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Oh Dear
Uploaded: 23 January 2010

*whew*  At least I didn't fail ... (I think .__. )
I'm totally ready for a fresh start =u=

- - - - -

I drew this picture because ... 

My dad just came back from China and got me all these cool manga books ^u^ ♥  (YES
THEY ARE MY VERY FIRST COLLECTION OF MANGA OuO;; I never owned any until now
*AZNfail* D| )

Well anyways, my dad was like "Hey,  I'm sorry I didn't get you D.Gray-man like
you've asked, I couldn't find it in the book store so ... I got you these instead." 
And then he hands me all eight volumes of Kuroshitsuji ......... ROFL (at first I
freaked out 'cause it was really creepy how he know about Kuroshitsuji until he told
me that Rebecca, my AZN friend, picked all the manga series for him lulz xDDD Oh
Becca ~ ILY ♥ xD ).  Meh, I guess I'm reading Kuroshitsuji after all =u=;  GAWD THE
ART IS GOREGOUS *u*  Much more prettier on paper than on my computer screen ♥

Other stuff I got:  Vampire Knight Box Set (about 7~8 vols. ... meh, I dun like it
that much) , Detective Conan (YAY!) and Chii's Sweet Home (-dies of cuteness-) along
with a little an adorable Chii keychain ♥ u ♥
(Congratz for reading this far, you get a cookie! )
- - - - - -

Oh and this picture is very very very uncreative because I'm guilty of
self-plagiarism Dx  There's another pic that's extremely similar to this in my
gallery somewhere .... ;___;  *shameshameshame* 

(End of Rant ~ )

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pidgey says:   23 January 2010   399227  

i'm jeluz of your presents
CaptnQ says:   23 January 2010   718653  
WHAT NICE GIFTS. Sounds expensive = first thing to pop into my mind.

I know that cover of Kuroshitsuji. |D
‹๑۩۞ Dírtч Líttlє Frєαk ۞۩๑› says:   23 January 2010   980923  
Detective Conan~! :D
StarDust says:   23 January 2010   412383  
You're so lucky!  ;__; I may have to eat a manga book now. 

Cute pic though.
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   23 January 2010   608597  
Aw...that is super cute!!!
Neriko says:   23 January 2010   757237  
Thank you ;o; <3

u so azn |D ~ And nope, they're not expensive if you buy them in China
~ lol =u= b

If you can tell ... that means I didn't fail this time ; u ;

I'm excited x) 
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 January 2010   398604  
Thats so kawaii
iMickey says:   23 January 2010   666820  
ah.... dw i dont even own mangas too o-o;;
actually i never even tried reading them xDD 
-worst azn here ? i guess- 
hahas yeap adorable 
stickyrice says:   24 January 2010   603440  
-got a cookie? U8-

lkahgelkajgeag. I WANT A MANGA COLLECTION.
poltergeist says:   26 January 2010   689768  

This is a cute picture.
LittleDoll says:   26 January 2010   428983  
Kuroshitsuji is so much win.

Glad your exams our over,
Now you can spam us with your amazing oekaki's again.

Rwarr says:   26 January 2010   278224  
Chii? I watched a few episodes of that and it made me cry, lol
Neriko says:   26 January 2010   651775  
Chii as in the little lost kitty from Chii's Sweet Home, not Chii from
Chobits :O 
Rwarr says:   26 January 2010   529107  
Chii's Sweet Home. xD 
‹Tama_♦› says:   26 January 2010   982584  
Yey! Yey for dads going to China! (mine too, just last week)
Yey! Yey for... Meiko, isn't she called?
Neriko says:   26 January 2010   423875  

Ask him to buy you manga 'cause it' really cheap there |D 
And yay :D  You remembered her name x3  TY <3 
‹Tama_♦› says:   27 January 2010   596763  
Yusssssssss XD
He said there were tons, but he didn't get me any ='{ 
‹VampiresaRaven› says:   27 January 2010   739300  
angelbabe1145 says:   27 January 2010   407180  
luvin da pink
‹~Carrie~(Im bi bitchis)› says:   3 February 2010   416503  
awwwww cute 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   14 February 2010   986646  
I love this.
dictation101 says:   8 April 2010   716649  
it so adorable i just wanna rub my face in it...
TheGirlWhoScaresTheVampires says :   31 October 2010   712552  
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