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7 key squad portrait
Uploaded: 21 July 2008
how to draw
so good, much better than the last one i drew and hopefully we will use this as our
new icon! yay! 
this took 5 hours over two days! yippie, I like it a lot!

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‹Falling Stars› says:   21 July 2008   229361  
You realize  Yami is dressed as that one girl from Tales of
Symphonia, and Tsuki is dressed like the first girl you meet in
Mabinogi? :]
Anyway, love the drawing. :]
‹duckie› says:   21 July 2008   958449  
i like yami
Namina says:   21 July 2008   429476  
lol, thanks loony...yami is my character haha. 
But healingheart, these are just pictures that we found online to
represent our characters in the club, so they are most likely the
people your talking about ^_^
‹emo-queen› says:   21 July 2008   543424  
That makes me feel depressed. ;^; It has be so long...
‹The~Labryinth› says:   21 July 2008   696414  
I like Ky-Kie. ^^
Namina says:   21 July 2008   362223  
lol i think ky-kie looks awsome too, pretty much the best coloring
@rikku_mayli: Im sorry you feel depressed but I decided to only draw
the four people who have actually been participating in the club
latley. Cause all the original 7 left, and yeah. sorry 
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   21 July 2008   455745  
Well i haven't left yet XD this is AWESHOME!!!!! except that i have
gray highlights on the top of my head but oh well it is still amazing
Namina says:   21 July 2008   795853  
i know you do, i made then grey to begin with but it looked like
crap. so i made them more brown. sorry i didnt do you justice.
yami says:   22 July 2008   377543  
hey im a girl :D XP
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   22 July 2008   641314  
don't worry it's fine, really it is amazing anyway, (and it's the
emblem now ^^)
Namina says:   22 July 2008   176591  

@yami: heyyy you stole my name!!! lol 
yami says:   23 July 2008   991349  
lolz XP sorry
Metoyou56 says:   25 July 2008   976984  
Oh My God, this is FABULOUS its really Smexy
LadyYuna says:   25 July 2008   497413  
Thats really good. I can only draw one person, if I'm lucky two and
sometimes, I don't even think I can draw.
*picture-naps* Yoinkie doodle
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   25 July 2008   291545  
that's really cool, i can never draw more than one person, ever.
you've got skill.
Namina says:   25 July 2008   578385  
ive practiced hard at drawing more than one person, i was never
really able to before, i think the trick is putting them all on
different layers and treating them as if your only drawing one person.
it helps.
malissa887788 says:   25 July 2008   398521  
i like ky-kie
‹emo-queen› says:   25 July 2008   219622  
I am one of the original. I think I'm the first to leave, though. No
one wanted to join water with me... 8-8 Then my other account locked
me out!! D:< Makes me angry...
‹??????› says:   25 July 2008   221772  
O__O Amazing!!!~
Namina says:   25 July 2008   977678  
yeah i think you were the first rikku, but no worries about no one
joining your squad cause it took a really long time for someone to
join mine too, and now she is the coolest first leautenant
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   25 July 2008   498365  
XxRainbowsxX says:   26 July 2008   838378  
The one in blue looks like this anime picture I saw.
‹emo-queen› says:   26 July 2008   251891  
Wha..? But who's the leader of the water squad now???
Namina says:   26 July 2008   174949  
tsuki is....
‹emo-queen› says:   29 July 2008   682587  
Oh. Oh well.
Tatsu_Uchiha says:   29 July 2008   538399  
lol, yea no one else is in the water squad, it makes me sad ;_; but
thats ok. ((though i would like other people in my squad))

ANYWAY.... this is awesome!! and this picture actually fits Tsuki's
age better ^_^''

Namina says:   30 July 2008   424523  
lol thanks tsuki!!!
Tatsu_Uchiha says:   31 July 2008   563822  
no prob ^_^
‹Pain; The Bunnie o(≧▽≦)o› says:   9 August 2008   761676  
i love it i love it!! this is awesome!!!! i like ky-kie too and Gear
and Tsuki and Yami you are awesome
Namina says:   17 August 2008   314181  
lol thanks emolover!
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   1 November 2008   954699  
guess who's back????
Namina says:   1 November 2008   612852  
‹<$Heartz4romJesse<3› says:   2 January 2009   733551  
crap! thats auwsomz.
reminds me of ninjas! ^^
‹iFUCKINGloveHATS› says:   14 January 2009   329291  
I agree with 


in that it is alot like ninjas.

is this your group?
gothix101 says:   14 January 2009   626959  

do you take requests?
Dinosaur_rawr says:   14 January 2009   838634  
this is REALLY good!
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   14 January 2009   527125  
Kain_Overlord says:   15 January 2009   382383  
O___________O that is freaking awesome
‹♥|DeathBySadness|♥› says:   16 January 2009   413363  
awesome and amazingly pretty.
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   16 January 2009   115193  
sagebff says:   17 January 2010   752124  
Thats Amzginggg. ♥
Suspa says:   18 January 2010   528138  
the poses are great and full of life-the only thing is that the
corners and angles for most of the lines are very rigid and straight-I
would suggest adding flow-to the the lines-it makes your awsome poses
look more fluid-like. Great job on the charas! Hope to see more!
hannahboo says :   19 January 2010   548890  
wow thats really great 
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