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Achmed lol
Uploaded: 11 March 2009
this is my very first drawing of achmed,so sorry if it sucks
please no bad comments.

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Conspiring says:   11 March 2009   587321  
Haha, that guy is hilarious. 8D Jingle Bombs is the best.
Nightmaregirl says:   11 March 2009   818155  
i agree
‹juss_simply_katelyn› says:   11 March 2009   933846  
lol silence...i kill you lol dashing through the sand with a     
strap to my back i have a       plan for christmas in iraq i got to
check point a but not to check point b thats when i got shot in the
ass by the u.s military lol jingle       the christmas speacial i love
Nightmaregirl says:   12 March 2009   168592  
me too
YourMum says:   12 March 2009   661691  
i luff him :D
dan_09 says:   12 March 2009   468777  
:D he rocks
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   12 March 2009   363816  
omg Achmed! :D *steals your drawing and locks it away in a special
box* Mine! I love it!
Nightmaregirl says:   12 March 2009   517524  
ok,ok u can have it lol
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says:   15 March 2009   312879  
i luv achmed ello i am linzie lohan
XxEmo_HeartxX says:   15 March 2009   635522  
LOL nice it actually looks like'em :[)
‹IcePath› says:   15 March 2009   358726  
I KILL U!!!!!!

helllooooo i am linzy lohan
XDoodle_SoupX says:   15 March 2009   793964  
awww achmed is sooo coool!
i like peanut too
‹Rawr ♥ its ♥ April› says:   15 March 2009   321691  
Haha! My dad loves him and the other ones. :D
sOrian_rules says:   15 March 2009   936411  
‹*tHe_CrOw*› says:   15 March 2009   433552  
lol awesum
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   15 March 2009   455914  
:DDDDD You are brilliant :D
Nightmaregirl says:   15 March 2009   929338  
‹~[RAWRALICIOUS>=3]~› says:   15 March 2009   417559  
loveXmeXhateXme says:   15 March 2009   642833  
Wonderful! :3
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 March 2009   356621  
I kill you!! >:D

Lol, that dude is weird xD
lildeidaragirl says:   15 March 2009   574544  
Oh holy crap I think i blew my foot off
XD he rules
j_george_harrison_j says:   15 March 2009   929426  
dude i love this guy!

"I am a bad father" 
"Why are you a bad father?"
"i took my son to 'take your son to work day!"

lol, hilarious!
Nightmaregirl says:   15 March 2009   442312  
i know,i love when he's talking about being a bad parent!
‹Jarrod Matthews is Awesome› says:   18 March 2009   385731  
I love Achmed he mad mi momma cry
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   19 March 2009   715189  
This was on the front page for the popular oekaki's! :D~
Mary has a famous drawing! yay!
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   19 March 2009   354539  
‹Hannah _is_4_HIPPY› says:   20 March 2009   663648  
phlem.....i killu!!!!!!

omg i love this guy!!!! i have no idea how they talk with the pupetts
w/out moving thier lips will always be a mystery lol

good drawing of him :D i like it a lot!!!!!
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   30 May 2009   396553  
i would not kill the jews,no. id toss a penny in between them and
watch them fight to the death. achmed!!!! hes awsome.
Alex_Lynn164 says:   30 May 2009   874559  

i kill you!! hahhahahaha classic
Espada0 says:   5 November 2009   718708  
(high pitched)
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   5 November 2009   531194  
what the f*** is poliosis????????
‹vanilleeis› says :   6 November 2009   473651  
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