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Lolly ♥
Uploaded: 29 December 2009
how to draw
The lovely model is lollylovex3
I thank you for your patience >.< ;; 
And thank you for commissioning me ~!

- - - - -
Now that I'm awake again: OHHHH MANNNN ... I don't really remember when was the last time I got so (serious) into drawing a picture O_O;; (lol Wonderland was probably the closest but not quite) I guess my brain was just really high or something O__e *artsy phase? lol* No I don't do drugs D< ... I eat candy canes OuO So, this picture was very enjoyable to do d (=u=) b I think I got a little better at shading clothes :D Now the shadings are starting to make more sense -w00t- ! And I also found an easier way to color the wings T U T (the last experience w/ wings was just ... a nightmare DX ... VERY TEDIOUS) The only thing I want to complain ... The circular lights & glowy effect around the lanterns and lolly ended up covering up a lot of the clouds in the BG ; n ; 5 min. of effort wasted D| Mehh ... I'll stop ranting now (if you haven't already stopped reading xD )
One last thing: THANK YOU FOR THE KIND COMMENTS! TT///u///TT ♥

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Emerald2168 says:   29 December 2009   660936  
StarDust says:   29 December 2009   658880  
Amazing! It's so pretty! Love the shading.
alleygirl92 says:   29 December 2009   875446  
It looks magical..
You know, with the light, and how dark the atmosphere, well the person
I really love this.
Jaune says:   29 December 2009   616612  
That looks amazing! Omg those wings. ;3; I love your art style! Would
you maybe ever consider doing an AT with me? ^.^'
lollylovex3 says:   29 December 2009   797147  

Ok, will stop spamming. 
Anyways, THIS IS AMAZING! I knew that 12 KP was worth it >.<
I love the lights and the detailed lanterns in the bg. And plus, the
eyes are amazing. 
Crap, I love it *u*

‹♥An*Evasion*From*The*Truth♥› says:   29 December 2009   544566  
*^* this is effin' amazing dude 8DDD~ so purty *^*
keep up the good work
‹MorningDreamer♥› says:   29 December 2009   871515  
This is stunning ^_^ I am so jealous of your skills!
‹Emafie› says:   29 December 2009   633660  
This is so gorgeous!
Love the colours and shading, amazing <3
‹DasAtem› says:   29 December 2009   172879  
The detail on the winnngs. <3333 

I really like the colours and the colouring technique you use. ;v;
JunoSarah says:   29 December 2009   110587  

Its soooo pretty!!!
I Love it~
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   29 December 2009   591783  
oh my god its like..darkness in snow (srry for pointing out the
obvious) and the person is just amaze

you have a true talent my frann do something with it if you really
enjoy it
‹AoiKatori› says:   29 December 2009   421511  
this is amazing!!!!

everything is soo perfect!

i love the shadings and the colors!

and i also luv teh background ;3
Ciel_Kitty says:   29 December 2009   310517  
Beautiful Coloring! <333
Aah this is so lovely, i love her pose and expression, its so
Neriko says:   29 December 2009   515166  
I'm very glad to hear that x)

When I have time, I'll open up AT / Requests again but until then, I
must decline ;__;

I wish I can make this into a career =u=;;
Alas, AZN parents always want their child to work either in the
scientific or the medical field, almost never anywhere else ;__;
I am no exception .__. 
Allegra says:   29 December 2009   505591  
You have inspired me, but I will prob. draw fail. xD
Jaune says:   29 December 2009   803854  
Aww too bad. Could you message me when you are taking ATs? ^^
CaptnQ says:   29 December 2009   582696  
Just reading your description makes me want to doodle a hard at work
Neriko. xD

--So very pretty, I always love the way you shade hair. And those
wings~ *A*
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   29 December 2009   789942  
well then you should rebel and do what yew want
‹DasAtem› says:   29 December 2009   461427  
Gtfo and stop spamming.

This is a great oekaki.
It doesn't deserve you and your spam.
stickyrice says:   29 December 2009   395599  
omg. so beautiful. * A*<3
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   1 January 2010   200370  
stunning, amazing, incredible, detailed, beautiful, art
‹Jazmine :)› says:   1 January 2010   904620  
gorgeous! :D
Kisame says:   1 January 2010   977475  
This. Is. Amazing.

Every time I see it on the Popular Oekaki tab it just makes me wanna
see it again.
So fucking good!

moonblood says:   2 January 2010   250685  
This is soooo epic!!!!!

I love the wings and the little lighting and the eyes ... oky it epic
Ill leave it at that.
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   2 January 2010   669676  
That is amazing. It looks so real!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   29 January 2010   449238  
Thats amazing. I love the wings.
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