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Red Cherry Chibi
Uploaded: 14 June 2007
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Yay! Thanks Rosey-chyan for the request!! ^_^

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‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   14 June 2007   738658  
Yay!!!!!!!Another one!
Ciel_Kitty says:   14 June 2007   713929  
>W< Sooo cuuuuTe!! *kinapds*
can you make an oekaki for me?
nightmares_on_higher_girl says:   14 June 2007   496412  
i love cherrys i just ate some a few  minutes ago
Split_It says:   14 June 2007   643358  
Omg this is awesome! xD

‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   14 June 2007   155898  
next up purple raspberry chibi XD
or or 
yelloe banana chibi
or orange orange chibi XD
I'm just randomly throwing out more ideas :D
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   14 June 2007   776862  
Hinarata says:   14 June 2007   572643  
mmmm now cherry cant wait
momomiya_san says:   14 June 2007   588832  
i_love_kitties says:   15 June 2007   379377  
Awwww it's so cute. I want to pick it up and hug it. xDDDD
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   15 June 2007   684456  
SQUEE!! ^________^


Tish SHO kyute! ;D

thx for makin it!!! =D

*kidnaps* ^^
The_Raichu says:   16 June 2007   363742  
ish so liittle!!!!!
Bernie says:   16 June 2007   542726  
I love cherries!
ryrytheman says:   16 June 2007   295461  
aww thats cute
Mistress_Crystal says:   16 June 2007   845433  
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   16 June 2007   957271  
omg this one is my favorite i love it and i love cherry's too lol
to_cool_to_not_go_to_school says:   17 June 2007   733747  
awwww cute
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   17 June 2007   871979  
ZOMG!! XD i just thought of two more that wud be ADORABLE! ^^

Yellow Lemon Chibi
Purple Grape Chibi

cute_monkey says:   17 June 2007   469151  
aawww its so cute and kawiii!!!!!
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   17 June 2007   488719  
next up bannana chibi X3
sooo delicous
-nibbels on cherry-
@w@ kawiiii!!! 
miju says:   17 June 2007   474893  
aww cute!
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   17 June 2007   516725  
^_^ Lol...I can't tell

SHould I do Yellow bannana..or yellow lemon?

But Purple grape sounds yummy! @.@ 
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   17 June 2007   173438  

I GOTS IT! >:D do both of them sittin wif eachother!

Cat_Nick_101 says:   18 June 2007   289344  
That is so cute!!!!!!!!

Mistress_Crystal says:   18 June 2007   386419  
you should make and orange chibi(fruit)
machanka says:   18 June 2007   957112  
what the heck is a chibi
i dont see it
‹underage› says:   19 June 2007   567614  
So very kawaii! Maybe you could make a pomagranite one.... That'd be
kind of difficult though...
EmeraldUchiha says:   22 June 2007   658644  
can you do a black blackberry chibi for me please.
dawnsdauter11 says:   4 July 2007   719648  
I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Garra
Likes: Emerald
Owner: EmeraldUchiha

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!
xbroken_wingzx says:   10 April 2008   679748  
Cherry! My friends call me that
Rantas says:   21 September 2009   775635  
haha sooooooo cute 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   4 January 2010   786062  
I love it! it looks like a little berry baby!
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