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Zombie Lineart
Uploaded: 6 September 2008
use as a template
how to draw
Take this and color it. erase my coloring and yeah...
This is namina's request account in case people didnt know. And i am currently taking
requests so yeah
Errr...dont know where i got the idea for this but I have been dying in volleyball
pre-season so its probably a subconcious need to go on a zombie killing rampage.
anywho, color and have fun. I will probly color later if i feel like it...maybe not.
(done in shi painter pro)
time taken: an hour

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‹VaginaDust› says:   6 September 2008   885181  
The_Fluffy_One says:   6 September 2008   969726  
How lovely.
DedicateAHUG says:   6 September 2008   156433  
You should have made here hair red.
She could be Bella from Twilight XD

Love it!
‹duckie› says:   6 September 2008   517477  
so pretty
haku12 says:   6 September 2008   777523  
haha nice XD i love the zombie head's expression
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   7 September 2008   893622  
OWSOME! :D *plays song natural disaster by the plain white t's* XD
nice pic, love the shading and the contrast between black&white and
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   7 September 2008   451771  
and green! XD it was so dark it looked black. meh colour blinde!!
(not for reals actually i dun no D
StrangeLover says:   7 September 2008   852247  
very nice 
saralyn247 says:   7 September 2008   481188  
I knew it was you, even bofore I read your comment. ^^
Dinosaur_rawr says:   7 September 2008   826614  
wow. creepy...but in a good way...yeah...
Requests says:   7 September 2008   916629  
haha thanks sara and everyone else
‹Χάος™› says:   9 September 2008   357197  
oh goodness i dont want to get on her bad side
DeanWincesterFan says:   9 September 2008   176622  
‹Shadow♥› says:   9 September 2008   767766  
paws_95 says:   9 September 2008   252177  
AWSOME PIC!!!! i love how you drew it. with the colors it looks real
‹Goth One› says:   9 September 2008   473378  
ive had the image of a graveyard on a dark, stormy, red and cloudy
skied night lately... that same kind of cross gravestone, but its got
a base, it doesnt just look like a big, stone cross stuck in the
Nightmaregirl says:   9 September 2008   482452  
wow thats todally cool!
‹Shut up› says:   9 September 2008   971787  
she mad..lol luv it
likesocool says:   10 September 2008   914627  
i think its scarahh...............
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   10 September 2008   623839  
Nice oekaki looks great. The girl kinda looks like Lyn-z From
Mindless Self Indulgence.
Dream_Dream_Dream says:   10 September 2008   428641  
Wow, very nice and creative.
But why does she have somthing on her nipple?
punk_kid_oooo says:   10 September 2008   826413  
wow thats soo awesome!! I wouldn't want to mess up your wonderful
colouring LOL
ningeo says:   10 September 2008   895521  
thats cool
Requests says:   10 September 2008   955174  
lol thanks guyssss
@dreamdreamdream: she is wearing a type of school uniform persay so
the thing on her "nipple" is just the insignia on her shirt, nothing

@everyone else: thanks for the comments!!! 
‹SCREAMjessica› says:   10 September 2008   545637  
omgosh *kidnaps*i just had to
Emo_Chick101 says:   23 September 2008   636538  
LOVE it!
‹<broken.hearted.katastrophe>› says:   23 September 2008   299985  
‹thatswhathesaid› says:   24 September 2008   266425  
Interesting ;]
wuver_ofs_vampire_knight says:   24 September 2008   818933  
kinda creepy but it is good artwork!
‹kaylee<3› says:   13 October 2008   976274  
DedicateAHUG : Bella doesn't have red hair. 

PRITTY PICTURE...LOL...Kinda....creepeh..but....^^
MuffinGunnaEatChuu says:   9 December 2008   712913  
how do u color something thats been colored !?
MuffinGunnaEatChuu says:   9 December 2008   342656  
o rite XD sorry....=]
that wasnt ment to b offensave btw....x3 i didint read it
‹MichelleMuffinPants.♥› says:   9 December 2008   314547  
DawnOfRainbows says:   9 December 2008   481679  
Wow, morbid.
But morbid is AWESOME !! xDDD
sakura_o_light says:   24 December 2008   985175  
Woow CoOl!!! 
‹Greece 1-0 Portugal <3› says:   26 December 2008   427391  
lollylovex3 says:   26 December 2008   979428  
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   26 December 2008   343229  
pupapika says:   13 January 2009   616793  
It;s nice too but kinda scared me a little bit...I can't watch it all
the time because I have heart disease when I was born. SO, it might be
attack me if I look at it for long time...I'm sorry, I really love it
but hopefully you will change the color to make it brighter...
kelzeyxxx says:   14 January 2009   127956  
=D Great
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   14 January 2009   496544  
MeepingMeep says:   17 January 2009   484314  
DedicateAHug: Ummm.... yeah, when did Bella go on killing rampages?
And really, isn't she a pacifist? And sides, this girl is so kick ass
and Bella is a whiny pain in the ass.

and yeah, like I said, kick ass awsome : )    KIDNAPTATION!
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   17 January 2009   314772  
Creepy but artistic!
FreekTheTheory says:   17 January 2009   993412  
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   5 February 2009   643224  
Great pic. xD
‹***MarshMelllows***› shouts:   18 August 2009   818734  
‹♚Initial~Aura♚› says:   19 August 2009   292174  
luv this pic!! :D
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   20 August 2009   634481  
wicked creepy lol
MiyuMiyu says:   8 October 2009   114677  
Awesome!!!! OoO *__*
Im_Not_Kissing_You_Goodbye says:   8 October 2009   222471  
That's amazing!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   26 January 2010   742123  
I love her expression.
‹~Carrie~(Im bi bitchis)› says:   19 February 2010   201280  
wow i love this wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more then any thing
its fuckign awsome
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   5 August 2011   731355  
Ulzzang says :   5 August 2011   968222  
This is freaking awesome, I must say.
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