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Doumo Arigatou gozai masu
Uploaded: 25 November 2007
I am sorry the drawing is so poor, I haven't a tablet and this is my first time
using this particular programme. Though I did have fun doing it.

This is an image of thanks to those who have taught others that it is alright to
fully express emotion, be it positive or negative and to those who provided support
in times of difficulty. I would much appreciate your constructive criticism on this,
for I would muck like to improve. Eum thank you and ja ne and take care.

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LinkLoverXOXO says:   25 November 2007   231292  
You are not bad at it D:<

Its better than my first, I shall worship it o.o
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   25 November 2007   617315  
this is actually fantastic ^^
I like it!
keep drawing and you will get better
I promise ;D
‹ikaeros› says:   25 November 2007   317489  
That's excellent!!
You're great at this.
I use a tablet and I even couldn't get as good as you.
I agree with _Kuroodia_, keep drawing and you will definitely
You can always use references to copy poses and get proportions
Same with shading...
Anyway, enough with my pointless tips that you probably already
Again, great job =D
‹ikaeros› says:   25 November 2007   337175  
Oh an dI'm not saying you can't proportions and shading and whatnot
I was just saying...yeah >_>;;; --is stupid--
StarDust says:   25 November 2007   746322  
It's so cute! Wow! And you don't use a table either! Keep practicing,
practice makes perfect (as I have almost found out myself >.<
Uneek says:   25 November 2007   476788  
Cute! .o.
Heart_of_Glass says:   25 November 2007   322365  
OMG this is so cute!! Your not bad at all!!
Spiggysama sings:   25 November 2007   698384  
Awesome, just awesome. -The program scares me-
DoOp says:   25 November 2007   287951  
KYUUUU!!! you drew liek you said you would!!! -hug- I kidnapped this
drawing because I love you soa dn I adore your art!!!! TwT <33333333
You are a fantastic artist and a fantastic friend! ^-^ I can't wait to
see more from you, you're gunna be the best artist! <333 -hug!- : )

now about the drawing :D it looks wonderful! I really really REALLY
love the ears XD I can't draw animal ears all too well :3 I must learn
from you *w* <333
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   25 November 2007   615277  
cant draw good T_T WAHHHHHH
Ritsukakun says:   25 November 2007   915386  
@_@ Thank-you all of your comments are you kind. -rougir- 
Lovely_Mistress says:   25 November 2007   755853  
OOh so awesomeee you're not a bad drawer at all!! Don't put yourself
down! Show-off your awesome-ness ^__^
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   25 November 2007   739912  
<333333 that's wonderfull!!!
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   28 November 2007   216286  
It's so beautiful!
xcowxkissesx says:   28 November 2007   829411  
nyah! that isnt bad at all. it looks great. *looks at Loveless manga*
it looks like Ritsuka! :D!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   28 November 2007   175163  
You better take that back about being horrible!
(Practicin' my Spanish. ;D)

It's a whole lot better then some people firsts...
Including mine :3
Cause this is better than me now D:
kiwily says:   28 November 2007   846621  
oh. my.god.*******awesome
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   29 November 2007   593615  
*runs around* im hyper O.o lawl
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   29 November 2007   617481  
(sorry if I sound like I have a tablet I don't but I want one!!XD)
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   29 November 2007   872864  
(sorry if I sound like I have a tablet I don't but I want one it'll
make my oekaki's cooler !!!!)
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   29 November 2007   517411  
seal3 says:   10 December 2007   864963  
even for a first time 
it's alot better than my first time
drawing a person
awsome_gurl says:   11 December 2007   627455  
anyway if at 1st you don't succeed try, try again
redhead94 says:   11 December 2007   825748  
It looks awsome
khero says:   16 March 2008   636287  
so cuuute! *------*
RikkaChan says:   1 July 2008   936497  
WOW O_O SO KAWAII <3333333333
Yurichan123 says:   8 September 2008   648918  
It's so cool!! I like the cat ears,meow! Can you please draw me and a
kitty cat please????
Yurichan123 says :   8 September 2008   224417  
Kawaii ne!!!!!
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