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Uploaded: 21 June 2010
how to draw
MAH NEW OC! 8D As you can see, I made some changes on the uniform (again) Well I
hope you guys like her :3

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candyalice121 says:   21 June 2010   989903  

thats so a-adorable
‹єmotiøn;;› says:   21 June 2010   412058  
Cute cute cute [:
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   21 June 2010   104446  
Lo-o-ovely ;D
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   21 June 2010   445891  
^^ PINK!
Jaune says:   21 June 2010   355387  
Thank ya guys :D

It's more of a reddish color ^^ 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   21 June 2010   159922  
true, like strawberries @u@ 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   21 June 2010   804587  
She's so cute ^^
Jaune says:   21 June 2010   860789  
Yes strawberries! (and perhaps.. cherries? ^.^) 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   21 June 2010   763844  
Cherrys are gewd as well :> 
‹AoiKatori› says:   21 June 2010   366055  
soooo cuute!! it kinda looks like my oc :D
SourNeon says:   21 June 2010   527762  
This is cute!
I'm not usually for the innocent type or things like that, but this is
Kyuh says:   21 June 2010   841285  
She's really cute ^^
But is she bipolar by any chance?o-o
 just asking.xD
Jessie_Chan says:   21 June 2010   568014  
<3  kawaii
can I have a request?
Jaune says:   22 June 2010   739940  
Thanks guys

:O Really?

Wut is pipolar? O_o I feel so dumb lol.

Sorry no requests 
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says:   22 June 2010   478294  
omg, cute i love this cherries!!! :D
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says:   22 June 2010   478638  
meant to say the cherries not this cherries -.-

damn i cant type
carmin7 says:   22 June 2010   894967  
aww its so cute! This picture is really well drawn :D
you have a gift <3
Kyuh says:   22 June 2010   917170  
Oh, bipolar is when you have 2 personalties, and they might
contradict each other. xP
Like Maya could be nice and times, but mean at another time(example!)
Hawkeye15 says:   23 June 2010   431825  
That's really cute! The lineart is clean and the coloring is very
Awesome job!
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says:   23 June 2010   589535  
‹kiba;thatonekittenthatsleepsalot› says:   24 June 2010   819934  
not cute...

ADORABLE!!!!!!! meh ish jealous...
Xlovely_loli says:   24 June 2010   364422  
Aww, that's so cute. xD
Jaune says:   24 June 2010   408957  
Cherri is just shy all the time, but she gets less shy if she gets to
know them. And Maya.... well she's just weird all the time x3 
Still_Thinking says:   24 June 2010   141158  
Damn. This is seriously just far too good. I've fallen in love with a
2-D character, good going Sean...
shina94 says:   25 June 2010   428914  
its so cute.
‹i_Am_ElMo'S_FanGirl!!!› says:   25 June 2010   401753  
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   26 June 2010   166458  
sin_script_2 says:   26 June 2010   963672  
This is really nice!! Good jobbb!!
kpayne says:   26 June 2010   674146  
omg so cute! is she up for adoption?!?!
Fareno says:   27 June 2010   612434  
my name in real life is Cherry :D like the fruit
Jaune says:   27 June 2010   347754  
Uhh no? lol

Oh cool! :D 
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   28 June 2010   852596  

Uwah, Cheery~ Nice name!! XD

Eh, this oekaki is so cute..♥ 
Fareno says:   28 June 2010   515951  
Cherry, not cheery :P sounds cute though... C: 
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   28 June 2010   856744  

Whoops, error error.. Typed too fast~
(  > 3 <") 
‹The~Labryinth› says:   29 June 2010   658150  
your amazing at this! (:
SahBear456 says:   29 June 2010   795248  
So freaking kawaii, amazing, adorable... god you've got talent!!
KellyMilano says:   30 June 2010   223552  
so n!ce :D
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   25 July 2010   451289  

I love the cherries in the background!
AkanAkan says :   25 November 2010   296116  
Cute & lovely! i like it!
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