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Vladimir Tod
Uploaded: 17 October 2010
how to draw

Reading Twelfth Grade Kills...

EDIT: Btw, I actually did get to meet her at a book signing last month. She's so
awesome. I also got to meet Anthony John who wrote Five Flavors of Dumb which I
HIGHLY suggest all of you read. ^_^

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‹Alexander;♥ ShitHappens› says:   17 October 2010   494251  
Not the best vampire books, but I s'pose they're better then the
Twilight crap.
BRIDESMAID says:   17 October 2010   973260  
And how. I'm not really much for the series, but it kicks the shit out
of Twilight.

I'm actually friends with the writer, though. Mrs. Brewer's son is a
close friend of mine. That's how I met her. She's really cool. 
‹Bonbon Horror› says:   17 October 2010   438291  
i dont read it..... but then again i barely read anything at all xD
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   17 October 2010   417221  
I wanna reeeeeead them. D; I read a lot, but that is one series I am
DYING to read!
xlostxchildx says:   17 October 2010   888053  
i fucking love this searies<3
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   17 October 2010   866219  
i love these books <3
i still have yet to get the eleventh grade one though ;_;
pussy_cat590 says:   17 October 2010   569578  
i love those books they AWSOME
madzter13 says:   18 October 2010   538112  
I've only read the first book, But it was AWESOME, and the plot was
interesting, Can't wait to read the others!! xD Wicked Oekaki! (:
YuiitsuSakka says:   18 October 2010   838312  
@BRIDESMAID : You're friends with her? That's awesome! I live
in the same state as her, that's about all I can say. :

Anyway, BIG fan. 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   18 October 2010   207074  
Love the pic Taylor! Great job! (i kidnapped it! ^_^ XD)
Also, may i just say, the series is a~fuckin~amazing!!! Love them all!
kekeru says:   20 October 2010   284290  
best. book. series. ever. (so far...)
kekeru says:   20 October 2010   921126  
i cant find tenth grade, eleventh grade or twelth grade at my
bookstore, so im going to go exploring XP
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   20 October 2010   476395  
I'm reading Eleventh Grade Burns, and it's teh best book ever!!!
‹ღĐąяҝ☣Ąηgәŀღ› says:   20 October 2010   413906  
I liked those books... lol.
YuiitsuSakka says:   20 October 2010   755841  
I'm just gonna say... The end of this series is slightly
devastating... Just sayin'... ;.;
‹*_Smurfyyyyyy!.:)_*› says:   21 October 2010   613887  
OMG so am i(:
Be_Happy says:   21 October 2010   474486  
I've only read the first two xD
They're okay (:
‹DAVE FUCKING STRIDER› says:   24 October 2010   375900  
omgikr aunt sally, oh my god :[ 
‹_Alexx_› says:   24 October 2010   394119  
Dude, I love the Vladimir Tod series. I'm also in the process of
reading twelfth grade kills.
‹♀evilmonkeyactress♀› says:   24 October 2010   867560  
Epic!~ I knew what this was as soon as I saw it on the front! I got a
little excited. Lol only on Tenth grade bleeds
‹_Alexx_› says:   24 October 2010   274061  
Haha, my friend Rebekah and I both thing Vladimir looks extremely hot
on the third and fifth covers. And I just finished the fifth book not
five minutes ago.
GGGETCHA says:   25 October 2010   305209  
I love Vladimir Tod!
yaoicaekdesu says:   25 October 2010   320267  
i lavv vladimir. 'u' sexay beast, ;D
YuiitsuSakka says:   25 October 2010   269980  
@pro_ana_angel : You mean Nelly? I don't recall an Aunt
Sally... O.o? 
‹<(Nathaniel)>› says:   21 February 2011   697499  
Beyond_The_Limit says:   22 February 2011   563569  
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says:   11 March 2011   158536  
whoa this is epic love the colours -kidnap-
‹macy.loves.you› says:   24 September 2011   504713  
Omg.<3 I lloveee that book . and vlad is so hot <3
but his ex cheerleader girlfriend is a total skank,
‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says:   14 October 2011   428904  
meluna says:   19 March 2012   286181  
These books are pretty good c:

I only have two of them though ;n;

