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This public Oekaki was created by Box   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Box
Uploaded: 4 October 2007
request 4 mellowyellow 

i think im sick. TT__TT

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‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   4 October 2007   425169  
wow cool i love the outfit
Bootheghost says:   4 October 2007   315175  
awesome! and soooooooo black! ^^
emo_sabrine says:   4 October 2007   612853  
awww.....are you okay box-chan? *hugs*
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   4 October 2007   796912  
 awww your sick  i hope you feel better soon  *huggles Box* 
‹<3mad_for_you<3› says:   4 October 2007   935535  
whin will you do my request frome 2 weeks ago?
Mewmewkitten says:   4 October 2007   272678  
Some more nice work :3
Poor you D:
-Give medicine-
Box says:   4 October 2007   739712  
thanx gys! ^_^

sabrine;  not at the moment. i have a really bad headache that wont go
away and my stomach feels weak. TT__TT;
hitsugayalover; thanx  
morganfri; i still has quite a bit of other requests to do before i
get to urs
mewmewkitten; thanx  -takes medicine- XP
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   4 October 2007   795845  
it is so cute^^I hoope you will feel better^^
Box says:   4 October 2007   733429  
thank u 
Ninja_Kairi says:   4 October 2007   838315  
i hope yo feel better i really like this one^^
Undiscovered_Artist says:   4 October 2007   442449  
awww... that's so cute!
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   4 October 2007   634112  
-randomly tackles Box- RAWR! lol
sauce says:   4 October 2007   814978  
gosh man, are you ever not-amazing?
Ninja_Kairi says:   4 October 2007   456584  
can you draw me plz id love to see what id look like if i was chibi
up close i like books and hearts and the game kingdom hearts so plz
can you draw me ?*pouts pleadingly*ppppppppwease?ill be forever
grateful thnx 
and im friends with emo_sabrine. so plz for me my b day is coming up.
cloud_nee says:   4 October 2007   718379  
Your sickys? ;_;
*Huggles Box*
I'll put you in a bed with a cozy blanket.^^
kiwily says:   4 October 2007   432868  
oh nu, chicken noodles and soup for you!

emo_sabrine says:   4 October 2007   963242  
box....you should really take a break for a while.....the computer
will make you feel icky if you stay on it too long!
uber_fly_girl says:   4 October 2007   936338  
i'm sory but could you take a look at my page and try to draw me in
chibi form?
chu says:   4 October 2007   421678  
this is cute but get better soon Box
lilblueangel says:   4 October 2007   768643  
CUTE! love how she's singing. . .
Ciel_Kitty says:   4 October 2007   318928  
you should take a breath from some days ^__^
Mewmewkitten says:   5 October 2007   275378  
I just figured out something yesterday!
I can draw your chibis O_o
I was doodleing yesterday and I wanted to see if I could and I can XD
Mind if I draw you in your chibi style? :3
Box says:   5 October 2007   524356  
thanx guys 

mewmewkitten; of course i dont mind!! ^______^
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   5 October 2007   928676  
------tackles box----- 
mellowyellow says:   5 October 2007   125425  
i really thank you for this and i also hope you feel better soon
‹Belle <3› says:   7 October 2007   381768  
its perty
aww are you better now?
windwitch writes:   7 October 2007   699824  
I love this! You are a very talented...oekakier. Must kidnap...
anemnemii says:   7 October 2007   916911  
i love it,i also love karaoke
korey_bo_borey says:   7 October 2007   746796  
with a second.... this person's name is mellowyellow? by the oekaki,
it's a little hard to believe...lol
Tears_on_my_face says:   7 October 2007   517544  
awesome drawing
‹underage› says:   8 October 2007   584546  
Again, awesomness! ^^
Box-chan will acheive greatness!
butthead95 says:   8 October 2007   718893  
i love the outfit and the color
‹duckie› says:   12 October 2007   196219  
i love this 1 the most kiddnnapps!!!!!!!!!
MitsukiWolf says:   13 October 2007   662954  
lol tht is so cute..i luv karaoke..^^
CelesteFromTheDark says:   6 May 2008   797686  
luv it. especailly the white/silverie hair. i just luv ur drawing
style! <3
chio says:   7 May 2008   123337  
i lub ur drawing ur good!!!!! x D
‹♪♥Luvy; a singer♥♫› says:   30 June 2009   551118  
love it!
demilovatofan says:   14 July 2009   977539  
‹Bonbon Horror› says:   14 July 2009   287128  
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   14 July 2009   935852  
‹<♥Audяey;;that lil virus♥>› says :   15 July 2009   424697  
i like it
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