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First true love.
Uploaded: 8 January 2007
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This is my third and favorite oekaki ive done so far.
it took me a little bit to get used to the program but other than that ive done
this is my 3rd day on kupika so please tell me what you think, what i should change
or if you like it at all! and also please send me a letter!
ill write back! and! i need more kupipoints to make more oekakis like this one!

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crazychick2101 says:   8 January 2007   551678  
i love this pic its soooooooooooooo cool
‹Push the Button› says:   8 January 2007   734963  
thats so good!
Belsboys4eva56 says:   8 January 2007   836699  
that's gorgeous, i love it!
mysis says:   8 January 2007   144944  
that is soo sweet!im kidnaping!lol i love it!
MewMewTenshi says:   8 January 2007   439293  
Awwwww thats adorable yet a bit weird how the girl looks like the
real me and the boy like my crush but still KAWAII
Leolin says:   8 January 2007   237747  
Eeee! This is pretty-Full!
hottrapperbabedancer says:   8 January 2007   144969  
jacy10 says:   9 January 2007   796154  
awwwwww sweet!
Panic_At_The_Disco_4_life says:   11 January 2007   345956  
as if it looks like u and ur crush mew mew ur a compulsive liar
mewmewichigo says:   11 January 2007   412711  
LUV IT!!!!!
Sexy_gal1994 says:   11 January 2007   474176  
i luv it it is sweet love
white_mountains says:   11 January 2007   291691  
cute! I love your art! ^.^
ritacat says:   11 January 2007   258992  
kissing some dude who inst your husband not cool but its very well
ilistrated  A+
Tomboy400 says:   11 January 2007   496146  
tomboy400 like it...
RedHalo says:   11 January 2007   426413  
you are so good
Emo_Punk_Girl says:   11 January 2007   818914  
teehee that is THE best oekaki I have EVER seen!
kristin1228 says:   11 January 2007   749566  
one of the best i have seen on kupika probably right next to
kristin1228 says:   11 January 2007   293559  
e-mail back.........
Kat3384 says:   11 January 2007   636323  
awww....this is so cute!
punkerrockerlove says:   11 January 2007   842531  
j35tEr says:   11 January 2007   392733  
THATS AWESOME!!! its so cool ur wiked talented!
Rayanica says:   11 January 2007   187348  
It's sooooooooo romantic I love it but now it's mine ha ha ha ha
cutafull95 says:   11 January 2007   659362  
Ohh! Total cuteness. And if you need any penpals, I'm your girl!
LadyDa says:   11 January 2007   433787  
it's glorious
LadyDa says:   11 January 2007   286756  
it'd be better if it was yaoi
‹Sophie<3› says:   12 January 2007   914751  
MagicalSmiles1 says:   12 January 2007   181691  
do you do requets?
cweber says:   12 January 2007   574683  
luv it
cweber says:   12 January 2007   391519  
its the most beautiful pic i eva seen (yes i know i changed my look
if u noticed i lefty the last two comments)
dgfrf says:   12 January 2007   837752  
sooooooooooooe cute
Leana says:   12 January 2007   875242  
cool very gud i love it 
chargergirl2007 suggests:   12 January 2007   683858  
You did why better on the 1 2 4 than this one
horsecrazy12423 says:   12 January 2007   473237  
I love it! I need to kidnap this is it ok? Well im doin it anywayz so
ha. Im insane as you can tell.
Slaphappy12123 says:   12 January 2007   568243  
Consider this pic kidnapped... I love it...
xoxokayteekatexoxo says:   12 January 2007   821823  
very cute... totally kiddnapping...ease up on the spraypaintstuff
aurora11 says:   12 January 2007   699845  
it's ugly
GuY suggests:   12 January 2007   913431  
wow thats really good.and ignour aurora
imagine109 says:   12 January 2007   584746  
I so kidnap !!!
‹MiserableAtBest› says:   12 January 2007   259148  
love it i kidnap it
fuzzyelmoo says:   12 January 2007   151183  
im kidnaping the greatest picture on earth...
miley_cyrus_fan101 says:   12 January 2007   435322  
how pretty!!!
darkness2110 says:   12 January 2007   691679  
eh pretty good
music_rocks shouts:   12 January 2007   375788  
wow!you are soo good at drawing okaki's!!!could you tell me how to do
the cool efects and stuff???i want to learn!!!!
princessjennifer1 shouts:   12 January 2007   948949  
nice drawing
crush_hard_on_ryan says:   13 January 2007   197888  
I seriously love it.I hope that would happen to me.
babygirl8 says:   13 January 2007   587981  
its so cute
Savannah says:   13 January 2007   817679  
I THOUGHT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!  i makes me wonder when i will get my
first kiss~
cweber says:   14 January 2007   444139  
the most amazign thing ive evea seen
Cookie_Dough says:   15 January 2007   873141  
The eyes of the female are very realistic(in a way)
mishie says:   16 January 2007   953221  
i have a request
Jassy says:   16 January 2007   131483  
love it
hannah_montana_fan says:   16 January 2007   935542  
*cries* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(this is a happy cry)
Irish_love asks:   17 January 2007   935795  
Is this Ron and Hermione? Because it sure looks like them!
yashan47 asks:   17 January 2007   941273  
could you draw me harry/hermione or draco/hermione plz!i just LOVE
harry potter.plz& thnx!
Ana_Banana says:   17 January 2007   893633  
Tink66 says:   19 January 2007   838781  
awweeeee its soo cute I loveee it..
CuiteCat says:   19 January 2007   695169  
this is co cute!(kawai)>ㅁ<
starwarschick says:   19 January 2007   995871  
I like it. No, I love it.
Chitsuki says:   22 January 2007   614954  
aww! Super Kawaii!
totallyme says:   23 January 2007   147531  
tomboy8883 says:   23 January 2007   357267  
Thats gonna be me and kirk!
MizzRemixx says:   27 January 2007   236357  
Its so cool! I love it.. its so sweet <3 ^_^
majokovalkyrie2031 whispers:   8 February 2007   168243  
its cute..... im IT!!!!!!!!!!
Elisa says:   11 February 2007   531288  
That is really good, u can write 2 me if u want!!
kagome_is_cool12 says:   12 February 2007   518872  
awwwwwwwwwwwwww!-big anime eyes-
its so pwretty
sweetiesteph96 says:   14 February 2007   893584  
this is awsomeness dude!!
Angel_the_Hedgehog says:   16 February 2007   237943  
I like it! It is awsome
puppyprincess says:   17 February 2007   323857  
Thats soooooooooo looks very realistic
Chuchi_Cecile10 says:   5 March 2007   634348  
cute and romantic i wish that happened to me!!
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   24 March 2007   774749  
brava on the picture
Princesscc says:   15 June 2007   795524  
Its sooo cute and i wish i can draw like that
cornelia_101 says:   6 July 2007   623856  
OMG!! it looks like ron and hermione from harry potter
XXX_DevilGurl_XXX says:   3 November 2007   679567  
can u plz draw a pic of me if yes message me
‹♥FalseEuphoria.› asks:   29 March 2009   675649  
Do you take requests?
Pussy1999 sings:   29 March 2009   774893  
I love your pic I'm so kidnaping it.It's passionate and romantic.I 
‹SoraKudo.♥› says:   29 March 2009   426642  
That is purely adorable, <33

I love it, -kidnaps-
Gawd, SO ADORABLE! >w<
‹RushingStars★› says:   30 March 2009   494267  
ooh it looks kewl im pretending its me and this guy i like i mean
love =)
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   28 February 2010   790716  
I love the coloring!
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