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the cigarette.
Uploaded: 27 June 2008
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fun fact!:
around 5.4 million people die because of this lil' guy according to le internet.

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ducksrock says:   27 June 2008   454269  
thats so cute !!!

and so true
Scrubs_fan1 says:   27 June 2008   867892  
Awh :3 The cutest ciggy EVAAAR.
 But unfortunately, so true.
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   748188  
haha XD
yes... O_O
‹The~Labryinth› says:   27 June 2008   921685  
More then 45 000 people die in Canada annually due to smoking.
so 45 000 out of that 5.4 million people are in Canada
The_Fluffy_One says:   27 June 2008   918798  
I like this. :D
-Makes it her Wallpaper-
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   371111  
littlemissa:: :O! wow....

fluffy:: YAY!
sour says:   27 June 2008   364959  
nice job!
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   149382  
cloud_nine says:   27 June 2008   431899  
i love this. 8D
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   684678  
im glad you do :D
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   27 June 2008   286643  
this is great and it gets the message across. :D DON"T SMOKE
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   677525  
thanks ^__^
Demonic_angel says:   27 June 2008   723147  
awesome :D
some of meh family is part of that 5.4 million >.>
why wont someone destroy cigs already!? >:[
well at least try....
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   125867  
i know right!
but those cigarette businesses are making lots of money and thats all
that seems to matter V__V

thanks for commenting! 
cookiichannx3 says:   27 June 2008   767957  
awww so cute! xD
they should really ban cigarrettes or something... :/
machidagirl says:   27 June 2008   149426  
That is very very very VERY true. Stupid little guy. 

luv the pic though! :P
lilblueangel says:   27 June 2008   815588  
it speaks so much!
when i pass people smoking, i pretend to cough violently and yell,
the people just look at me. . .
aptanarcotoshis says:   27 June 2008   141836  

lilblueangel: :o! thats cool...maybe then theyll get just a glimpse of
the picture 
punk_kid_oooo says:   27 June 2008   956414  
cigies are addicting little fuckers
thats why all my friends quit while they still could
xxMiyuxx says:   27 June 2008   698434  
both my parents smoke >x< the oekaki btw!!!! lol
‹Kiwily<3› says:   27 June 2008   643133  
yay dying.
‹Kiwily<3› sings:   27 June 2008   633811  
scratch that.
yay america.
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   27 June 2008   636292  
yes so true o3o! 

yet cute oekaki XD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 June 2008   724732  
boo on smoking! down with the cigarette!
BOOMbangBOP says:   27 June 2008   236221  
Like the oekaki style.
LadyYuna says:   30 June 2008   663776  
Thats awesome. You can beat the cigarette.
falloutrocker says:   30 June 2008   475453  
aww its so cute :O
Orca1234 says:   30 June 2008   843567  
I hate seeing people dying by this pointless drug. I do not want to
smoke it.
shawnman says:   30 June 2008   525748  
that is so tru all the people who died in my famly died of smoking
khero says:   30 June 2008   713174  

I love the cigarette
I mean
not A cigarette
only your cigarette

cocoTASTICtm says:   30 June 2008   112656  

korey_bo_borey says:   30 June 2008   262391  
I love this. <3
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   30 June 2008   469781  
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   30 June 2008   746292  
You heard the tabocoo song on the radio?

Its awesome!
‹<3mad_for_you<3› says:   30 June 2008   237787  
smoking is the dumbest thing ever
Zovesta says:   30 June 2008   719826  
My sister is moving to Canada... yikes.

Nice job. =)
Southern_Monkey says:   30 June 2008   587334  
Smoking is Bad
Smoking bad! Very bad! 
And im alergic to it! >:D
And nicely done. Thats really cool. :3
‹IcePath› says:   30 June 2008   642475  
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   30 June 2008   545239  
To tell the truth, my mom smoked when she was pregnet with me. I
actually have developed a liking of the smell of basic menthol light
ciggarettes. Im ashamed but its not my fault.

