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hontouni_shiawase_daOMGAnimeXD request =3
Uploaded: 23 October 2007
how to draw
omg!!! it's liek, by bff online!!! if you dont know her you suck!! just kiddin just
kiddin! but seriously, she is da best!! X3

anyway, i used dodge a lot XD and burn, but that's about it =3 no serious highlights
in her hair or details on her clothes... gosh i suck at shading XDD but i hope you
like it hontouni =3

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‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   23 October 2007   173173  
I likes it!
ZanyZeldaFan says:   23 October 2007   497935  
thanks =3 me too XDDD
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   23 October 2007   734766  
ZanyZeldaFan says:   23 October 2007   691523  
thanks! =3
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   23 October 2007   425218  
no problem ohj and I kidnapped it and you didn't see..*fades into
darkness* bWUAHSHASHAS
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   23 October 2007   173427  
Excuse her shes high off of pickles and Dr. Pepper
ZanyZeldaFan says:   23 October 2007   858851  
lolz! yesh i did see that you kidnapped it and i was like, omg! yay!
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   23 October 2007   766344  
yes I"m higfh off opickles and soda XDD

nice oekaki though I"m sure she loves it XDD
ZanyZeldaFan says:   23 October 2007   684354  
omgosh, i was once drunk offa rootbeer once!!! but never really high
offa pickles tho...... XD

she hasnt logged on yet =3 i cant wait to see her comment XD
omgxbutterfly says:   23 October 2007   538656  
I <3 that.^^
ZanyZeldaFan says:   23 October 2007   814183  
noodles???!! i loves noodles!!!! and cows XD  thanks =3 

animeangles123-- i didnt notice before, but on one of the comments it
said you had drpepper and OMGOSH I FRIGGIN LOOOOVE DRPEPPER!!!!!!!
popular says:   24 October 2007   385154  
Thats hot
ZanyZeldaFan says:   24 October 2007   356633  
lolz hot? thanks!
‹â™¥ Doo â™¥› says:   24 October 2007   429342  
This is AWESOME! It's just so pretteh. ^_^ You did a good job.
‹ikaeros› says:   24 October 2007   411399  
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOOOOOOOOHH!!! --not romantically!!!!--

ZanyZeldaFan says:   24 October 2007   744259  
lolz! not romantically XD you stoled my line!!! anyway i am soo glad
that you liked it =3 

doo-- thanks! =3 it was actually... a really short piece. only about a
1/2 hour or so
reality says:   24 October 2007   518934  
cool cat XD
angel260 says:   24 October 2007   284677  
awwwwwwwww dats soo cute
bluejay29 says:   24 October 2007   481188  
I luff it sissy! ^-^ Good job!!! ^-^
ZanyZeldaFan says:   24 October 2007   363789  
thanks you guys!
Miboki says:   24 October 2007   188522  
It worked!
ZanyZeldaFan says:   24 October 2007   384538  
oh no it wasnt this one sadly.... it was my rena wip. i colored it in
and it was teh bomb! but it went to the depths of cyberspace.... never
to return! mwah haahhahahah!
_mister_bunnys_girl says:   25 October 2007   283356  
wow sissy i really like that one =3
ZanyZeldaFan says:   25 October 2007   698643  
thanks =3
‹ikaeros› says:   26 October 2007   977488  
Wah, I can't get over T_T IT'S SO AWESOME!!!
ZanyZeldaFan says:   27 October 2007   129983  
aww thanks! i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved yours too!!! X333
ZanyZeldaFan says:   27 October 2007   315447  
overreaction XD
MitsukiWolf says:   27 October 2007   241517  
oooo that's is kool! ^-^
ZanyZeldaFan says:   27 October 2007   811959  
thanks! =3
Hinaruto_girl says:   27 October 2007   253984  
um... sissy? did u know that this is in the POPULAR OEKAKI'S?!!!!!!!!
good job btw! =3
Hinaruto_girl says:   27 October 2007   475571  
hee hee... i should have read the comments first.. =3
ZanyZeldaFan says:   27 October 2007   665797  
lol dumbo XDDD its ok =3 im slow sometimes too XD
bunniNANGEL says:   28 October 2007   398263  
_anime_ says:   28 October 2007   978363  
That is so cute!!!!
Toni_20 says:   28 October 2007   913424  
0_o soooo cute can u draw me???
ZanyZeldaFan says:   28 October 2007   414768  
thanks =3

sure i'll draw you! i just have to finish another request first and
wait until october is over 
yummygummy1 says:   3 November 2007   551699  
thats sooo cool 
i don't know what to say
ZanyZeldaFan says:   3 November 2007   538448  
ok =3 you dont really have to say anything i guess.
yummygummy1 says:   5 November 2007   589916  
well it rocks!
yummygummy1 says:   5 November 2007   775257  
me and her go to school 2gether and it totaly ( not normal language
used here) looks like her.
this sentence has been bleeped out because of person typing going wild
about the pic(no not swearing just not english)
ZanyZeldaFan says :   5 November 2007   921197  
lol XD it really looks like her? that's pretty cool ^-^

heh its ok--its fine if youre going wild  im glad you like it. i
dont get many fans.... that's why i made this for hountoni (i just
KNOW i spelt that wrong) because she's my only dedicated one =3 and
because she rocks! XD
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