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Tom and Bonnie
Uploaded: 6 May 2009
how to draw
A new oekaki! Yay! ^_^
These are just two of the characters I created. They're best friends~! @w@ Tom is
super flaming and Bonnie is just a jerk. Pretty complicated characters, right? >w< I
was inspired by that Jai Ho song by Pussycat Dolls. It's a good song. @_@
I hope you all like it~! ♥

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‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   6 May 2009   344612  
lovely *3*
looks like Bonnie is about to fly away and pulling Tom with her xD
Dageki_Tenshi says:   6 May 2009   798197  
EpickPhailure says:   7 May 2009   769279  
DemonxInxDisguise says:   7 May 2009   798259  
Aw~ That's so cute~
KusuKusu whispers:   7 May 2009   418176  
Ooh, I love how bouncy and cute this is. I love that song~ Not the
Pussycat Doll version though. xD
‹The~Labryinth› says:   7 May 2009   942581  
i had to say it! :3
‹emo-queen› says:   7 May 2009   396187  
I was going to say the same thing as Dageki_Tenshi, but then.... she
said it first. >< BUT IT'S SO CUTE ANYWAY!!!! xDD
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   8 May 2009   112781  
~Kyuu: Thank you! :D And I haven't looked at their poses like that,
but you're totally right. X3 How neat!
~Dageki_Tenshi: Yaay! X3
~EpickPhailure: Thank you. C:
~DemonxInxDisguise: Thanks~!
~KusuKusu: Thank you very much. :3 Oh, there was another version of
that song? I'll listen to it! Maybe I'll like it better too. :D
~Yarmethian: Haha, yeah, I like drawing big hands and feet. XDDD
~_Rikku_Mayli_: Well, thank you anyways. X3 I'm glad you like it~! :3
Hawkeye15 says:   10 May 2009   569586  
That is really cute! 
I love the pose and coloring.
electric_COMA says:   10 May 2009   685222  
How cute!!
Electronica says:   10 May 2009   713852  
aww. super cute. :]]
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   10 May 2009   462714  

That is really cute!

‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   10 May 2009   335885  
*sings "You're the one that i want" * xD perfect for this oekaki if
only they werent BFFs.
Tiffanie1 says:   10 May 2009   224676  
very good!
karolinacake says:   11 May 2009   299153  
Oh my god, this is seriously adorable :}}
and I LOVE the perspective and stuff <3
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   11 May 2009   797671  
It looks as though they are either



2.Bonnie tripped and Tom caught her and their eyes finally met and
they fell in love (cute story, RIGHT?!)
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   11 May 2009   912858  
Oooh, thank you all for the sweet comments and kidnaps. C: It means a
lot that you'd take time to post your thoughts on my work~! <3

~ΩΑρρlεz•η•βαηεεηεrzΩ: Haha, if they weren't best
~karolinacake: Oh, thank you! :3 Sickenly adorable was what I was
trying to go for. X3
~♥Tama-Chan♥: Ahaha, those are really cute stories~! >w<
IdkWut says:   11 June 2009   181767  
Lawl soooo cheery =w=!!! very cute, i love your background on this
Danielle10 says:   4 July 2009   635523  
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   4 September 2009   585194  
Thank you, buddies! C:
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   27 September 2009   245242  
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   27 September 2009   139348  
‹topsyturvy› says:   14 October 2009   617272  
ur drawings are amazing 
‹♥impact♥› says :   15 October 2010   516401  
lol tom looks like me^^
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