Is there five total, and is there more to come or is it an ended
‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says:   20 March 2012   732359  
^ Yes, there are only 5. The twelth one is just a cliff hanger when that Snow girl is a vampire and stuff.
TarotMaster says:   28 March 2012   372529  
-Is in love with this-;; Its amazing
Death2yourHEART says:   28 March 2012   743552  
awesomeness [kiddnaps]
‹ImOnFire› says:   24 November 2012   521510  
AWESOME. I LOOVVVEEEE THESE BOOKS! Read all five+the first Joss book
‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› says:   22 February 2013   803712  
Ew.This series sucks 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   990559  
Couldn't get into it. Own the series though. Maybe someday I'll read
Best series ever: The Mortal Instruments
Best Chronicle ever: The Shadow Hunter Chronicles
Best writer ever: Cassandra Clare

I'm reading The Infernal Devices which is part of The Shadow Hunter
Chronicles by Cassandra Clare and there the prequel to The Mortal
Instruments which I've read up to the 5th book and can't wait till the
6th book comes out.
Phooz says:   26 February 2013   962598  
This is my favorite boo series ;u;
‹ImOnFire› says:   29 April 2013   827463  
@Demonic_Rayne12  You like Cassandra Clare too? 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   29 April 2013   767458  
yeah. By far my favorite writer and I read a lot of fantasy books. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   30 April 2013   610902  
@Demonic_Rayne12  I wouldn't say she's my favorite,but
yeah,she's pretty good. I need books 5 and 3! 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   30 April 2013   875394  
I have read them all. My favorite is book 5 and my least favorite is
book 4. I can't wait till book 6 comes out and I want The Dark
Artifice series when it comes out. I also need to finish The Infernal
Devices. I can't get to finishing the first book. >< 
‹ImOnFire› says:   2 May 2013   957631  
@Demonic_Rayne12 Mine is 3 and least favorite is 4 too. Gurl
get to it! Also CoVT. You will love it. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   3 May 2013   159218  
City of? The sixth book of The Mortal Instruments is City of Heavenly
Fire. I think Jace might die. Not sure. Kinda terrified. I saw a
picture and it was Sebastian saying "Just to let you know, I killed
your boyfriend." Cassa drew it. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   10 May 2013   812948  
Terrified level: OHMYGODNOO! Jace is my favorite. I don't want him to
die. ;-; Vladimir Tod. You should read it. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   10 May 2013   227014  
Yeah. If Jace does die, I'm going to cry my eyes out and throw a
temper tantrum like a 5 year old cause I absolutely love him as a
character. I normally don't like arrogant people because they piss me
off but his arrogance makes him charming in a way. Its weird. 
I tried reading Vladimir Tod but I couldn't get into reading it. >< I
read like 4 chapters in the first book. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   11 May 2013   339108  
@Demonic_Rayne12 *bangs head on table* I KNOW! Oh really? My
favorite VT book is the third one because of a MCR reference XD 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   11 May 2013   569521  
Yeah. I really hope they don't kill off Jace and if he does die, do
what they did in the third and resurrect him. For being an amazing
shadowhunter, he does die a lot doesn't he? Granted, Clary did
resurrect him but still. I mean in The Dark Artifices, they will have
The Mortal Instrument characters popping in and saying hi. I mean
they'll all be ages 21-23 years old while The Dark Artifices
characters will be around 17.

