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Water Element ~
Uploaded: 1 January 2008
how to draw
Ok ok maybe this looks a bit like Katara from Avatar.. but i like learning about elements- fire.air.water.earth-- you can say this is Katara with a totally new makeover-- ARGHHHHHHH i forgot to colour in the rock ;_;.. oh well plz comment-, Cya- Shezziie~

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‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   1 January 2008   976147  
You can say it's snow or something. *O*

Maybe an iceberg. :33  It's very cute.
KOTORgamegirl says:   1 January 2008   272859  
i luffle the last airbender..
zuko is extremely smexyful...
Llyria says:   1 January 2008   627461  
Hey~ :D
Its k-a-t-a-r-a :D
angel260 says:   2 January 2008   591538  
Yea !-- thanxx
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   2 January 2008   279553  
That's fantastic! :0 I love the way you designed her eyes. Great job.
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   2 January 2008   127114  
its cool.!
angelfreak10 says:   2 January 2008   267539  
thats so cool your a great drawer i wish i were like you *kidnaps*
tropical_12 says:   2 January 2008   343344  
thats really good!!!!! 
 ilike the way youve shown the water element
‹*Expired*› says:   2 January 2008   591665  
water element!!!*0*
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   2 January 2008   362414  
I'm obsessed with Avatar! I'm sooo kidnapping
cutie_kat says:   2 January 2008   257322  
look its katara!

I love her, thanks for the fanart ^^
wolfgirl2_0 says:   2 January 2008   564125  
It does look like Katara, doesn't it?

I like the water! (Are the eyes suppossed to have smiles in them? xD)
angel260 says:   2 January 2008   239996  
Thanxx ^^.. yea LOL the DO look like they have smiles in them ^^
Oroborus21 says:   2 January 2008   787461  
you draw realy well Jazz
meilin24 says:   5 January 2008   265711  
wow I love elemental things.
Mizu_Tsuki says:   5 January 2008   698446  
YES! For once somebody else associates brown hair with water! x3 It
reminds me of Mizu. Great job! -kidnaps-
Kittenluver73 says:   5 January 2008   846643  
wooohoooo! great job!
Sasori_Fan_Girl says:   5 January 2008   692162  
coolio~ but i don't like avatar though....
HsingChu says:   5 January 2008   378174  
i love it! *kidnap*
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   5 January 2008   978873  
it does look like katra 
a little bit
i love the show avatar 
and ur drawing
good job
rainydays says:   5 January 2008   133895  
Hey it does look like Katara! Amazing job, even though air is so
better then water...just kidding. Really good, and the show avatar
seal3 says:   5 January 2008   613381  
the rock could be ice instead
seal3 says:   5 January 2008   614767  
oh you said you like learning of the elements did you know that water
is called the element of life
AmyFromSonic_ says:   5 January 2008   266411  
it is so awsome:D
*kidnaps it*
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   5 January 2008   356633  
It's cool.
I should so have been water...(horoscope)
‹krisnah ♥› says:   5 January 2008   377558  
angel260 says:   6 January 2008   418398  
THANKX ^^-  although my element is air, not water
i_am_not_emo says:   6 January 2008   219431  
Wow, that's really pretty...especially how you drew the eyes, hair,
and that stream of water (airashii...0_0)
waterman2011 says:   6 January 2008   587267  
naruto_omg_naruto says:   6 January 2008   579817  
asian_purple_218 says:   6 January 2008   636337  
Cool Drawing. It really looks like my Water Tribe (Aquarius
Cat_Nick_101 says:   6 January 2008   615579  
So cute!!!!!
angel260 says:   6 January 2008   469978  
Thankies xoxo
Rikki_Chaddwicks_and_H2Os_Major_fan says:   10 April 2009   593634  
I love Avater!!!!!
kutiepie123 says:   10 April 2009   432168  
im  bored
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   14 November 2009   166396  
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   15 November 2009   701681  
i knw how hard it is to draw an oekaki but this is amazingly good.
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