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Time Sand
Uploaded: 19 December 2007
how to draw
...yes it's way past sleep time for me...  >_<

Modified OoO - 

Originally I was going to do a tiger in the dark, but as I did the background stone
my mind transformed it to look more like the inside of some deranged clock and so the
rest was created to fit this odd theme.  

I need someone to take my laptop away from me next time when I'm on late and decide
to draw.  O_O  Otherwise strange things get drawn!

Anyways, enjoy! ^^

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Mimic says:   19 December 2007   749691  
yay first!
how could no one have commented on this yet?!!!
strange but neat!
saradream says:   19 December 2007   289224  
its not that good.  just a bunch of squiggles put together that creat
a sorta real afect.  i heard you were a really good artist but... 

based on your age you should be able to draw better.  you may be able
to 'whoo' the seven year olds here but for people who are your age and
drawing their skills are much stronger than yours.  

also im betting the only reason you draw here is because this is the
only site where people will actually look at your work and give you
comments to make you feel good.  any other site would hold competition
to strong for you.

the strong artists, such as kloxboy and yuyu_art, show a skill in what
they draw.  if you want to consider yourself good you need to really
practice to get there.
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   19 December 2007   272727  
You must really not see the beauty of it. It is not a bunch of
'squiggles' as you put it. It is a very beautiful picture, to me
symbolic in a way, age? There is no limit to skill depending on age.
angel260 says:   19 December 2007   689566  
WOW very cool !!! u are a GREAT artisitic person who can draw
realistic things
‹ERASE› says:   19 December 2007   734184  
I think it is awesome no matter how old you are it is what you see of
it the beauty just as ANimeangels123 said
Netter says:   19 December 2007   539788  
hahah age has nothing to do with anything i've seen 21 years old draw
only powerpuff girls and sucky ones at that. I think you did every
well on this oekaki.
Netter says:   19 December 2007   799776  
*very well on this oekaki
sugartastic says:   19 December 2007   131613  
This is amazing. The way you make everything so real, and how you
draw makes it look so easy... I'm jealous. DX

I love your art. <3
chikapollo says:   19 December 2007   371977  
wow looks real o_0
haku12 says:   19 December 2007   594836  
i really like the concept  ^^ your use of texture is always great,
and so is your effort.


*stares at the darkness waiting for a bird to pop out*
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   19 December 2007   591733  
O_O wow.. sooo good
‹► Asim ◄› says:   19 December 2007   824341  
i really disagree with saradream, people of any age would like that,
i guess ur just too jealous just becoz maybe u cant draw youself thats
y u havent drawn an oekaki yet, i would like to see u draw better :P

by the way that picture is really good and realistic. good job!!!
tropical_12 says:   19 December 2007   369131  
that is so realistic and really good
mangafan says:   19 December 2007   954754  
wow and 10 more wows its sow realistic and rilly cool iculd nrver
have don somthing as cool as that.its wickid.wow and wow and   lots
more wows.out of 10 i would give it 10 0,000,000,000.
saralyn247 says:   19 December 2007   985169  
if anyone takes your laptop away i'll be very angry at them. i love
it when you draw strange things without thinking! those are some of
your best pieces. great work! ^^
meema says:   19 December 2007   253843  
Love it!!
ur getting better and better!!! YAAY!! :D
Foxleopard says:   19 December 2007   288399  
@everyone - Thank you so much for the comments!

@saradream - I don't understand where the attack came from but fine. 
Perhaps for my age my digital art is not top but I don't come on here
to do my best.  I come bc I want to draw for fun.  Also, I have
accounts on other sites other than this, the original reason I came to
this site was to make penpals.  I remain drawing here because this is
the first site that I ever drew on.  My first digital drawing is right
here and that means something to me.

(@saralyn - Well then, I'll stay up to two in the morning more often. 
KOTORgamegirl says:   19 December 2007   964253  
saradream you are just effin jealous!
leavy foxleopard alone!
KOTORgamegirl says:   19 December 2007   654865  
by teh way, tis awesome :3
Foxleopard says:   19 December 2007   712681  
^^  Thanks KOTORgamegirl
xExotic says:   21 December 2007   999776  
that looks so real!
Shannon2010 says:   21 December 2007   362899  
Oh my gosh...That looks so coooooooollll!  It's so abstract and yet
there's a certain realism to it.  It will be a while before I have
that kind of skills with drawing on the computer.  

I absolutely love it!
Jealousy says:   22 December 2007   844893  
Your realism amazes me.
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   22 December 2007   244942  
SaraDream needs a reality check :D
And to see your others.

At first Ithought this was nothre picture uploaded by that one
But then it was YOU!!
Congrats on the realism... once again xD
+throws confetti+
Foxleopard says:   22 December 2007   341132  
Thanks!  ^^

(Yay confetti!)
Abandoned says:   22 December 2007   278886  
Your stuff is good!  I like this piece.  thanks.  and looking forward
to seeing more of your stuff.  do you use a tabet?
‹ikaeros› says:   22 December 2007   942724  
I agree with JimPi, SaraDream does need a reality check -___-
I don't see her 'whoo-ing' anybody.
Especially not with her grammar...