LOL! My best friend likes the books and I don't know why I cant get
into reading it. I mean vampires is my thing. Granted, he is a damphir
but still. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   11 May 2013   316805  
@Demonic_Rayne12 So do I omg.   He's like Sam and Dean. Dark
Artifices? I missed something... Well,at least it isn't Twilight. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   12 May 2013   308084  
Sam and Dean from Supernatural? The Dark Artifices is the sequel for
The Mortal Instruments coming in 2015. It takes place 5 years after
The Mortal Instruments. I'm excited to see the characters in TMI and
see how their living their lives. Yeah. TMI is being questioned if its
going to be the next Twilight and in a way I don't want it to be the
next Twilight because as much as their was a huge fan base, there was
a huge hate group. I want it to have twice as many fans as both The
Hunger Games and Twilight. The Mortal Instruments is way better
because its for everyone. Theres romance for girls and horror and
action for guys. I don't know why but people think girls only like
romance. I prefer action and horror though I'm also a tomboy so I
don't think my vote counts. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   13 May 2013   897301  
@Demonic_Rayne12 Yes! Oh cool! That should be interesting. 50
Shades of nope. I dislike Twilight,but I don't hate it. RPaz!  Just
because it's for everyone doesn't make it better,though. I do agree
that it's better than Twilight,but I don't think it's better than The
Hunger Games. It has both too,and most of my friends prefer HG,and
most of them are guys. That's annoying! I like adventure,but I hate
when it's too much romance. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   13 May 2013   576336  
The problem had with The Hunger Games movie was shitty acting and the
camera was so shaky, It made me nauseous. Plus I couldn't see what was
going on. Shaky camera is good for tension and build up but not when
there's a fight scene going on and I don't know who's fighting who.
The only reason why I watched it was because I was bored. I have no
interest in reading the book because I don't want to read about
children killing other children. I feel as though its the sick and
twisted mind of psychopath. I don't know how its so popular! I'm also
not a sci fi fan. I'm more of a hardcore fantasy fan girl. Like I'm
the real deal. I was bored one day so I went through a shit load of
research on Vladimir Tepes. I have a book all about vampires. All of
my books are fantasy, most have vampires in them. There are some ideas
of vampires that I can actually tolerate even though they don't go by
legend like House of Night and even a little of The Mortal
Instruments. I mean I know vampires aren't big but they get bigger
when Simon becomes a vampire but these vampires ride flying
motorcycles. I mean that's pretty badass. And House of Night I really
liked. Never finished series. After the sexiest fallen angel ever was
killed, I stopped reading it. I mean the main character was a whore
and pissed me off with all of her drama. I even liked Vampire Academy.
The thing is, these make vampires look badass. Twilight makes them
look like pussies and they make vampires look bad. Plus, I like some
romance but this romance is shit. I mean I read House of Night and
that had a lot of romance in it(including a shit load of sex scenes).
I have very low tolerance for people who think Twilight is the best
thing to ever exist. I hate the fact, people don't realize how much it
sucks. I'm sorry. Now I'm ranting. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   13 May 2013   961909  
@Demonic_Rayne12 Okay,I respect your opinion,but I'm gonna
have to disagree. I'm going to be as polite about this as I possibly
can. The acting was brilliant. It was so much better than I thought it
would be. The camera was shaky? Well,have you  ever watched a movie
where the camera had to go up and down trees? And even with that,it
was fine. What were you watching it on? You completely missed the
point. The book is about what could happen in 100-200 years. Ah. So
you don't like Si-Fi. I love HoN! I read the whole series! Kalona?
He's still alive. ...Okay,I agree with Zoey,but I love Jack ;-; That
is pretty badass.  Yes. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   14 May 2013   349808  
I watched it on my computer but I talked to people who went to the
theater to see it and they all agree that the camera was shaky. Some
movie critics I watch even make fun of how shaky the camera is. I
watch a lot of movies. Most of it is horror but I also watch other
Watch this. Everything they mention is so totally true. I mean I'm a
theater kid and know shitty acting when I see it. Plus, I think Gale
was the only hot one. Book to movie adaptations are usually shit. I
mean there are good book to movie adaptations like A Clockwork
Orange(which was a masterpiece) and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Even Les Mis was really good. But there is a lot of book to movie
adaptations that utterly suck and the only reason why they make it is
for money cause money is like God to big corporations.

Another thing about Hunger Games, if its a professional cameraman they
will be able shoot it perfectly without the unnecessary shakiness.
Plus even when it wasn't going up and down trees, it was still shaky.
I can't believe you didn't notice how shaky it was. Oh and also the
obvious fake cgi. That was noticeable too. I mean at least Twilight
makes me laugh on how stupid it is. This just pisses me off. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   14 May 2013   667551  
@Demonic_Rayne12 Yeah,I really didn't notice it. I don't tend
to pay attention to the camera. I honestly don't get what hotness has
to do with it,but ok. Yes,most adaptations are shit,but you can't
really judge because you haven't read the books. The movie was truer
to the book than most adaptations I've seen. The CGI?  Yeah,it was,but
actually building it would have cost a lot more time and money. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   14 May 2013   602394  
Yeah but I mean still... its the small things that annoy me. I mean
one of my favorite movies, A Clockwork Orange, was phenomenal. It was
based on a book and about a 15 year old boy who gets this sick thrill
form murdering people, raping people, and beating people. He then gets
beaten by his friends because their sick of his shit and he gets
arrested. Then he goes through this rehabilitation program where he
goes through torture so he will be rehabilitated and can be good. A
movie like that needs to be directed and filmed with care and they
took chances making it. Its one of the only sci fi movies I've watched
and it was made in the 70s. They had good and more original movies
then. I'm very picky when it comes to my movies and I need to be in
the right mood for specific movies. If I'm in a mood where I don't
know what I want to watch I watch children movies. 
‹ImOnFire› says:   21 May 2013   121734  
@Demonic_Rayne12 Oh really? I haven't read/seen it. I need to
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   23 May 2013   570731  
I haven't read the book but I've seen the movie and loved it xD 
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