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broken silence
Uploaded: 16 March 2011
a super old oc of mine back when I was... wow... uh... 10? xD; Yeah, he controls
monsters with a violin, he's a weirdo. 

And his hands aren't normal either. >3> Ahh... yeah. lol... -wondering when the
oekaki will hit max-

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Pokemon_is_EVIL says:   16 March 2011   155002  
Unoriginal anime rip-off.
Kyun_yo says:   16 March 2011   846672  
Lol, of course. It's kind of sad that you'd have such high
expectations for a character that has been created by a 10 year old.
xD Makes me wonder how high your standards are. 

No offense, of course. :P 
egirlpower says:   16 March 2011   912521  
Woooooaaahhhh~ NICE!!!! *0*
I love the monsters!! They're really awesome <3
And the guy is very lovely too!! `u`
You had ideas like this when you were 10? O___O
When I was 10... my imagination was so crazy that things probably
flashed by too fast for me to understand them LOL XD
Anyway, This is a cool drawing!!
Kyun_yo says:   16 March 2011   304014  
xD My mind was influenced by weird things back then I guess. I don't
understand how I was able to fabricate something as strange as this.
o_ o; Anyways, thanks. :D 
Pokemon_is_EVIL says:   16 March 2011   276534  
well ofcourse 10 year olds copy everything they see off television. 
Kyun_yo says:   16 March 2011   625169  
My point exactly. xD If you and I both know this, why even comment on
it in the first place? 

Unless you have expected something higher out of a 10 year old. Have a
good day, Pokemon_is_EVIL. :P 
Pokemon_is_EVIL says:   16 March 2011   994293  
Kyun_yo says:   16 March 2011   774694  
Oh. I'm sorry. o_o; Let me correct myself. 

Please indulge in an awful day filled with gloom. Hope it rains over
there. :D 
‹parsley› says:   16 March 2011   885205  
This is so cool.
; v ;

And the clouds are amaaazing, oh my god.
‹celmisia.★› says:   16 March 2011   551385  
The overall design of this is pretty neat!
I love the colors used here.
Nightmaregirl says:   16 March 2011   890176  
looks awsome
lollylovex3 says:   16 March 2011   412835  
freaking awesome *u*
PhotoFinish says:   16 March 2011   226420  
Kinda reminds me of Kingdom Hearts xD
and  something else O.o jut not sure what 
it's on the tip of my tongue though

but either way it's really cool :3
Verte says:   17 March 2011   988993  

PS. I think that you're 5 oekaki's away from hititng the max! (I
already hit mine :DD
Bootheghost says:   17 March 2011   701314  
This is my favourite oekaki of yours, ever. Seriously. *________*
Kyun_yo says:   17 March 2011   621106  
xD I think its the monsters' shadows that remind you of KH. (mostly
because I ripped off the ears from their... little shadow people.

Ooh, five? XD Okay that's a better number. :D 


<3 Thank you. 
milkychai says:   17 March 2011   519532  
This. <3 
ice_princess45 says:   18 March 2011   531636  
I have to say, that's really good!
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   19 March 2011   224560  
Reminds me of kingdom hearts.
‹~Zeekie~› says:   19 March 2011   114022  
This makes me feel badass.
‹Cellar Door› says:   21 March 2011   780944  
i keep looking at this and every time it makes me wonder,
"did i fucking kidnap this?"
i check, and oh i did. :D
-thumbs up-
Gantai writes:   24 March 2011   856354  
Now that someone mentions about KH, I noticed that the bad guys or
supposingly bad guys in the background look like Nobodies!

By the way, your character has epic hands, nice violin, and pretty
coolio eyes. Who cares if it's unoriginal, at least you put your own
style into it and took your time to draw it!
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   12 April 2011   599668  
This reminds me of Allen Walker from D. Grayman in a way
‹ღĐąяҝ☣Ąηgәŀღ› says :   20 May 2011   970675  
sweet mary jesus and jojo I FUCKING LOVE THIS
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