Anyway, your art is AMAZING
I seriously envy your skill!
Excellent job!
gabsiexomonsterr says:   22 December 2007   644552  
Uberness yall
saralyn247 says:   22 December 2007   231147  
ummm... saradream? in case you haven't seen some of her art, look at
more of it. it's amazing, and most people i know can't compare to it.
she may not be the best artist on the planet or whatever, but she has
Foxleopard says:   22 December 2007   279585  
Aww, you people are so nice!  ^^

No tablet used.  I use a mouse.  
(but am crossing fingers to get a tablet for Christmas XD)
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   22 December 2007   867427  
002person says:   22 December 2007   223286  
Ignore says:   22 December 2007   112655  
Wow. It looks so realistic. I thought it was copied and pasted at
first, but I saw the how to draw.
‹Mentality› says:   22 December 2007   148211  
That owns. Srsly.
Foxleopard says:   22 December 2007   545426  
I love that face thing!  Need to remember it!

That's why I leave up the how to draws.  ^^

Thanks for the comments.
lynn10 says:   22 December 2007   936169  
since when does your age have anything to do with drawing skill? my
entire family is proof that age is just a number I'm thirteen and look
like I'm twenty my sister's are some of the most intelligent people
you would ever meet and there teenager's too

i absolutely adore this it's brilliant
Taku says:   22 December 2007   181614  
amazing simply amazing creative
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› shouts:   22 December 2007   888519  
it is not a bunch of squigles,your just mad cause you  cant do it
beautifulspirit says:   22 December 2007   642516  
wow, that. is. amazing....
‹ravieve› says:   23 December 2007   112675  
AH-MAZING!!! which reminds me, my watch won't work TT.TT maybe I can
use your oekaki! ^-^ it's much prettier-er....XD
Emerald145 says:   23 December 2007   552182  
SaraDream is wrong, you don't need to listen to her! I bet she's
just jealous that she's not able to draw like you. It's amazing! A
masterpiece of art. A breakthrough of artistic discoveries! I think
I'm exaggerating, but never mind. ^^
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   23 December 2007   752669  
X3 so pritti!!!!
karkar22 says:   23 December 2007   891683  
loxx says:   23 December 2007   776126  
@saradream:  even if it is a bunch of squiggles it looks real doesn't
what do you think impressionism is?
its a type of art made of different dots of color and when you stand
away it creates an 'illusion' of an image.
same thing.
sure, foxleopard may well have used squiggles and dots to get the
effect he/she wanted but that doesn't make it bad. -__-
mabye you should take some of your own advice. 
before you start running your mouth about other peoples work than
realize your going to get bitched at and people are going to stand up
for the person your jealous of.
your just as old as i am and i think its time you did a little bit of
growing up.
no one likes ignorance, so quit talking down to your own kind. 
gawdd. hippocrite... >___>

'my apologies foxleopard for that' ^_^;;
regardless, its a beautiful oekaki and i couldn't ever make one look
that real. 
Night_Club says:   23 December 2007   336168  
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl sings:   23 December 2007   787461  
do you use a tablet? if not...then WOW...but if so, then...WOW
Foxleopard says:   23 December 2007   755993  
So many comments!!!  Thank you!  I appreciate them very much.  ^^

O_O <--- look on face when reading loxx's anology (sp?) - very nice
lolipopbear says:   24 December 2007   839273  
wow that s good!!
wolfgirl2_0 says:   3 January 2008   327348  
That's so cool! It looks so realistic!
Kittenluver73 says:   12 January 2008   679445  
your stuff is so realistic!
‹duckie› says:   16 January 2008   539111  
you have the best oekieais
popsciclexdino says:   2 March 2008   377661  
Youre Awe inspiring Art Should Not Be Mared By Someone As Blind As
popsciclexdino says:   6 March 2008   578427  
Foxleopard says:   7 March 2008   829356  
Thank you for all the comments! ^^
natsuki_sorana says:   28 June 2008   539998  
i like this!!!! its awesome its soo... dark but kool! ^_^
CrumpetChan says:   26 September 2008   984322  
Saradream was really rude, And she should shut her trap and think
about it before she tries to comment. I bet her art is as horrible as
her life is for saying such a thing. D:<

This is truely awesome, But saradream isn't.
Foxleopard says:   26 September 2008   726571  
^^ Thank you.
StarDust says:   23 October 2008   718197  
Saradream there is no such thing as a bad picture!! Nope, nada.
NO.SUCH.THING! Especially these days with modern art, as apparently a
banister is a work of art o.o

But I do live up to the fact that art cannot be good. It can look like
something very well i.e. manga or life like. But it can't be bad or

This is very good, the shading and stuff etc. It doesn't matter on
your age for how well you draw. Many people her age couldn't draw a
picture like that! Think how much effort went into it and stop being

On a lighter note, I love this picture!
‹whtevr› says:   23 October 2008   292936  
almost identical!!
Foxleopard says:   24 October 2008   629291  
@StarDust - Thank you  ^^
@ha_ha... - They are both nearly identical because the second one is
only slightly modified, meaning I added some stuff into it afterwards. 
dreamtorock says:   23 November 2008   312747  
saradream is an idiot u have true talent
swim_dory says:   11 January 2009   315263  
huh?!? what's saradream trying ta say?!?
ur okekis r awesome and thats the end o' that
‹B r o f i s t ♥ Shanaynay!› says:   22 May 2009   998637  
Yours is by far honestly

better than the original picture.

Foxleopard says:   23 May 2009   546588  
Thank you everyone.

Um Thank you Tot, but there was no original picture made by someone
else, they were both made by me.  O_o
‹Love Like Woe› says:   31 August 2010   780807  
This is like awesome.
‹StupidKid› says :   19 February 2012   251068  
I adore this.
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