I probably have 2nd hand smoke. O.o
Xxcute says:   1 July 2008   941248  
woah-thats so funny and cool sketch
cloud_nine says:   1 July 2008   427772  
that might seem like a lot but canada only produces 1/120th of the
people that die in the world each year from smoking.
while on the other hand, america produces roughly 12.3 percent of the
people that die annually which is about 438,000. and the sad part
about that is that about 50000 of those 438000 die from secondhand
now, it gets even worse because 650000 are europeans and even worse
than that, 900,000 indians die annually.

haha sorry guys i went on sort of a rant there. but i used to smoke
and thats why i look this kind of stuff up.

anyways! great doodle  
xxxMiss_Spiderxxx says:   1 July 2008   976148  
hrm.....-sniffle- both my mom and sister dad used to but he
..........-inhaler-ok. much better. xD
aptanarcotoshis says:   1 July 2008   427264  

and great stories too 

‹ICP_4_life› says:   1 July 2008   936362  
LOL!!!!!!!!   HAHAHA!!
aptanarcotoshis says:   1 July 2008   835851  
e_e thanks...
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   1 July 2008   454488  
1,000 Americans quite smoking every day by dying
lynn10 says:   1 July 2008   146336  
lung cancer is pretty! :D
‹emo-queen› says:   1 July 2008   364956  
That cure thing? A murderer? No! If he had a beard I might feel a bit
less giggly to it...
‹ravieve› says:   5 July 2008   139285  
that's so awesome :D
and so true :3
aptanarcotoshis says:   7 July 2008   337937  
gracias ^___^ !


lynn10:  e__e .
mizuki928 cries:   11 July 2008   777317  
almost everyone in my family smokes and when they do i have 2 go
somewhere else because i can't breath in it
‹VaginaDust› says:   11 July 2008   739151  
Smoking is bad

aptanarcotoshis says:   11 July 2008   879794  


and cool pictures 

thanks for commenting
‹Sossidge› says:   15 August 2008   363425  
He's got rolls!  So cute! But so deadly!  Looks can be decieving.
tugaloca says:   15 August 2008   978891  
thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ......
and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true....
Clarity says:   15 August 2008   313378  
Very nice way of showing a serious topic. I love it!
Feline_Frenzy says:   15 August 2008   589292  
That is so true but so cute! 

Don't smoke, there are better ways to die!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   15 August 2008   218884  
It is very cute. 
And so very true. D:
My mother smokes.. v-v
AboveBelows says:   16 August 2008   936152  
thank you :D ....oh aptanarcotoshis...this is my other
account ^__^

thanks for comments
ProblemHelpNeeded says:   19 August 2008   225915  
what is with it being 'good'?
nothing is 'good' about it.
‹< :] Stephie Loves You >› says:   23 August 2008   817457  
i smoke o_o
Kumo says:   23 August 2008   328678  
So true
I dont understand how people stand smoking
I mean have they even seen pictures of black lungs
Its soooo scary!!
Aranee says:   24 August 2008   475434  
Darlingkiller says:   24 August 2008   976322  
very cute.
Besides, i cant smoke. I have astma! ^^
CrumpetChan says:   30 September 2008   749615  
my mom and dad have been smoking practically ever since i was born.
nothing's wrong with THEM.

I mean my moms almost 40. 

‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   30 September 2008   955177  
My pappy used to smoke. But he stopped. And just a while back the
doctors saw that he has lung problems from the smoking and that if he
didn't stop when he did, he would have died.
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   30 September 2008   964941  
so cute! 
yet sadly true
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   18 October 2008   473187  
My mom is a smoker.

So I put this as my screensaver, and she sees it when she goes to
AerithLight says:   19 October 2008   591558  
D: That's really sad...
trainer_kohaku says:   19 October 2008   266155  
nice pic and smoking is stupid but some people cant stop so sad
saralyn247 says:   27 October 2008   893411  
My mom's one of these idiots people.
‹1_And_Only_Loser› says:   4 November 2008   955176  
Weally nice 
Smoking really sux it ruined my grandfather :.(
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   5 November 2008   984657  
That's a dang great pic!
I like how you did the butt bit. =]
swim_dory says:   5 November 2008   587971  
Ohh!!! I luv ur style of drawing and ur okekei is aswome looking and
has a great message.....DON'T SMOKE!!! ruins ur life!
‹AntonietteAccidental› says:   6 November 2008   426787  
sin_script says:   6 November 2008   886691  
cute and deadly.

I love the scribbly outline, it adds to the sinister expression, X)
and thanks for the fact
Inane_Nobody says:   15 December 2008   148181  
That is so true!
But you make it look cute at the same time.
‹► Asim ◄› says:   15 December 2008   383711  
Yeah that is really cool!!
‹EscapeFromAtrocity› says:   4 July 2009   978242  
that bastard.
apallo says :   11 July 2009   566357  
my mom quit and now she is obesse   
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