD Doo was laughing at me haha.
pik0 says:   4 September 2007   687819  
I lo-ove the butterflie. It's a nice and cute touch.
Also I adore how you shades and use colors smoothly.
sugartastic says:   4 September 2007   434766  
Hehe! Thanks so much! =^__^=

And yey butterflies, I love butterflies! :O It was so fun to draw. :3
Thank you for the compliment. ^_^ ♥
Kiwpido says:   4 September 2007   613219  
omg! so kawaii!!
pik0 says:   4 September 2007   633654  
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   4 September 2007   817523  
it is so kawaii^^,it is so pretty:3 and I love it
sugartastic says:   4 September 2007   863623  
Thaaank you! =^-^=
danielle1010225_2nd says:   4 September 2007   225933  
I knew it >=D

she kept stalking garu and kissing him. . . . 

HARRASER XD i love this by the bys  >E<
Chibineko says:   4 September 2007   149377  
This is so cute... I love pucca too I have a clock with her in
it...and the clocks on her stomach. 0_0
Chibineko says:   4 September 2007   474893  
I'm kiddnapping it!!
sugartastic says:   4 September 2007   647748  
Thanks! :D And yes, she is a harrasser! She needs to be locked up! :O
Hehe. :3

And thanks for the kidnap! =^-^= I would looove a Pucca clock. :O
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   4 September 2007   868398  
u should enter my contest ur sooooo good at chibis there soooo

if u want to enter then go to my kupika page

if u don't then i'll understand
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   4 September 2007   949554  
PUCCA! >:0 Pucca ROCKS!
Anime_Punk_19 says:   4 September 2007   889349  
awesome my lil sis likes that show
Pucca1 says:   4 September 2007   731751  
Well...i kinda am a stalker...but its a good oekaki anyway...
fluffball says:   4 September 2007   135843  
well it not like garu like anyone else so it okay to stalk him right?
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   4 September 2007   662917  
omg pucca yay!!! *kidnaps*
kathryn963852741 says:   6 September 2007   371247  
so cute
‹Saurfang› says:   6 September 2007   176591  
well its true...

poor gaaru cant catch a break
JustACrazyGurl says:   6 September 2007   321891  
omg thats so cute!!!!!
Ciel_Kitty says:   6 September 2007   531159  
aaaww pucca!
she is adorable! :D
seal3 says:   6 September 2007   434265  
pucca one of my fav. tv shows
sugartastic says:   7 September 2007   871321  
Yeah. XD Poor Garu. ;_; But Pucca is so cute! :3
Thanks everyone. =^_^=
Avonlea_is_Hyper says:   7 September 2007   797628  
aww! xD SoOoOo cute! xD
‹tinysparrow.› says:   7 September 2007   633961  
^-^ I love this.
:| I look at oekakis like yours and I wonder how you draw such pretty
lines. o.o I suck at lines. xD
:3 Pucca looks like she's glowing~! Shineh~! @w@;;
I love the shading in her hair, and the ribbons. :D
And the simple background shady thing (xD) looks really good. ^O^

<33 Squi 
sugartastic says:   7 September 2007   866482  
@squirrel: Thanks so much! :D I hate my lines, haha. XD And thank
you! :D I like teh shiny. ♥ 
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   7 September 2007   971283  
Yeah.... she sort of is a stalker. I wonder why he couldn't got a
restaining order. Hm..... anyways great oekaki!
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   7 September 2007   948434  
Pucca Rulez!!!!
TimxSkoldWHORE says:   7 September 2007   959851  
:o Pucca!
She's so cuuuute :3
Thats so aweshurm
sugartastic says:   7 September 2007   711283  
Yeah! Pucca does rule. :O <3
And thank you! =^___^= <3
jelly_moo says:   7 September 2007   567565  
Oh! i LOVE Pucca!!♥♥♥So cute!!♥♥♥
RikkuMayli says:   7 September 2007   171516  
Oh, Garu chan!!!!
RikkuMayli says:   7 September 2007   735725  
I'm kidnaping this!
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   8 September 2007   168383  
that would be so cute if you did Garu too hes my fave >p<
toad_luvsxxx says:   8 September 2007   948311  
sugartastic says:   8 September 2007   449647  
@Toad: ... What? O_o;
@Hitsugaya: Yes! I should draw Garu. :3 He would be hard, though, his
hair... XD But I shall try sketching him a bit to try it out. XD 
Hinata_Lynn says:   8 September 2007   516268  
it so kawai
tabitha408 says:   8 September 2007   433446  
pucca is awsome
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   8 September 2007   684349  
Pucca is cool, but have you noticed that Garu looks like he could be
Rock Lee's little brother?!?!
xcottonxcandyx says:   8 September 2007   251527  
my friend is a huge pucca fan
aren't all your sisters pucca fans
and i love the way you smith sisters turn like chibi-ish people into
taller human-er form
kekekitty says:   8 September 2007   237835  
i no thats shoow my sis waches itt sumtims
RikkuMayli says:   8 September 2007   579621  
He could be rock lee's brother...
YoRi_ says:   8 September 2007   263447  
this is sooooo funny!!!! lol!
Lovely_Mistress says:   8 September 2007   531543  
Kawaii I dont have that channel so I cant watch it TT.TT
dghgddj says:   9 September 2007   518899  
lil_Miss_Emo says:   9 September 2007   782465  
sugartastic says:   9 September 2007   379359  
Haha... everyone's saying he's Rock Lee's brother. XD Garu doesn't
look like Rock Lee! (Or maybe it's the eyebrows? o.o)

If you watch the show, his friend Abyo who rips his shirt off is like
EXACTLY like Rock Lee! XD

Thanks for the compliments everyone! =^_^= Btw, if you want to watch
it, the site Pucca Club has the animations and Youtube has the Jetix
show. ^-^ ♥
Chou says:   12 September 2007   132187  
Emo_puppy_4_ever says:   18 September 2007   133363  
sugartastic says:   12 October 2007   837195  
Thanks <3
Glamgurl says:   21 October 2007   752435  
Haha. I'm watching Pucca Right Now :3

Some Spanish Guy ripped off his shirt and Garu got Jealous~ xD


The guys says Senorit--Hyahs XD


Great Job Ren~Chan  :]
‹Panda  Bear› says:   12 November 2007   154336  
I am equal of pucca with my boyfriend Andy.
Kidnapped because is beautiful and i like pucca!
Ximayo says:   2 January 2008   311539  
YAY! PUCA!! ^_^ She's so cute
sugartastic says:   4 January 2008   175591  
Omgosh it's been forever since I replied here~ XDD
Sorries! :O

@Glamgurl: Omgosh... I know it's late... but I saw that one the same
day you did! XD I remember reading that comment and I saw that one.
XDD That's Abyo! :3 He was being annoying and Garu got irritated! XD
Thank you! =^^= <333

Thank you everyone! =^-^= <33 
lil_miss_annie says:   10 January 2008   563836  
that is so awesome man i luvvvvvv vthe piccy
lil_miss_annie says:   10 January 2008   616983  
oh and the message is just sooo true! lol
sugartastic says:   16 January 2008   224551  
Ahaha, thank you. n_n
CrumpetChan says:   29 September 2008   135587  
i never watched the show but isn't garu pucca's brother o_O
Dinosaur_rawr says:   9 October 2008   566169  
kawaii!!! Love puca!!! SWEET PIC!!
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   4 November 2008   516984  
movie 2!
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says :   19 March 2009   761288  
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