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This public Oekaki was created by Naive   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Naive
Uploaded: 30 May 2007
how to draw
Inspired by one of my favorite episodes of XXXholic XD

alright i haven't been online lately... better get unto the request before i can
forget again damn.

NOTE: I can't draw plants... ;___; so i apologize for the crappiness of my plants.
*dies and rots in a corner*

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Angel_the_Hedgehog says:   30 May 2007   462921  
This is SO Awesome~!!!!
Angel_the_Hedgehog says:   30 May 2007   752383  
1st comment! 

  This is very cool!
Naive says:   30 May 2007   135587  
Hehehe thanks *hugs*
Angel_the_Hedgehog says:   30 May 2007   284474  
*Hugs back*  You're welcome!
JamalS says:   30 May 2007   956793  
This is really good! Awesome colouring
mewmewichigo says:   30 May 2007   793592  
WOW! This is soooooooo COOL!
Fizzy says:   30 May 2007   222623  
wowow i loves it *kidnaps*
Nunc says:   30 May 2007   713167  
It's beautiful. ^_^
narutofangirl says:   30 May 2007   957118  
this is soooooooooo cool awsome
nijntje says:   30 May 2007   118949  
this is so pertyy ^^ ad the flowers are pretty ^^ have you ever seen
my flower * dies *  wait i havent draw flowers yet xD
xcottonxcandyx says:   30 May 2007   617151  
that is gourgous and pretty and cool i love the coloring and shading
mew_berry_san says:   30 May 2007   364959  
I love kimonos, great job!
momo09 says:   30 May 2007   656567  
Wow...this is the BEST oekaki i've ever seen *puts hand on heart*
Thunder says:   30 May 2007   459498  
this picy is the shizznip! *huggleglompsquishsqueezerapemurder!* >:D
‹GatorBoots› says:   30 May 2007   587111  
Pretty oekaki, Naive. :D
Kimonos are cute.
‹goodfornothing› says:   30 May 2007   665588  
meema says:   31 May 2007   176965  
awsome!!! ^_____________________^!!! LUV IT!
camille_con97 says:   31 May 2007   657111  
She's soooo cuutte~!!!!

I looovvee it!!!
Her hair is sooo cute~!!
Everything is soo cute!!
*dies from cute-nesss*
danielle1010225_2nd says:   31 May 2007   188878  
i like the hair...
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   1 June 2007   572644  
omg this is your best oekaki ever its the best i love it your so
amazing at making oekaki's
Autumn_ducky says:   1 June 2007   942663  
Moogie says:   2 June 2007   612872  
LOVE IT!  your plants don't look that bad, they are in the
background, they would be slightly blurred in an actual photo too. 
you don't draw 'crappy' plants...in fact, you don't draw 'crappy'
enna says:   2 June 2007   832173  
wow dit is cool
burberry_girlie says:   2 June 2007   426425  
thats beautiful!!!!!!
DreamQueen_14 says:   2 June 2007   781817  
wow! It's fantasticly amazing! OoO
kristino says:   2 June 2007   616656  
its beautiful!!!
the background is allso gorgeous!
this would have taken me years!
moshimoshi_katie says:   2 June 2007   356591  
I love it!
One day we will all be as good as you....
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   2 June 2007   468231  
cool, this would have taken me weeks to do.GO asian culture, whoo.(no
sarcasm in this comment, just feeling sick)
monkey1997 says:   2 June 2007   194457  
awewsome dudet
Midna121 says:   2 June 2007   621614  
Wow!!! Naive you are soooo good at this!!! I LOVE YOU!! (friend
wise!!) *huggles and then gives a cookeh* You are so awesome!!! This
is so good and I do not have words to describe it!!! It is gorgeous!!!
‹Corpse Grinder› says:   2 June 2007   599927  
thats awsome >_>
‹Corpse Grinder› says:   2 June 2007   975518  
And the plants arnt crappy, it gives the fealing that your focusing
on the girl not the backround with bring the vocal point
Silver_Feather says:   2 June 2007   797482  
its beautiful!
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   2 June 2007   573149  
This is so cool!
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   2 June 2007   433768  
How did you drw that chin?
I suck at chins.
doctorrose says:   2 June 2007   567942  
this is really beutiful

