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Anime RULES!!

I'm using this page to make a statement about anime. I'll keep you posted! Rules of my page: #1: ANIME RULZ!!!( plain and simple) #2: if you don't like my page don't comment #3:but if you have a suggestion to improve my page than by all means! comments! Hi I'm ninjagirl_999, My fav animes are: #1:Bleach! #2:Naruto #3:Kenichi History's Strongest Deciple #4:Initial D #5:Dai Gurren Brigade~Gurren Lagen #6:Death note #7:Inuyasha #8:FMA #9:Witch hunter robin #10:One Peice (updated version on "my anime top 10") I'm adding another anime 2 my fav's Does anyone like Kenichi History's Strongest Deciple? What are your fav's? tell me on the comment board! what do you want to know about anime or what do you know? Post comments Does anyone know about kenichi?? Kenichi History's Strongest Disciple
Kenichi kenichi kenichi san's dojo Okay that last picture needs some explaining... 1.)the big guy in the yellow sleeveless is Apachai Hopachai 2.)the girl in the pink my fav character (but I HATE pink) is Kousaka Shigure 3.)The short dude in the green is Ma Kensei 4.)The big guy in the brown sweater with nothing under is Sakeki Shio 5.)The guy in the front wearing a white kimono and black pants is Koetsuji Akisame 6.)the big guy in the green is grand master 7.)And finally the brown haired boy whose face you can not see is the main character Kenichi He's just met his sensei's (#1-6) and he doesn't know what he's in for. Sure they look scary to him but their training methods are something else... Have u ever tried chin ups with a fire underneath u so if u fall u get burned... Kenichi has. Which is why I absolutely LOVE Kenichi History's strongest Desciple!!!
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  ninjagirl_999 — Page created: 5 February 2008  |  Last modified: 11 August 2008
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mileysboy says:   29 May 2008   942852  
my favorite is the teacher
the one that ses " your future is deth"
ninjagirl_999 says:   30 May 2008   188677  
???? thnx
‹kidGoku› says:   31 May 2008   641487  
i perfer naruto
ninjagirl_999 says :   31 May 2008   286622  
i would chose that 2 if i didn't have a crush on renji and ichigo

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