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Waffle -- Fish plz? :D
Uploaded: 6 September 2007
how to draw
Okay this is gonna sound really weird if you don't know what Catscratch is, and even
weirder if you DO know what it is. XD

This is Waffle from Catscratch! :O As a human~! 0_0 (Yes I humanize everybody and
everything. :D; -humanizes a lamp-)

I like this much better than my other picture. XD Waffle is so cute. :D

Ugh I'm sick and I'm sleepy. T-T; Sorry for the terribleness of this, I am not
feeling well. XDD;

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‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   6 September 2007   553515  
YAY! WAFFLE! he's my favorite character from Catscratch ^-^
NinjaMewStrike says:   6 September 2007   894113  
ya, i used to watch catscratch, my fav is the black one, i think his
name starts with an r or somethin.................
‹Push the Button› says:   6 September 2007   916774  
awww thats so cute!
sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   181817  
Thank you! :D
Wow, people know what I'm talking about, yey! =^___^= <3

Do you mean Mr. Blik? :3
dghgddj says:   6 September 2007   746216  
awww i hope you feel better and nice pichure
yuyu_art says:   6 September 2007   218892  
OMG THATS a GOOD pic!aww...... you're sick?
sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   259482  
Thank you! :D
Yeah... I'mma sick. ;_; NEED ADVIL -convulses violently-
sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   494984  
Rofl I found one of my oekakis from four years ago D:


sugartastic says:   6 September 2007   669221  
Haha that didn't work :D; -lame-

There XD
Jetaime says:   6 September 2007   182399  
Yaaaaay for Waffle!!
I used to watch that show all the time.. I think YTV cancled it O.o
Eeee I sound like a nerd. Oh well I am a nerd; a coooool nerd >__>

Shoo cyuuute!!!!
pik0 says:   6 September 2007   423336  
Aw DD:
It's so cute, Imma eat him. Unfortunaly, I don't know who he is or
anything like that DX
Nonethless, it's adorable and I love the sparkle sparkle D:
saralyn247 says:   6 September 2007   113286  
awwwwwwwwww... that's cuter than the real one!
SithWedgie says:   6 September 2007   762865  
wow o.o 

you're going to get REALLY popular REALLY fast..
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   6 September 2007   544823  
kiwily says:   6 September 2007   777291  
I hope you fell better.
it's cute.

I dont remember catscrathc at all!! 

wait, was walffles the white one..?
JustACrazyGurl says:   6 September 2007   154681  
thats kool
SuperSparkle says:   6 September 2007   978853  
OMG! waffle!
Thingie456 says:   6 September 2007   194594  
nirrum says:   6 September 2007   245226  
moshimoshi_katie says:   6 September 2007   698452  
Lalalalalalala CATSCRAAAATCH!!!
I like mister blick! ^^
Glamgurl says:   6 September 2007   878161  
:D Waffle xD He ish my favorite with his random-ness and stupidity

xD Whee~
fluffball says:   6 September 2007   539982  
woa! that totally was my farthest guess, but the ears are there!
super! its really cute!
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   6 September 2007   294943  
Ciel_Kitty says:   6 September 2007   926836  
oH! he is so cute!^__^
itsso cute!!!!!!!!
meloves it:D
ashleeXbunny says:   6 September 2007   744989  
awshomeness!! :D
TentenXNeji says:   6 September 2007   111475  
 WOW!I could NEVER do anithing like that.
Nice job!
danielle1010225_2nd says:   6 September 2007   624328  
I love waffle =D

and also his geckos o.o
Jazzizol123 says:   6 September 2007   317334  
SO CUTE!!! *twitches from cuteness*
seal3 says:   6 September 2007   572681  
a soo cute i love it
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   7 September 2007   335733  
I love him, he's teh cutest of the bunch :D
sugartastic says:   7 September 2007   483831  
Aw thanks guys. ;D
Yes Waffle is the freaking coolest. :O

He's not the white one, he's the light grey one! :D
music_lova says:   7 September 2007   356838  
splee!thats real good!
sugartastic says:   7 September 2007   774741  
Thank you~! <3
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   8 September 2007   814265  
whos waffle but hes so cute!
ElliotSHOCK says:   9 September 2007   395871  
Heehee, Waffle and his newts. :3
It's a very lovely oekaki.
Kittenluver73 says:   9 September 2007   817726  
waffles awesome
Emo_puppy_4_ever says:   9 September 2007   519362  
RikkuMayli says:   9 September 2007   226495  
But he's too cute to be Waffle!!!
dghgddj says:   9 September 2007   197888  
this is funneh  
BarlowGirl says:   9 September 2007   385886  
I_Love_Leon says:   9 September 2007   224268  
sugartastic says:   9 September 2007   516913  
Haha! XD Thanks guys. :D And no he's not! Waffle IS cute! :D He likes
newts! :3

Cool video! :O
lovers_and_other_strangers says:   9 September 2007   887147  
oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg itssss soooooocute
RascalFlatts14119 says:   9 September 2007   544957  
Mmmm I Like Waffles.....OH And The Character From Catscratch
sugartastic says:   10 September 2007   578245  
Chou says:   12 September 2007   467139  
<3 cute :D
KHKiari23 says:   13 September 2007   924518  
wow ca you oekaki me!!!
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   14 September 2007   111268  
It's really cute *goes and kidnaps it*. I saw it ( I didn't see the
text yet when I was looking at it ) and I thought to myself, He
looks oddly familiar. My brother suddenly came up behind me and
said " Those are Waffles ears from catscratch!" I had to agree with
‹Cora Rose› says:   26 September 2007   733398  
sugartastic says:   12 October 2007   341113  
Haha yeah! :D I like Waffle's ears. :D I want to jump rope with
Thanks everyone. ^_^
Ximayo says:   2 January 2008   264286  
Awww!! Waffle looks sooo cute!!!! :D
sugartastic says:   4 January 2008   647495  
Hehe! =^-^=
Thank you! <33
Ximayo says:   6 January 2008   783643  
I havent seen catscratch in a while. :D You should draw Gordon and
Mr. Blik in anime style too!
sugartastic says:   6 January 2008   811963  
I know, I miss Catscratch! ;_; I'mma try and put it on my Zune. :3 I
think the Nickelodeon site still has episodes! :O -goes check-

And omg! XD Good idea! I once drew all three of them like this on my
art folder, but I never tried it on the computer. I'mma try it
sometime! ^-^
lil_miss_annie says:   10 January 2008   494131  
i watch cat scrath all the time but now its off tv wahaa
sugartastic says:   16 January 2008   196147  
I miss Catscratch. ;_;
gothchick666 says:   25 May 2008   853641  
r u gonn draw any more catscratch? i love the black on e and scotty!
MeepingMeep says:   30 June 2008   732219  
GAWD! I LUFF WAFFLE! I never see Catscratch on any more.... didn't he
like, have newts or sumthin? If so, Waffle was the one who got me
pinkninjacat says:   24 July 2008   323591  
Awwww thats sooo cute!
Dinosaur_rawr says:   9 October 2008   614111  
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says :   11 July 2009   579623  
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