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This public Oekaki was created by nirrum   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by nirrum
Uploaded: 4 March 2007
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Yay for my new-ness.

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wolfgirl221 says:   4 March 2007   482231  
wow thats really really good
wolflova says:   4 March 2007   349773  
do u no how good that is????/
yummiiXcookii says:   4 March 2007   217342  
shoo cuuuteee!! ^o^~ <33
welcome to kupika!! ^___^
BluFishi says:   4 March 2007   846146  
OMFG!!!!!!! That is the BEST Oekaki in the WHOLE WORLD!!! OMG OMG OMG
I love it!!! *Kidnaps!* Sorry, but its just SSSOOO wonderful!!!
chickster123 says:   4 March 2007   977678  
‹JustMe,Tiffani(:› says:   4 March 2007   937921  
OMG! That is like awesome! lol
Inuyashima says:   4 March 2007   922574  
OMG your really good!!!! Welcome to kupika :333
‹UnIqU3lY aWwSuM!!!› says:   4 March 2007   627266  
can u draw me 1 plz
nirrum says:   4 March 2007   259223  
Sure. Who do you want it to be?
kiwily says:   4 March 2007   762916  
OMG this si gonna be sooo popular!!
Inuyashima says:   4 March 2007   146285  
oooooo can you also do me *puppy eyes*
kiwily says:   4 March 2007   299221  
i welcom you to this pleasent little world of ours too....
nirrum says:   4 March 2007   772727  
Haha. As soon as I get more kp, I'll start drawing some more again.
But for now, I must wait.
Brenna11 says:   4 March 2007   279893  
omfg!!!!!!!! i agree with like everyone that commented! thats so
friggin good!!!!!!!!!!
monkigirl says:   4 March 2007   591524  
Wolf_Yasuna says:   4 March 2007   379552  
ur gonna give me a run for my money!XD
Pals_of_Puppies says:   4 March 2007   131523  
*twick twick*
moomiji says:   4 March 2007   659273  
 welcome to kupika 
Jelly says:   4 March 2007   369858  
OMFG!!!! you're awsome!!!!! o.o
Reisha says:   4 March 2007   676269  
Holy crap xDDD
So prettyyyyyyy!! XDDD
moomiji says:   4 March 2007   754291  
this is amazing
moomiji says:   4 March 2007   237112  
for the first time I saw something so beautiful well exept for the
other one you made wich was me he he thanks again I love it ^__^
LadyDa says:   5 March 2007   313217  
Fish eyez of AWE!!!!!!!1!!one
midnightxangel says:   6 March 2007   655168  
That's really good! Serena looks so older and more mature than she
does in the anime. But that's a good thing!
Anime_girl_13 says:   6 March 2007   431531  
panda says:   7 March 2007   239971  
it just like sailor moon!!!
nirrum says:   7 March 2007   636288  
It IS Sailor Moon... 
Well her ALIAS at least.
I_wonder_Y says:   7 March 2007   435469  
wow. wow. wow.
momo09 says:   7 March 2007   889335  
Wow! That is good! Welcome to kupika by the way! ^-^
Kally says:   7 March 2007   359148  
Nice one! O yeah welcome to the madhouse
x_Jazzy_x says:   7 March 2007   718169  
wow you should enter that in my oekaki contest
kristino says:   7 March 2007   386693  
KunoichiXSasuke1349 says:   7 March 2007   822571  
Wow great!! So so cool!! Luv the show!! *Darien falls* ^_^
awsome job!! ^_^
eragon_gal14 says:   7 March 2007   452674  
OMFG! I LOVE Sailor Moon! *Kidnaps!*
Thank Thank Thank You Sooooooooo Much!
KIKI1000 says:   7 March 2007   453128  
yeah can u do Rini
KIKI1000 says:   7 March 2007   111472  
Can you draw me please
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   8 March 2007   675777  
omg wow!!!!!!
HotTopiclover says:   8 March 2007   629564  
nirrum says:   8 March 2007   133428  
Thank you all for the comments!
KusuKusu whispers:   8 March 2007   873146  
w00t! As I go through your Oekakis they just get better and better!!
X3 Omg! This is awesome!! I remember watching Sailor Moon!! Man I
loved that Anime to death...X_X
Anime_girl_13 says:   8 March 2007   571198  
yeah do Rini

lol she is so cute
hotsohot982 says:   9 March 2007   634139  
i am ganna rape this today.
babielishouse says:   9 March 2007   181679  
can u draw 1 of me
koroko says:   10 March 2007   565853  
*eyes sparkle* i love the background
Sabreisk says:   10 March 2007   379773  
I <3 ur oekakis nirrum!!
Surfer_Gal_14 says:   12 March 2007   868384  
very sexy. isnt that suppose to be sailor moon?? (from surfr_)   yea
megan just wanted to ask
Surfer_Gal_14 says:   12 March 2007   468638  
i mean. sorry im on megan account since she's at my house... this is
Josh112 sorry....
ilovenerds says:   13 March 2007   589147  
navygirl says:   14 March 2007   376971  
hey those are very good i bet that took a lot of time!!!!
angel9 says:   15 March 2007   149447  
OMG that is coooool
angel9 shouts:   15 March 2007   873222  
like omg that is like so neat
dan_09 says:   17 March 2007   916859  
dan_09 says:   17 March 2007   293629  
dan_09 says:   17 March 2007   551686  
sashikineko says:   18 March 2007   426584  
sailorcottoncandy says:   22 March 2007   851578  
I love sailor moon <3 comment me back :0
PraizeJ says:   30 March 2007   744118  
that's really good for a newbie!!!!!!
nirrum says:   31 March 2007   921943  
Me? A newbie?
squirt says:   11 April 2007   756495  
hey thats really awsome!XD Can you make one of me? PLEASE?????
squirt says:   11 April 2007   664959  
im kidnaping it
‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   11 April 2007   636294  
i love your drawings soooo much i have kidnapped all of them!! 
sashikineko6 says:   15 April 2007   344616  
I love it!
slyzen says:   23 May 2007   139153  
I see that you are an artist and a good one at that. WellI'm an
artist to and I've seen a couple of people on here with art but not as
great as yours. Have you showed any body famous your art?I'm just a
well experienced 12 year old that has a well exstencive volcabulary
and hi I.Q.
Iamchesare says:   26 June 2007   482238  
*laughs a bit* The picture is extremely beautiful, but the comment
before the one I'm posting now makes me laugh. He can't even spell
high yet he's bragging about his IQ score.
nirrum says:   5 July 2007   635658  
It made me giggle as well.
BubbleWRAP_Princess says:   24 September 2007   941251  

You were good from the start!!
Smiley164 says:   2 April 2008   134837  
you watch salor moon?! I use to watch it when i was lil'!
guitarchick_summerbabe101 says:   11 June 2008   572473  
thats cute! i <3 sailor moon
Zovesta says:   11 June 2009   321891  
Nice job.
Megumi_xox says :   11 June 2009   126567  
I LOVE Sailor Moon.
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