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Aye Laddy. 8D
Uploaded: 3 May 2010
 Chadrick Winston Montgomerie.
My OC. Failure Pirate. Blaaahh.
Ya' get the drill. >:I

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stickyrice says:   3 May 2010   236578  
he's adorable. * Q*<33
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   3 May 2010   871845  
Omg!!!! He has a cowlick!!!!!!
timeclock says:   3 May 2010   408532  
I like the clothes. 
salsabuffalo says:   4 May 2010   449962  
Love his hair~
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says:   4 May 2010   373507  
I love his hair and then the backgorund (:
lollylovex3 says:   4 May 2010   794899  
Ze eyebrows~ =w=
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   4 May 2010   601640  
Ohmygod. That's amazing. <3
Love itttt! C:
‹ikaeros› says:   4 May 2010   174942  
No seriously, I love the pose and outfit; all the colours work
together lovely too. Also, why is your background cool? <3
‹Ella ★› says:   4 May 2010   526985  
Nice coloring!
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   5 May 2010   507174  
Omfghhh, this is like the best picture I've seen you draw.
Everything is so perfect, the anatomy works and the pose is so very
flawless and amazing. ; O ; 
How do you improve so quickly. D: Such amazing colouring too, I love
how the background is blurred so you can focus on him moar~ Such an
epic combination of colourss and I luff the shading on the white part
of his shirt. ;__; How do you do it? D;
Ffft, I'll be stealing this picture, mhm.
‹RainbowRains› says:   7 May 2010   646236  
thats amazing.
KisaSoma says:   7 May 2010   760232  
Arr.... piraty goodness..
I like it.
‹*The Girl In The Rainbow Converse*› says:   7 May 2010   796841  
I love it! Especially the hair!
animefairy says:   7 May 2010   388190  
he's cuteeee
‹Kairos› says:   7 May 2010   435355  
i so agree with animefairy
lol hes hottttt *drools*
‹??????› says:   7 May 2010   455101  
Oh it's so light and yet bold!
I love your coloring technique; it's so neat and soft. I like that
pose, and
the distant gorgeous green eyes. ~I'd date him. He ain't pirate fail
or failure pirate or however you want to put it. xD;

<33 ;o;
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   7 May 2010   220351  
 I love tpirates. I also love writing. And I also love you. 
MAy I please have this man's children?
‹♥GoddessOfAnime♥› says:   8 May 2010   347087  
ugh for some reason that made me REALLY wanna play record of agarest
war even though i cant. 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   9 May 2010   164725  
‹•Heyoooooo•› says :   15 May 2010   591733  
Girlie Pirate.
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