your very talented!
I_wonder_Y says:   2 June 2007   436986  
omg. your backgrounds are soo good!
i can't draw backgrounds cuz my attempts are always crappy. 
I_wonder_Y says:   2 June 2007   431685  
and omg her hair is gorgeous!
Sammie says:   2 June 2007   391336  
its soo pretty can you draw me one?
Emo_Summer says:   2 June 2007   668333  
this is awesome
do you take requests?
lizzefan101 says:   2 June 2007   844753  
Haunted6548 says:   2 June 2007   781733  
BabyUrsul says:   2 June 2007   139221  
OMG that is to asome
Jassy says:   2 June 2007   133649  
woah thats awesome im kidnapping it!
rina says:   2 June 2007   434258  
M3WAY2SPOiL3D says:   2 June 2007   782371  
cherryblossome27 says:   3 June 2007   119963  
this is very pretty
Raybug says:   3 June 2007   657977  
ooooooooooooo!!!!!pretty!!!!!!!!*steals it*
cornelia_101 says:   3 June 2007   831265  
this is........this is......OMG LIKE THE BEST IN THE WORLD YOUR THE
BEST ARTIST!!!! (ive got a hydranger in my garde!! its lilac!!)
cornelia_101 says:   3 June 2007   868938  
i mean in my garden not my garde!!
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   3 June 2007   118211  
Bootheghost says:   3 June 2007   251924  
...*is dead cos of brilliantness*
‹In♥His♥Shadow› says:   3 June 2007   197894  
Bloo says:   3 June 2007   653285  
Very nice!
Haunted6548 says:   3 June 2007   878427  
hawaii_gal says:   6 June 2007   833414  
it looks soo real!
Kiraii says:   6 June 2007   426892  
Awww, her hair is so pretty!
The background looks fine to me!
MewRingo says:   7 June 2007   126615  
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! LUV IT!
Naomi_Chan says:   7 June 2007   291216  
OMG OMG OMG!!!! this is great!!!!!!!!
‹jess_makes_ur_bedrock› says:   7 June 2007   739166  
neko_girl76 shouts:   8 June 2007   782429  
*uber huggles*
Cheerbabe says:   8 June 2007   268119  
This is so good
carrotsoup says:   8 June 2007   149375  
luminous. It glows.
Sponge says:   8 June 2007   857128  
You inspired meh =D Lookie lookie! Its a Birhtday picture for my
friend that I drew on a different oekaki site! I think its the best
oekaki I've ever done!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Badgirl_101 says:   13 June 2007   755921  
wow thats awesome you are really good at drawing
Emerald145 says:   14 June 2007   564298  
Naive, I really worship you for your amazing Oekaki drawing skills!
You were gifted with the ability to draw anime and manga perfectly! :D
Naive says:   20 June 2007   753299  
Emerald145:Lolz thanks ^^ Even though i don't think i'm not that good
to be worshipped. =D  But thanks!! You all make me feel happy inside
Choasprincess436 says:   20 June 2007   154679  
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   22 June 2007   124747  
I'm so jealous of you!!!! But hey, it's a gorgeous oekaki and I'm
kidnapping it,
MuffinFace says:   27 June 2007   773444  
Ayoma says:   2 July 2007   499776  
oooo thats good
DilemmaGirl says:   9 July 2007   315243  
emorochelle says:   9 July 2007   736169  
TofuGhost says:   11 July 2007   684349  
i like this one the best eeee
animeSchoolGirl says:   12 July 2007   826499  
i shall kidnap
Eeana says:   13 July 2007   545246  
really nice
Disaster says:   20 July 2007   547152  
Ha, I'm late at commenting, but this is great!
o0Semi_Automatic0o says:   30 July 2007   851699  
She reminds me of Witch Hunter Robin for some reason. xD
Sakura_Purple says:   3 August 2007   671766  
Kamino says:   5 August 2007   998328  
Woah... very pretty.
Kari8899 says:   19 October 2007   578176  
‹► Asim ◄› says:   14 November 2007   231663  
wow thats really good!!!!
Karini says:   24 December 2007   177475  
Fabulous! I really like everything about this picture! The background
works really well it draws your eye to the character
tiggerlemon101 says:   30 October 2008   642719  
This is so cool!  It's great, I wish I could do that. 
Smallzsuarez says :   16 December 2010   679399  
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