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Peculiar Disease promo piccy~!
Uploaded: 14 February 2007
The manga I'll be working on and will be posted at Beenabratz kupi Page!! XD

I chose reddish hair rather than blonde on Alice hair... TT__TT The Cheshire cat at
the top right, the bunny at the middle right and the queen of hearts at the lowest
right. Of course, Alice at the left. ^^"

There are more characters but I chose these 4 as I haven't designed the rest yet ^^"


==Since I need help with the design, I'll be taking a design of alice in wonderland
character! Hoorays!! XD


=ONE character per person only.
=Must be an Alice In wonderland character! XD

The cheshire cat, the queen of hearts, the late bunny and Alice is already done so I
may need help with the rest... XD Just send me your sketch of that character and it's
personality (I can't remember much of Alice in Wonderland so...) and the background
and all about the character!! XD

DISCLAIMER: Alice In wonderland does not belong to me... ^^"

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Vaporeon says:   14 February 2007   937969  
thats very cute :3
Glittz says:   14 February 2007   778714  
YAAY! im the 2nd to comment on ur AWESOME popular to be oeakai!!!
Glittz says:   14 February 2007   697119  
Cowyeshia says:   14 February 2007   371819  
That is so good, Its amazing how you can draw so good
blaqie says:   14 February 2007   359343  
RAWR! Your so awsome! O3O
Annie1314 says:   14 February 2007   587384  

Spring_flower says:   14 February 2007   645173  
coollll!!!! :-P
Sashikinoneko says:   15 February 2007   649397  
Hehehehhe thanks people~!! *huggles*

To Annie1314 : ah I found your request. It's on the mails so it got
buried and I forgot LOL. XD After you said something about a request,
I searched for my diary and found none... O___o then i checked the
mails and found it.... hehehe I'll get on it soon.
‹Push the Button› says:   15 February 2007   263755  
Yay I must enter!! Thats so good by the way
‹Puppeh.› says:   16 February 2007   878119  
I want to enter!!
MRS_MARSHMELLOW says:   16 February 2007   685891  
‹Push the Button› says:   16 February 2007   323911  
Okay I have a picture to enter! It's my recent picture of the March
xSakuraxKissx says:   16 February 2007   693211  
awww so cute!
I can't wait till i get to read it~
Or is already posted?
Annie1314 says:   16 February 2007   264473  
Sashikinoneko thx i thught u forgot about me : )
Annie1314 says:   16 February 2007   295535  
elixangurl223 says:   17 February 2007   483812  
Omg! That's NEAT!
‹Sophie<3› says:   17 February 2007   279811  
u draw great
josh10 says:   17 February 2007   962211  
lovebugboy says:   17 February 2007   912915  
wow thats great good detail
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   17 February 2007   262956  
how come you can draw so well?
angelgirl629 says:   17 February 2007   928853  
‹PrInCesSgIrLiE› says:   17 February 2007   152246  
please draw me
sexybitch says:   17 February 2007   914613  
that is realy cute
KusuKusu says:   17 February 2007   124691  
LOlz...I like the Queen of Hearts face X3 Alice's dress is
just...Wow....o.o -Marvels at how dress looks-
Pitaten_Misha says:   17 February 2007   595643  
That is nice!!~~~
a_girl_who_can_kill says:   17 February 2007   375644  
hp_hop_princess says:   17 February 2007   926762  
sweetangelgal says:   17 February 2007   245117  
Teach me, sensei!
Moriko_chan says:   17 February 2007   426586  
Kawaii....! >.<
kokokat2324 says:   8 March 2007   699999  
O. MAH. WONDERFUL. LORD. how can you do this???? oh yeah...years of
practice... >_<' @_@' 
Hinarata says:   4 June 2007   145642  
lol thats funny >_<
Smallzsuarez says :   22 December 2010   217866  
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