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Hai Desu~
Uploaded: 19 January 2008
how to draw
Hm hm. I was already happy with the lineart... but then, I felt like I just HAD to
colour.... T____T Stupid instincts, ruining everything.

.. augh,
I suck at anatomy, colouring and Japanese. :|

EDIT: I have no idea why is he topless. >: Probably driven to insanity from IRC's
many crazy moments. Go ask the psychology therapist.

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kiwily says:   19 January 2008   717766  
aww~!! it's very cute and very pretty~!!

that better be in a shower though.
Satsujin says:   19 January 2008   453858  
Adorable~ Her face is just "awww"-worthy. 8D ♥

I suck at anatomy, colouring and Japanese. :|

You do not. :[
Uneek says:   19 January 2008   661866  
‹カラフル› says:   19 January 2008   917286  
Its so kawaii =^-^=
Missingno says:   19 January 2008   571962  
@kiwily: No, he's not in the shower... ;D
@Satsujin: It's a he, it's a he, it's a he! D: And thanks for
that. .. not the gender thing, but for saying that my anatomy,
colouring and Japanese don't suck. O.o; Xie xie.
@Uneek: OMG CAT. <3
@mewmewmiki: Thanks mew mew.. your Oekakis are rather cute.
‹voiceofageneration.› says:   19 January 2008   341392  
You're so good..... v//.//v *Slightly embarrassed by how bad her
oekakis look*

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?:D
‹goodfornothing› says:   19 January 2008   886427  
I think that it's really really cute!!!!!!!!! *kidnaps*
cloud_nine says:   19 January 2008   825921  
i love her :D
ZanyZeldaFan says:   19 January 2008   539657  
omgosh that is so cute! you are an awesom artist! great job on the
coloring- i rather like it =3 especially on the hair and eyes =3
Missingno says:   19 January 2008   197563  
Ehh.. I use a mouse. o.o;
What's the difference between tablet and mouse, anyway? They can both
be used to draw....

Thank you much HarryismyHero, cloud_nine, and ZanyZeldaFan. ^-^

angel260 says:   19 January 2008   654362  
This is really cute !
‹voiceofageneration.› says:   19 January 2008   383789  
NOOOO! *Stabs someone*  It can't be possible Dx I use a tablet and
I'm still not even half as gooddd~

The difference between tablet and mouse is that a tablet uses a stylus
which is like drawing with a pencil on paper. ^-^;
chikapollo says:   19 January 2008   543553  
wow... looks great
really cute >w<
Missingno says:   19 January 2008   134977  

-wants to get a tablet- :D
HinataH says:   19 January 2008   427964  
xDeathGurl63x says:   19 January 2008   886817  
zomg i love the hair and eyes <3
crawling_on says:   19 January 2008   474111  
why she hav no shirt?
Missingno says:   20 January 2008   896147  
..... it's a male.

He doesn't have on a shirt because I just randomly decided that he's
not going to have one. :D -shot-
Namina says:   22 January 2008   559341  
lol "he" is adorable...i do admit i thought it was a girl though. oh
aartee_sharma says:   22 January 2008   132872  
Pretty! Is the girl in the shower?
aartee_sharma says:   22 January 2008   713984  
Sorry. Is the boy in the shower?
Emelea9 says:   22 January 2008   111334  
Sasori_Fan_Girl says:   22 January 2008   894125  
love the shadin' and eyes~
and no u don't suck at anatmoy
p.s. im trying learn Japanese too. guess wat? i suck ugh........
overall great oekaki :3
yuna1313 says:   22 January 2008   635832  
Green_Buddy says:   22 January 2008   936425  
cute guy!

i would diffenitly admire him if he was real!
NoodleSama says:   22 January 2008   239912  
Sexyyy. <3

He kind of looks like the Sleepless fighter unit in Loveless.

Only its a GUY. <3
KeremeKEKE says:   23 January 2008   995744  
That joint is tiight! xD
I love this
AKx says:   23 January 2008   822452  
*RUFFLES BOY'S HAIR* hehe, kawaii desuchan desuuu~ <3 *BEAT BY
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   23 January 2008   629286  
i lk,e the ghreen hair!!!
Missingno says:   24 January 2008   655942  

Green hair doesn't really match with light orange, though. :'(
Murasaki_Triforce says:   24 January 2008   242663  
WHA?! The japaneese is right!!!!!(...OMG she's naked!!!!!)
Missingno says:   24 January 2008   724684  
@Murasaki_Triforce: lmao the hiragana is pretty shaky. O.o;
And it's a guy. 
Murasaki_Triforce says:   25 January 2008   382327  
Missingno says:   25 January 2008   713866  
It's a guy.

sweetdevil says:   26 January 2008   829552  
and i thought is was a girl
you know how to draw and girls
i never knew that..
anyways i added you *yays* ^^
Missingno says:   26 January 2008   963552  
Aaa ...
Thanks, sweetdevil! o-o;;
kiwigirl13 says:   31 January 2008   794298  
vey cute
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   2 February 2008   655921  
*closes my eye*
bye the way..
its way too cute!
Murasaki_Triforce says:   7 March 2008   324284  
popsciclexdino says:   11 March 2008   734943  
Coolieo i love it
popsciclexdino says:   11 March 2008   455871  
Almost as cool as sliced bread

:.:thats really good:.:
saralyn247 says:   2 May 2008   568942  
HE is adorable! <3
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   29 November 2008   449693  
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   29 July 2009   836356  
He looks so kawaii *dies* *MINEMINEMINE!! *kidnaps*
Missingno says :   31 July 2009   294112  
LOL!! have your way with him xD
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